There’s No Consistent Measuring System For Space, And It’s Hurting Astronomy

There’s No Consistent Measuring System For Space, And It’s Hurting Astronomy

One physicist has a proposal for fixing this.

18 APR 2018

There’s something sorely lacking in the scientific fields of astronomy and astrophysics. As it turns out, we’re still lacking logical consistency in how we measure what goes on in space.

Writing for the journal Astronomy & Geophysics, retired physics professor Keith Atkin of the University of Sheffield says that our current global “system” – if one can even call it that – is an absolute omnishambles (paraphrasing).

“Many of the units used by practising astronomers constitute an unfortunate confusion of imperial, old CGS (centimetre-gram-second), SI, together with a number of entirely redundant units peculiar to astronomy,” he writes.

If you follow space news at all, you’ll probably be familiar with the measurement mayhem.

Most of the world tends to use SI (the International System of Units) or metric units for day-to-day life – based on litres, grams, metres, and Celsius or Kelvin.

However, the US is still using Imperial measurements, such as ounces, fluid ounces, feet and miles, and Fahrenheit.

“The US,” Atkin notes, “represents about 4 percent of the population of the Earth.”

The UK is also problematic – the country is undergoing a long, slow conversion to metric, which means that while schools teach the metric system, the imperial system is still well in practical use.

“Students who have learned their physics using SI units and start to take an interest in astronomy will, on joining an astronomical society, commonly find people talking about “six-inch” telescopes or hear enthusiastic descriptions of spacecraft travelling at “thousands of miles per hour’,” says Atkin.

“Professional astronomers are not immune to this muddle as the astronomical unit (au), the light-year (ly), and the parsec (pc) are widely regarded as respectable and useful.

“In actuality, these units are redundant and serve no useful purpose. My bête noire is the megaparsec – a clumsy and ugly fusion of an SI prefix and a non-SI unit.”

This means there’s mental effort involved in trying to think and conduct experiments in another system, or learning to convert on the fly – effort that could be better spend on other pursuits.

But it can cause other problems, too – for every new calculation introduced to a work, there’s another opportunity for an error to be made, no matter how simple the calculation might be.

And if equipment is involved, that can be costly.

This was spectacularly demonstrated in 1999, when NASA lost a $125 million Mars orbiter partially due to a conversion mishap, using Imperial measurements when the Lockheed engineering team who built the spacecraft had used SI.

Atkin proposes that we make a move to basing all astronomical distance measurements on the metre, using the SI prefix system, and speed measurements as kilometres per second.

Mass could also be expressed in kilograms instead of using the mass of the Sun, also known as Solar masses or M⊙, as a baseline.

This would be easy to standardise. The megametre (106 metres) could be used for planetary scales, the gigametre (109 metres) and the terametre (1012 metres) within the Solar System, the petametre (1015 metres) and exametre (1018 metres) for inside the Milky Way, and the zettametre (1021 metres) and yottametre (1024 metres) for the farthest distances.

Likewise, the Sun’s weight could be expressed, albeit using a currently unofficial prefix, as 1.98 besagrams – that’s 1033 grams.

As with all changes of this nature, it may be difficult to implement – and certainly very time consuming.

“As a colleague recently observed: ‘Andromeda will be a good deal closer to the Solar System than it is now, before we read of its distance in zettametres’,” Atkin writes.

“However, even if only some of these changes can be made, this will surely benefit understanding and communication within astronomical circles and between astronomy and related sciences.”

The paper has been published in Astronomy & Geophysics.

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ADR: Crime against women


Analysis of MPs/MLAs with Declared Cases Related to Crimes against Women


Dear friends,

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch have analyzed4845 out of 4896 election affidavits of current MPs and MLAs. It includes 768 out of 776 affidavits of MPs and 4077 out of 4120 MLAs from all the states of India.

For complete report with details of IPC sections related to crimes against women declared by sitting Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha MPs and Members of Legislative Assemblies, please refer to: 

Summary and Highlights

  • Out of 1580(33%) MPs/ MLAs analysed with declared criminal cases, 48 have declared cases related to crimes against women.

  • Among these 48 MPs/MLAs with declared cases related to Crimes s against women, 45 are MLAs and 3 are MPs.

  • 327 candidates analysed who had declared cases related to crimes against women, were given tickets by recognized political parties.

  • 118 independent candidates analysed with declared cases related to crimes against women had contested for Lok/Rajya and state assembles’ elections in last 5 years.

  • Among these candidates, 40 candidates were given tickets by parties for Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha elections. Various recognized parties have given tickets to 287 candidates with cases related to crimes against women for state assemblies’ elections.

  • In the last 5 years, 18 independent candidates with declared cases related to crimes against women contested in the Lok Sabha/ Rajya Elections. Similarly, 100 independent candidates with declared cases related to crimes against women contested in the state assemblies’ elections.

  • Among the states, Maharashtra has the highest number of MPs/ MLAs i.e. 12, followed by West Bengal with 11 , Odisha and Andhra Pradesh each with 5 MPs/MLAs who have declared cases related crimes against women.

·    Among the states in the last 5 years, Maharashtra has the highest number of candidates i.e. 65, followed by Bihar with 62 and West Bengal with 52 candidates who were given tickets by political parties even though they have declared cases related to crimes against women in their affidavits.


·  Among various recognized parties, BJP has the highest number of MPs/ MLAs i.e. 12, followed by SHS (Shiv Sena) with 7 and AITC (All India Trinamool Congress) with 6 MPs/MLAs who have declared cases related crimes against women.


·  Among the major parties in the last 5 years, 47 candidates with declared cases related to crimes against women were given tickets by BJP. The second highest number of candidates, i.e. 35 who had declared cases related to crimes against women were given tickets by BSP, followed by 24 candidates from INC who had declared cases related to crimes against women who had contested for Lok/Rajya Sabha and State Assemblies Elections in last 5 years.


·  Following are 3 MLAs who have declared have declared cases related to rape :

  • Gonuguntla Suryanarayana from TDP who has won from Dharmavaram constituency in Andhra Pradesh (2014)
  • Jethabhai G.Ahir from BJP who has won from Shehra constituency in Gujarat (2017)
  • Gulab Yadav from RJD who has won from Jhanjharpur constituency in Bihar(2015)

·  In the last 5 years, recognized parties have given tickets to 26 candidates who had declared cases related to rape.

·  In the last 5 years, 14 independent candidates with declared cases related to rape have contested for Lok/Rajya Sabha and State assemblies’ elections.

Recommendations of ADR


All major political parties give tickets to candidates with cases of crimes against women especially rape and therefore hindering the safety and dignity of women as citizens. These are serious cases where charges have been framed and cognizance have been taken by the courts. Hence, political parties have been in a way abetting to circumstances that lead to such events that they so easily but vehemently condemn in Parliament’. ADR and NEW strongly recommends that:

·          Candidates with a serious criminal background should be debarred from contesting elections.

·          Political parties should disclose the criteria on which candidates are given tickets.

·          Cases against MPs and MLAs should be fast tracked and decided upon in a time bound manner.

Contact Details


National Election Watch/Association for Democratic Reforms


Media and Journalist Helpline


+91 80103 94248

Maj.Gen. Anil Verma (Retd)


National Election Watch,

Association for Democratic Reforms

011 4165 4200,

+91 88264 79910,


Today world News

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
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Voice of Europe
Sixty percent of French ‘unhappy’ with Macron as protests grow.
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Nation wide General Election in Pakistan in July 2018.