India Road Safety Awards

Maruti Suziki India Road Safety Mission conclave and Awards in partenrship with TIMES NOW was held at Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Delhi.

In Conclave, Indian Roads difficulties and deficiencies were discussed. International Road Federation Indian chapters and various experts from road research institute spread across the country  participated.These institute are with mandates of innovation in design, safety of roads. Furthermore, roads materials, and  in fly over, roads lighting, civic facilities, softwares to be best on National Highway,i there main roads for comfort of masses, to reduce the time of waiting on roads  with update plans and participation. Conclave was attended by Central, State, officials, Media’s, NGOs, Institute participation were  visible such as CRRI IRF Intel network etc.

Training of Drivers  an important topic on which Maruti speakers explained their performance.

Pedestrian track Cycle Track, two wheelers, light vehicle and movement of buses, plying of trucks & safety were discussed.

Wearing of helmets,use of safety belts while driving Importance was explained through visual and lecture.

Awareness of Road Safety mission was illustrated as an important aspect with its regular novel advertisement subject found attention in their visual,lectures.

Mr Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of NHAI transport,Shipping Ganga Rivers rejuvenation gave the awards to Mayors of North Delhi, Ms Preety Agarwal, Dy Mayor of Mumbai, Mayor of Raipur alongwith COO, Raipur, Mr Gaurav Mishra , Mayor of Kolkatta and DCP Traffic , Chennai , Ms Shanmuga Priya, for her novel social participantion in North Chennai.

The Chief Guest Mr Nitin Gadkari in his address spoke the tiring difficulties of commutters on roads with humongous fleets of cars in Delhi NCR. Minister said the sturdy public transport is on my agenda and is working on various connecting Ring Road and other means of road navigation.Electric buses, mass rapid transport etc.

With pride Minister said,we are building roads, highway with target of 28 Km per day and complete 200,000 Km highway projects. Road accidents deaths are brutal and seat belt use reduce brutality to half.

Times Network, Sr VP ,Mr Hemant Arora was also present alongwith Mr Rahul Bharti from Maruti Suzuki. Mr Pasricha, EX-DGP, Maharashtra was among the other awardees. earlier in the day.

Joint  CP , Traffic, Delhi Police, Mr Deependra Pathak talked about how Artificial Intelligence is being used by Delhi  Police.

Log on to and also take the pledge , #PEHNIKYA. . Wear seatbelts and always stay SAFE.

Karnataka Men and Women dominate Day 2 defeating  defending Champions Uttarakhand Men and Kerala Women in very close matches at the 68th Senior National Championship



Chennai, 18th January 2018:  Day two of the 68th National Basketball Championship for Men and Women saw some fast and furious action in the first half. The morning of day two, saw the Maharashtra Women’s team and Women’s team from Indian Railways competing against each other for the first match of day two with the Indian Railways Women’s team securing a comfortable over Rajasthan.


The final score at the end of four quarters was Maharashtra 48 and Indian Railways 98.


The first Men’s match of the day saw Maharashtra taken on West Bengal with the West Bengal team being victorious. The final score was 49-54.


The next Men’s game saw Uttar Pradesh take Madhya Pradesh with the men from Uttar Pradesh being victorious. The final score was 67-57.


The next Men’s game saw Chhattisgarh take on Sikkim with Chhattisgarh securing a comfortable victory over Sikkim. The score at end of all quarters was 45-19.


The next Men’s game saw Kerala take on Rajasthan where Rajasthan secured the victory over Kerala. The final score at the end of all four quarters was 72-87.


The next Men’s game saw Karnataka take on Uttarakhand. This was a nail biting game where Karnataka beat Uttarakhand by just two points. The final score was 85-83.


The following Men’s game saw Maharashtra taken on West Bengal. West Bengal beat Maharashtra in a close game where the final score was 49-54.


The next Men’s game saw Andhra Pradesh taken on Delhi where Delhi beat Andhra Pradesh in an exciting game. The final score was 50-68.


The following Women’s match pitted Gujarat against Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh secured a comfortable victory over their rivals. The final score was 30-59.


The next game saw the men from Arunachal take on the men from Mizoram. This low scoring game saw the men from Mizoram come out on top, with the final score being 28-56.


The next game saw Goa take on the Services team, where the Services team demolished their opponents. The final score was 26-87.



The following Men’s game saw Chhattisgarh take on Sikkim where Chhattisgarh dominated their opponents. The final score at the end of four quarters was 45-19.


The second half of day two of the 68th National Basketball Championship for Men and Women continued to see fast and furious action.


This men’s game saw Assam take on Bihar. A close game which saw Assam beat Bihar. The final score at the end of the four quarters was 64-56.


The following men’s game saw Jharkhand take on Tripura. This low scoring game saw Jharkhand beat Tripura. The final score was 33-14


The next game was the Karnataka women’s team take on the Kerala women’s team. A close game from the very beginning made it to extra time. The women from Karnataka were victorious at the end. The final score at the end of this high pressure was 70-67.

Quarter wise score – (10-18), (12-15), (27-12), (12-16), (09-06)



The following women’s game was Delhi taking on Telangana where Delhi secured a comfortable victory over their opponents. The final score was 85-43.

Quarter wise score – (28-10), (14-09), (18-10), (25-14)



The next women’s game saw the hosts Tamilnadu take on Chhattisgarh. A close game from the very start they teams were tied at 77-77 at the end of the four quarters. The extra time saw both the teams put up a fight to the finish where Chhattisgarh team won. The final score was 93 – 85.

Quarter wise score – (10-23)), (14-19), (21-15), (32-20) and (06-16)


All the scores from Day 2 matches are below:

Category Level Group Winning Team Winning Team Pts Losing Team Losing Team Pts QaurteWise Pts Winning Team Top Scorers Losing Team top Scorers
Women 1 B Indian Railways 98 Maharashtra 47 14-27,7-25,10-26,16-20 Anitha 16pts, Rajapriya 13pts Mukda 10pts, Shireen 9pts
Men 2 F West Bengal 54 Maharashtra 49 10-12,07-17,16-12,16-13 Bhrigendra 19pts, Arshdeep Singh 12pts Amit Gehlot 14pts, Rakesh 13pts
Men 2 D Delhi 68 A.P 50 12-10,12-17,12-18,14-23 Yadav 15pts, Akshay 11pts T. Manu 12pts
Women 2 C U.P 59 Gujarat 30 4-17,6-20,12-15,8-7 Vaishnavi 28pts Nidhi 6pts, Dharti 6pts
Men 2 F U.P 67 M.P 57 14-12,21-20,18-09,14-16 Pulkit 15pts, Vishal 14pts Prakash 27pts
Men 1 E Mizoram 56 Arunachal Pradesh 28 14-14,16-05,16-05,12-04 Moses 12pts Sagar 15pts
Men 2 C Services 87 Goa 26 02-24,04-22,09-20,11-21 Joginder 15pts, Issac 12pts Aaron 11pts
Men 2 C Chhatissgarh 45 Sikkim 19 19-04,10-2,8-10,8-3 Ashish 7pts Ankit 12pts
Men 1 A Rajasthan 87 Kerela 72 11-29,21-16,18-24,22-18 Vinod 39pts, Sharad 15pts Gineeb 17pts, Eudric 15pts
Men 1 B Karnataka 85 Uttrakhand 83 17-24,26-11,18-16,24-32 Arvind 34pts Yadwinder 33pts
Men 1 B Indian Railways 88 Haryana 77 21-19,23-28,19-20,14-21 Akash 17pts, Palpreet 16pts Vikas 29pts, Rahul 20pts
Men 2 F Assam 64 Bihar 56 22-12,12-13,15-12,15-19 Birender 20pts, Ajay 19pts Sanjeev 22pts, Dheeraj 10pts
Men 2 E Jharkhand 33 Tripura 14 19-00,12-05,00-02,02-07 Sukdeep 7pts Atul 8pts
Women 1 A Karnataka 70 Kerela 67 10-18,12-15,27-12,12-16,09-06 Bhandavya 27pts, Priyanka 22pts Jeena 37pts
Women 1 B Delhi 85 Telangana 43 28-10,14-09,18-10,25-14 Pratima 20pts, Raspreet 17pts Manasa 14pts
Women 2 F Assam 52 Jharkhand 28 14-06,17-14,16-06,05-02 Anju 10pts Usha 11pts
Men 2 D Telangana 70 J&K 57 18-08,14-21,18-11,20-17 Visu 31pts Inderjeet Singh 26pts
Women 2 F Bihar 54 Odisha 37 08-08,15-06,09-12,22-11 Priyanka 23pts, Kiran 18pts Lipramayee 20pts
Women 2 D Goa 33 Uttrakhand 19 05-04,08-06,12-01,08-08 Rachel 18pts Ridha 8pts
Women 2 C Punjab 71 Haryana 44 10-16,20-11,19-10,22-07 Samriti 21pts, Rajandeep 19pts Bharti 24pts
Women 2 E A.P 43 J&K 28 14-05,07-06,13-08,09-09 Padmavati 10pts Peaul 25pts
Women 1 A Chhatissgarh 93 T.N 83 23-10,19-14,15-21,20-32,16-06 Anju 28pts, Seema 20pts Sri Vidhya 16pts
Men 1 B T.N 102 Gujarat 63 21-15,25-11,29-21,27-16 P. Jeevanandam 20pts Vinay 20pts
Men 2 C Sikkim 62 Goa 75 20-21,12-26,16-14,14-14 Vassily 14pts Ankit 25pts
Women 2 D West Bengal 56 H.P 29 13-02,22-08,09-12,12-07 Salma 11pts Alka 10pts
Men 2 E Arunachal Pradesh 28 Tripura 22 09-05,09-05,04-04,06-08 Sagar 7pts Shivang 8pts
Men 2 F West Bengal 59 M.P 67 17-18,02-11,17-18,23-20 Prakash 30pts, Laxman 11pts Arshdeep 16pts, Dheeraj 12pts
Women 2 E Chandigarh 45 Pudducherry 27 10-08,20-6,6-7.9-6 Nisha 11pts Priya 10pts


About Basketball Federation of India

The Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body of basketball in India, and is responsible for the development and promotion of the sport at all levels. BFI has been involved in conducting camps, clinics, events, and training sessions at its academies for the development of basketball. BFI came into being in 1935 and took complete control over Indian basketball in 1950. Prior to that time, the Indian Olympic Association handled the conduct of Indian basketball championships. Since 1950, the BFI has been conducting various such championships, from the grassroots to senior team participation in international tournaments. In addition, the BFI has been responsible for the establishment of strong sub-junior and junior level programs. The BFI has to its credit produced several international players of repute, among them 17 have been bestowed with the honour of Arjuna Awards. Earlier in June 2015, Satnam Singh Bhamara made history by becoming the first Indian national to be drafted by an NBA team, when he was selected by the Dallas Mavericks. More information at

Unique anthology on legendary Singer Mohammed Rafi released

New Delhi, January 18,

A bilingual book on legendary singer Mohammed Rafi
“The World of Rafi / Rafi Ki Dunia” was released recently in a function
organised at India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi.

On this occasion, music lovers were present in large numbers besides well
known personalities from different fields were present. Many singers from
Mumbai, Amritsar and Delhi paid musical tributes to Mohammad Rafi Sahab. The
function was organised by Golden Greats.

Releasing the book, film producer and music promoter Amarjit Singh Kohli,
said that Mohammad Rafi remains till today the most versatile of all the
singers who could sing any type of song. Such versatile geniuses are born
in a millennium. Every singer has some idol and Rafi has perhaps the
biggest following amongst budding singers. He said that Vinod Viplav has
been doing marvellous job and he had earlier penned the legendary singer’s
first biography titled ‘Meri Awaz Suno,’

Music Organiser and presenter Mr. Kaushik Kothari said that probably
because of the miraculous blend of all the singing qualities that he
possessed with that humility and godliness that he conveyed and expressed
silently and so naturally during his lifetime. A man of few words, he was a
great human being and a singer that made him the greatest legend of all
time. This new book, edited by Vinod Viplav tells the different shades of
his personalities and his fan followings



United Nations begins the Urban Journalism Academy on World Urban Forum 9

Academy facilitates understanding of cities as centres of sustainability and inclusiveness


18 January 2018, New Delhi:United Nations commenced the first Urban Journalism Academy in New Delhi today with broad participation from more than 40 media professionals from across India. The academy shines a light on issues that are key to urban spaces today in light of rapid urbanization and ever limited resources.


The academy is a two-day precursor to the World Urban Forum 9 (WUF 9) to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 7-13 February 2018 and focuses on “Cities 2030, Cities for All: Implementing the New Urban Agenda”.


In the spotlight is the New Urban Agenda (NUA), adopted at the Habitat III in Ecuador in 2016. It provides the critical course to the holistic cities of the future that are inclusive and sustainable and assimilate the Sustainable Development Goals.


The first day of the academy saw introductions to the WUF 9 and the New Urban Agenda. Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, additional secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs underlined the initiatives taken by the government towards achieving SDGs and alignment to the NUA.


Keeping with the theme of the WUF 9, some of the issues deliberated on were housing as the most critical element in cities that can be the stimulus for economic development and poverty eradication.


With rapid urbanization, the massive anthropogenic pressures on the climate are evident. Hence the afternoon session saw climate action, environmental sustainability and resilience as a key session. The concluding session on day one focused on urban development, management and policy and the key enablers of urban prosperity.


The second and concluding day of the academy will see sessions on innovative governance, urban economy and municipal finance. The valedictory session will sum up the academy with the Minister (Independent Charge), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Hardeep Singh Puri providing the Indian government perspective on its urban agenda and its commitment to SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement.


For all and latest information on the Urban Journalism Academy please visit: or contact:

Hitesh Vaidya, UN Habitat, 9810712377,

Shachi Chaturvedi, UN Information Centre, 9818750007,




National Information Officer

United Nations Information Centre

for India and Bhutan

55, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003

Tel: 91 11 46532237

M: 9810606833

Messe Muenchen India announces partnership with Indian Printed Circuits Association 

•    Messe Muenchen India and IPCA will jointly organize IPCA Expo with electronica India and productronica India
•    Messe Muenchen India and ELCINA will organize in partnership the 3rd annual edition of India PCB Tech conference
•    electronica India and productronica India bring the entire value chain of electronics

New Delhi, 17 January 2018: Messe Muenchen India (MM India) and Indian Printed Circuits Association (IPCA) entered into an agreement to jointly organize IPCA Expo and co-locate the show with electronica India and productronica India, which are scheduled from September 26–28, 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru. The initiative is intensely supported by the Electronics Industries Association of India (ELCINA). This alliance will bring together the state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for manufacturing PCBs as well as the latest trends in PCBs from across the world.

Exhibition for PCB industry: IPCA Expo
IPCA is a non-profit organization serving the interest of its members for promotion of technology and business and have been organizing IPCA Expo annually to showcase the best of PCB technologies with the participation from national and international companies. This co-location will allow the PCB technology suppliers exhibiting at IPCA Expo to reach out to the vast portfolio of buyers of electronica India and productronica India. Also member companies of the World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC) will hugely benefit from this opportunity as it will enable them to enter the electronics market of India.

Delighted with this collaboration, Mr. Kushal Patel, President of IPCA asserted: “IPCA is the leading association that focuses on printed circuit board manufacturing in India. With this collaboration, we now offer a unique platform and a comprehensive show for the stakeholders of the electronics industry in our very own Silicon Valley of India–Bengaluru.”

Conference for PCB industry: India PCB Tech conference
IPCA Expo will showcase products, solutions and technologies related to PCBs and electronics manufacturing. On the other hand, the India PCB Tech conference will highlight the key trends and opportunities for the PCB industry in India. Running in its 3rd annual edition, the India PCB Tech conference is jointly organized by ELCINA and Messe Muenchen India and strongly supported by IPCA.

Mr. Rajoo Goel, Secretary General of ELCINA quoted:“The initiative to co-locate IPCA Expo and the India PCB Tech conference with electronica India and productronica India is a welcome move for the PCB and electronics industry as it will bring the entire electronics value chain under one roof and offer greater value to all industry stakeholders.”

Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Messe Muenchen India highlighted: “We are delighted with our cooperation with IPCA. This partnership combines both: Messe Muenchen India’s expertise in bringing the world’s leading electronic components and production technology suppliers to electronica India and productronica India and IPCA’s strength to deliver high standard support for world-class manufacturing solutions for the PCB industry.”

And Mr. Singh added: “Our collaboration will facilitate the Indian PCB manufacturing companies to source the best manufacturing technologies from across the world. Together with IPCA and ELCINA, we are organizing the largest and most value-driven edition of electronica India and productronica India in Bengaluru. We extend our gratitude to our partner associations and expect the upcoming edition to prove valuable for the industry.”

electronica India and productronica India will take place from September 26–28, 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, in Bengaluru to showcase the entire value chain of electronics technologies. Visit to know more about the trade fairs.

*Gentle Reminder :*

Media Invite :

Hon’ble Minister *Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad*, Minister of IT and Electronics and Law & Justice to launch *”Cyber Surakshit Bharat”*

Date : 19th January 2018
Time : 10:15 am onwards
Venue : Hotel The Grand , Vasant Kunj, Nelson Mandela Road , New Delhi

You are cordially invited to cover the event.

Siddhartha Bha

On behalf of our organization ECOSPHERE,  we cordially invite you to the discussion on Re-discovering River and Sanskriti –

Our Guests are…
1. Prof. Ravindra Kumar
Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU
2. Dr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar
Scientist In-charge, YBP
Program Detail:
Date- 20-01-2018
Timing- 02PM-05PM
Place- Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Wazirabad, New Delhi.
For more details, call on…
Bhupesh Gupat  9871962243

Dear Sagar Media Inc, Thank you!

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

Thank you!

Your support means a lot to me! It has given me strength to continue my fight for the rights of people with disability in India.

Recently, I had a massive victory! Ernakulam junction became India’s first fully disabled friendly station – with ramps, disabled-friendly lounges and sensitivity training for their workers.

All of this happened because of my petition on and your consistent support!

Sagar Media Inc, I want to talk to you and get your feedback on what how to take our campaign further.

I’m hosting a Tweetathon with online content platform Youth Ki Awaaz and this Friday, the 19th of January at 4pm. I urge you to be a part of our conversation and help us in finding solutions on how to make Indian Railways accessible for all.

Log on to Twitter tomorrow and use #MyTrainToo in your tweets. My twitter handle is @Virali01and I would love to hear your ideas on our campaign.

Youth Ki Awaaz and a panel of experts will also join me to discuss the the rights of disabled persons in India. We aim to figure out solutions to make Indian Railways accessible for all.

Join my fight to make India more inclusive. Remember, your voice matters. I am looking forward to speaking with you on Twitter tomorrow.

See you soon,
Virali Modi