India overtakes US, China as top FDI destination in first half of 2015

Sep 30,  2:0 PM

India has emerged as the top destination for Foreign direct investment (FDI) as compared with China and United states in the first half of 2015. A report published in London’s Financial Times has mentioned that India has attracted roughly 31 billion US dollar ahead of 28 billion dollar of china and 27 billion of United States. Expressing satisfaction on the report, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the government efforts are paying off as India has become the highest destination for greenfield projects.

In an another report, India has moved up 16 positions to rank 55th on a global index of the world’s most competitive economies, where Switzerland remains on the top. Hailing the two global reports, Secretary Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Amitabh Kant said this success has been achieved at the point of time when globally FDI has fallen by about 16 per cent.

The huge surge of FDI investment in the country came after the government has relaxed FDI norms in various sectors including defence, railways, construction, insurance and medical devices.


The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) supports EU clean-technology companies and researchers on their market entry to India with a focus on Biotech, Energy, Environment, Transport.

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Membrane Applications in Algae Harvesting
5 October 2015 (Time- 2.30pm IST / 11am CEST)
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Membranes in Water and Wastewater Treatment 
7 October 2015 (Time- 2.30pm IST / 11am CEST)
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Membrane Applications in Biorefineries
12 October 2015 (Time- 2.30pm IST / 11am CET)
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Upcoming IPR Seminars

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“The European Patent System and EPO Examination Practice in the Field of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, and the Commercialisation of IP”

Mumbai: October 5th 2015
Venue: Hotel Hilton Mumbai
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Bangalore: October 9th 2015
Venue: Hotel Le Meridien
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Plug & Play Office Space

EBTC Business Incubation
Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, business incubation at EBTC serves as the perfect launchpad for European organisations seeking to set up office in India.

Office spaces are currently available in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

You will have access to:

– The flexibility of utilising our offices across India, at no extra cost.
– Office infrastructure, facilities and amenities.
– The EBTC team, including regional, business development, IPR and sector expertise.
– All the offices provide easy access to business districts, embassies, and international airports.
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New Publications

Indian Needs Assessment Reports and Catalogues


Management and Technologies for Environment Protection

The report presents:
– A list of authorities, the policy and regulation landscape  water, air and land pollution.
– An analysis of environment protection in land degradation, solid waste, water pollution, water management and air pollution.
– A technology needs assessment.
– Business Opportunities.

Challenges & Opportunities in Renewables and Energy Efficiency

The report presents:
– An overview of the energy sector and scope for investment.
– A list of authorities and the policy and regulation landscape for renewable energy.
– A technology needs assessment.
– Business Opportunities

Green Freight India (GFI)

As part of the Green Freight Inititative by GIZ, Clean Air Asia and EBTC

Fuel and Emission Saving Methodology

This toolkit outlines baseline findings of the fleet, the process of identifying, designing and implementing the right intervention to increase fuel efficiency of the fleet, and the outcome of the intervention. The pilot intervention identified to increase fuel efficiency was eco driving training to the drivers. The intervention resulted in more than 45% improvement in fuel efficiency at the end of training period compared to the baseline results

Enterprise Europe Network

EEN Indian Mission to Poland

EEN partners in Poland and India (Polytechnika Wroclawska and the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) respectively) recently supported an Indian mission to Poland (Wroclaw) in September 2015.

EEN supported the mission by bringing together 6 Indian and 18 Polish companies from the cosmetics, food and food processing, and ICT sectors. The companies presented their products and services to a sector specific audience, and participated in brokerage meetings where they engaged in fruitful discussions. These discussions are now expected to result in collaborations in the near future.

Click here to view photos from the Mission.

Events Calendar 2015


Webinar on Membrane applications in algae harvesting 
14 October 2015
2.30pm IST / 11am CEST

Webinar on Membranes in water and waste water treatment 
21 October 2015
2.30pm IST / 11am CEST

Webinar on Membrane applications in biorefineries 
28 October 2015
3.30pm IST / 11am CET

In India

Workshop on European Patent System and IP Monetisation
5 October 2015
Hotel Hilton International Airport, Mumbai

Workshop on European Patent System and IP Monetisation 
9 October 2015
Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore

International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IREE) 2015
14-16 October 2015
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Intersolar India 2015
18-20 November 2015

Energy Storage India 2015
08-09 December 2015
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Enterprise Europe Network

EEN Brokerage Event at Smart City Expo World Congress 2015
17-19 November 2015
Barcelona, Spain

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To Strengthen Nationwide Action on Safe and Hygienic Food for All

4 October 2015 (Sunday) : 0800 hrs

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Lodi Road, New Delhi


We are pleased to inform you that Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) and Industry, Consumer Body VOICE, will be organizing a 5 kilometer Walkathon to promote Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan: To Strengthen Nationwide Action on Safe and Hygienic Food for all on 4 October 2015 (Sunday).

Background:  This initiative is aligned to the countrywide mission of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for ensuring commitment to Cleanliness and Jago Grahak Jago. Cargill India is the National Industry Partner.

About the Walkathon: The Walkathon would encompass several parallel activities comprising interactive demonstrations like those of appropriate Hand wash Practices, Personal and Food Hygiene Practices, Thematic Performances, Painting Competitions, Quiz Competitions towards ensuring Safe Food.

More than 1500+ people from all walks of life will participate at the Walkathon.

What will Participants Get?

Walkathon Kit and Certificates of participation will be awarded to participants upon the completion of Walkathon.

We are writing to you and your family members to participate at this Walkathon on 4th October.

·         Registration time : 0730 hrs

·         Reporting venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Lodi Road, New Delhi (Gate No. 1)

·         Pre-registration is mandatory

We look forward to receiving your confirmation through attached Reply Form.




Russian parliament unanimously approves military in Syria to fight ISIS

Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Consent was necessary for use of the country’s military for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution.

The request for use of force was sent by the president after considering the large number of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, who went to join terrorist groups fighting in Syria, head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov told media. There are thousands of them, and Russia’s national security would be under threat, should they return home, he added.

“This is not about reaching for some foreign policy goals, satisfying ambitions, which our Western partners regularly accuse us of. It’s only about the national interest of the Russian Federation,” the official said.


German servicemen remain in Afghanistan

NATO withdrew its combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, but around 850 German servicemen remained in the country as part of the block’s international grouping. They were involved in the training of local security forces.

Troops were scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year, but von der Leyen said that that the Germans may now remain in the country into 2016 as well.

Boletín de Nuevatribuna
Boletín informativo. Miércoles 30 de Septiembre 2015.
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Portada Opinión España Economía Internacional Sociedad Cultura Sanidad
Elecciones en Cataluña
Reflexión sobre las elecciones en Catalunya Reflexión sobre las elecciones en Catalunya
A pesar de que el resultado de las elecciones catalanas habrá que analizarlo con perspectiva dentro de unos días podemos hacer una reflexión de urgencia.
Elecciones en Catalunya, una suma negativa OPINIÓN
Carlos Tuya: Elecciones en Catalunya, una suma negativa
Como es habitual, la mayoría de los partidos hacen dos tipos de lecciones tras el resultado electoral.
El TSJC imputa a Artur Mas por la consulta del 9N TENDRÁ QUE DECLARAR EL 15 DE OCTUBRE
El TSJC imputa a Artur Mas por la consulta del 9N
También están citados a declarar como imputados la exvicepresidenta del Govern Joana Ortega y a la consellera de Enseñanza, Irene Rigau.
Rajoy se muestra dispuesto al diálogo pero no a liquidar la ley DECLARACIÓN INSTITUCIONAL EN LA MONCLOA
Rajoy se muestra dispuesto al diálogo pero no a “liquidar la ley”
En su primera valoración pública tras las elecciones catalana, el presidente del Gobierno recalca que solo 4 de cada 10 catalanes aboga por la independencia.
Paco Rodríguez de Lecea: El aprendiz de brujo y el abusón timorato
Se trataba de unas elecciones autonómicas, pero Mas “cantó” un órdago a la grande y las transmutó en plebiscitarias.
Víctor Arrogante: Juntos por el derecho a decidir
El gobierno español, con su aptitud y falta de políticas y sin diálogo, no ha solucionado el problema, sino todo lo contrario.
Javier López: Homenaje a Catalunya
Tras la batalla del Ebro y el asalto de los nacionales a Cataluña, después de que Orwell publicara su Homenaje a Cataluña, cuando ya la guerra civil tocaba a su fin, se…
CCOO pide consenso social y político para un nuevo ordenamiento constitucional
El sindicato recuerda que tras las elecciones catalanas, los problemas laborales, sociales y económicos no han desaparecido.
Francí Xavier Muñoz: Camino enredado en Cataluña
Ningún dirigente occidental medianamente democrático habría mirado para otra parte ante un reto de semejantes dimensiones.
10 claves sociológicas del electorado catalán 27S | ELECCIONES EN CATALUÑA
10 claves sociológicas del electorado catalán
Los sociólogos José Juan Toharia y Narciso Michavila analizan los resultados de las elecciones catalanas. Nuevatribuna recoge sus principales conclusiones.
Eugenio Hernández: Marte, las catalanas y el elefante
Artur Mas se felicita por la victoria aunque, casualidades de la vida, cierta justicia poética le deje a falta del 3%.
Carlos Martínez García : No hay excusas en Cataluña. Ahora a trabajar, pero bien
No se busquen excusas. Catalunya si que es pot, ha fracasado y perdido diputados respecto a la anterior candidatura de ICV e EUIA.
Manuel Zaguirre: ¿Golpe de Estado parlamentario?
Cómo un parlamento con fundamentos democráticos en su elección y funcionamiento, puede incurrir en el golpe de estado. Pues sí, puede.
Aznar arremete contra la estrategia de Rajoy en Cataluña y sus malos resultados electorales “UNA POSICIÓN ESTÁ SERIAMENTE COMPROMETIDA”, ADVIERTE
Aznar arremete contra la estrategia de Rajoy en Cataluña y sus malos resultados electorales
Dice que para el PP es el “peor escenario posible”, con su espacio “mermado”, la izquierda “fortalecida” y los secesionistas siguiendo.
Cargos del PP ven a Ciudadanos como una clara “amenaza” para Rajoy en las Generales SE QUEJAN DE LA FALTA DE AUTOCRÍTICA
Cargos del PP ven a Ciudadanos como una clara “amenaza” para Rajoy en las Generales
Crece el nerviosismo en el partido del Gobierno por el batacazo en Cataluña y la elaboración de las listas a generales.
Bronca en el Senado por el atropello de Rajoy a la Cámara Alta APLAZADAS LAS PREGUNTAS DE LA OPOSICIÓN
Bronca en el Senado por el “atropello” de Rajoy a la Cámara Alta
Ni el presidente ni la vicepresidenta del Gobierno han acudido este martes a la última sesión de control de la legislatura.
El alcalde de Coruña reclama a Podemos un frente amplio de unidad popular para las generales TRAS LOS RESULTADOS DE LAS ELECCIONES CATALANAS
El alcalde de Coruña reclama a Podemos un “frente amplio de unidad popular” para las generales
Xulio Ferreiro ha manifestado que los
¿Cómo surgieron los partidos políticos? ¿Cómo surgieron los partidos políticos?

En estos tiempos de profunda crisis de los partidos conviene acercarse a su origen y evolución histórica.

Julián Besteiro en la Segunda República 75º ANIVERSARIO DE SU MUERTE
Julián Besteiro en la Segunda República

Besteiro se opuso claramente a que los socialistas convergieran con los republicanos en la crisis final de la Dictadura de Primo de Rivera.

El trabajo tiene que volver a ser el eje vertebrador de la democracia europea COMIENZA EN PARÍS EL 13º CONGRESO DE LA CES
“El trabajo tiene que volver a ser el eje vertebrador de la democracia europea”
En su intervención ante los 510 delegados y delegadas al 13 Congreso de la Confederación Europea de Sindicatos, el presidente de la CES y secretario general de CCOO, Ignacio…
El IPC profundiza en valores negativos LA VARIACIÓN ANUAL ES DEL -0,9 POR CIENTO
El IPC profundiza en valores negativos
Casi dos años con valores cercanos al 0%, lo que da idea de las “dificultades” que continúa sufriendo la economía de nuestro país.
CCOO espera que la Audiencia obligue a Coca-Cola a reincoporar a los trabajadores EL FALLO SE CONOCERÁ ESTE VIERNES
CCOO espera que la Audiencia obligue a Coca-Cola a reincoporar a los trabajadores
El sindicato se ha mostrado confiado en que la resolución que debe dictar la Audiencia Nacional obligue a Coca-Cola Iberian Partners a reincorporar “inmediatamente” a los…
Seis de cada 30 estudiantes de ESO en España presentan carencias económicas severas ADOLESCENTES EN RIESGO DE EXCLUSIÓN SOCIAL
Seis de cada 30 estudiantes de ESO en España presentan carencias económicas severas
Un 82% no disfruta de vacaciones, un 77% pasa frío en su casa en invierno y un 69% no come carne o pescado al menos 3 veces por semana.
46 enmiendas sindicales a los Presupuestos en defensa de las empleadas y empleados públicos PRESENTADAS POR COMISIONES OBRERAS
46 enmiendas sindicales a los Presupuestos en defensa de las empleadas y empleados públicos
En estas enmiendas se abordan diferentes aspectos que CCOO considera de gran importancia para restituir los derechos arrebatados por el Gobierno a las personas que prestan sus servicios en las…
Firmado el Convenio Europeo de protección de animales de compañía MEDIDAS PARA REDUCIR ANIMALES VAGABUNDOS
Firmado el Convenio Europeo de protección de animales de compañía
El senador Jordi Guillot, de APDDA, defendió la moción en la Comisión de Exteriores, el pasado mes de abril.
Pascual Mogica Costa: Hay libros y libros
Por un lado está el texto de la EpC y por otro está el “manual de formación” del Gobierno para “orientar” el pensamientos de los niños.
Siete beneficios que te harán beber cerveza toda la vida LA CERVEZA EVITARÍA 26.000 MUERTES POR AÑO
Siete beneficios que te harán beber cerveza toda la vida
El consumo moderado de cerveza te ayudará a mantenerte saludable, pero no es necesario recordar que el alcohol es también el principal responsable de muchas enfermedades.
Marciano Sánchez Bayle: Cómo hacer realidad la Cobertura Sanitaria Universal
Desde hace años la OMS propugna de manera bastante explícita la necesidad de esta cobertura universal y así lo ha señalado en varios Informes, el último en 2015.
Te invitamos a ver La Cumbre Escarlata, la nueva película de Guillermo del Toro SORTEO DE ENTRADAS EN NUEVATRIBUNA
Te invitamos a ver ‘La Cumbre Escarlata’, la nueva película de Guillermo del Toro
El próximo 16 de octubre en cines disfruta de un espectáculo sobrenatural del director de Hellboy, El Laberinto del Fauno o Pacific Rim.
Está recibiendo este boletín tras solicitar este servicio a través de la web Nuevatribuna En cualquier momento puede modificar o cancelar su suscripción accediendo a esta dirección.


News from the Tow Center
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Navigating Gender-Based Issues in Reporting, Online and OffOn Friday, October 16th, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma will host a panel discussion exploring the extent and impact of gender-based harassment, and offer practical advice on maintaining boundaries, reporting safely and negotiating gender discrimination.

Read more here

Image Truth/Story TruthOn Friday, October 16th, the Tow Center, the Brown Institute and photographers Nina Berman and Gary Knight will host a one day conference bringing together industry professionals, academics, cultural theorists and historians to discuss the changing nature of photojournalism and documentary photography in the digital age.

Read more here

Will Virtual Reality bring us closer to the story?
Francesco MarconiAlthough it’s still in its infancy, VR has the potential to become an impactful storytelling tool the same way motion pictures became one all those years ago. VR breaks physical and economic barriers and enables users to travel to different environments and explore new realities.

Read the blog post here

Tow Tea: Perspectives on International Reporting
Aditi Sangalnternational reporting presents constantly changing landscapes for work as stories come up in different countries and regions of the world. On Thursday, September 17th, the Tow Center hosted Buzzfeed’s Miriam Elder and VICE’s Beth Morrissey for its first Tow Tea, where the two journalists provided important insight into how a journalist can approach international reporting as a profession.

Read the blog post here

How should news organizations handle graphic content in the social media age?
Jack Murtha, Columbia Journalism ReviewWith so much violence spinning through our newsfeeds, it’s easy to feel as though media coverage of catastrophic events is only increasing. Suddenly, the world seems more gruesome. Yet experts say this isn’t the case (citing, for example, the spread of unsettling images from World War II and the Civil Rights movement). In fact, many signs suggest the world is actually a more peaceful place. What has changed is technology.

Read the full article here

Columbia Journalism School Guide to Digital Publishing
The Tow Center for Digital JournalismDigital News Report, 2015
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

The Traffic Factories: Metrics at Chartbeat, Gawker Media, and The New York Times
Caitlin Petre

Keynote: To Trust Google or Not?
ONA15 Student NewsroomSecret Location takes a 360 look at Ebola
Stream Daily

Tips for Moving the Needle: How Newsroom Managers Can Design a Sensible and Useful Metrics Policy
Michael Keller and Caitlin Petre

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Agenda cultural

October Cultural Events

Queridos amigos:
Este mes de octubre el Instituto Cervantes y la Embajada de España en India os traemos una variada programación, de la mano de algunos de los mejores artistas del panorama español. El bailarín, y auténtico renovador del baile español y flamenco, Israel Galván actuará junto a Akran Khan en The Park’s New Festival, otros artistas que también habierto nuevos caminos en la música española, Antonio Serrano y Josemi Carmona en el RIFF (Jodhpur) y DIAF, y Eduardo Paniagua junto a César Carazo en el Rendezvous del IIT y el International Dance & Music Festival del ICCR. Por otro lado, nos acercaremos a las obras literarias de García Márquez y César Vallejo a través de la fotografía de fausto Giaccone y la danza y el teatro de Deepa Bajaj y Ashish Paliwal. Otro gran fotógrafo, el méxicano Gómez de Tuddo nos ofrecerá una visión diferente de la India, conuna exposición enmarcada en el Delhi Photo Festival. Además, completaremos la programación con un ciclo de cine negro y un festival ed cine de animación, en colaboración con Lightcube.¡Os esperamos!

Dear friends,

Instituto Cervantes and the Embassy of Spain in India brings you some of the best artist from Spain. The great dancer and choreographer Israel Galvan along with the master Akram Khan will perform their unique  piece of art “Torobaka” at The Park’s New Festival, the virtuoso harmonica player Antonio Serrano with the flamnenco guitarrist Josemi Carmona will perform at RIFF in Jodhpur and DIAF in Delhi, and the duo of ancient music by Eduardo Paniagua & César Carazo will travel with their instruments and voice through the multicultural world in medieval Spain, at IIT and ICCR festivals. On the other hand, the magic realism by García Márquez and the sureal poetry by César Vallejo will be shown through the photography by Fausto Giaccone, the dance of Deepa Bajaj and the theatre by Ashish Paliwal. Another photographer, the Mexican Gómez de Tuddo will show us a different India in an exhibition within the Delhi Photo Festival. Moreover, a thriller and film noir series will be on our screen on Sundays, as well as a festival of animation movies in collaboration with Lightcube.

Don’t miss it!

foto agenda 03/10 a 22/11/2015
Aula 5, sábados y domingos de 5:30 a 7:00 p.m.Taller: “Tango” por Kiran Sawhney
– Fechas: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 y 31 de octubre, 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 y 22 de noviembre.
– Horario: 5:30 a 7:00 p.m. (sábados y domingos)
– El taller se impartirá en inglés y español.
– Matrícula: 4.000 INRWorkshop: “Tango” by Kiran Sawhney
– Dates: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 and 31 October, 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22 November.
– Time: 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. (Saturdays & Sundays)
– No previous knowledge of Spanish is needed. Lessons will be taught in English and Spanish
– Enrollment fee: 4.000 INR.
foto agenda 04/10/2015
Auditorio, a las 4:30 p.m.Cine negro y de suspense: “25 kilates” de Patxi Amezua
Sinopsis: La gran ciudad. El hábitat perfecto para buscavidas, timadores, ladrones, matones, mafiosos y policías corruptos. Abel es un tipo solitario que se dedica a cobrar deudas a morosos por métodos expeditivos. Kay, una jovencita que se dedica a robar coches y dar pequeños palos. Su padre, Sebas, un perista metido siempre en líos, siempre con deudas, siempre timando a unos para saldar cuentas con otros. Garro, un inspector de la brigada anti-atracos de dudosa honestidad. Unos atracadores kosovares. Unos matones mexicanos. Un sicario turco… Una variopinta fauna de delincuentes en la jungla de asfalto que es la gran ciudad… Todos hartos de la vida que llevan. Todos deseando dar el último golpe, el gran golpe… Una bolsa llena de joyas puede ser la solución.Thriller and Film Noir Series: “25 Carat” by Patxi Amezua
Synopsis: A young girl, who is a thief, and her crooked dad, who is in trouble, get attached to a debt collector whose life is in turmoil too. Together they hatch a plan to solve their problems.
  Inauguración 09/10/2015
Delhi Photo Festival, Sala de exposiciones, a las 7:00 p.m.

Exposición: “Macondo. El mundo de Gariel García Márquez” por Fausto Giaccone

“Hace veinticinco años, mi trabajo como reportero gráfico me llevó a Colombia por primera vez. Para encontrar una ruta de acceso a este país, volví sobre la obra de Gabriel García Márquez, y elegí “Cien años de soledad” como guía virtual. En ese libro, encontré todo. No sólo la mejor literatura colombiana contemporánea, sino también su topografía, su historia, sus tradiciones y su dolor, su luz y sus sombras. Desde entonces, varias misiones fotográficas para diversas revistas me dieron la oportunidad de investigar la estrecha relación entre el propio país y el mundo literario del premio Nobel colombiano. En 2002, después de leer “Vivir para contarlo”, el volumen de las memorias del autor, empecé a pensar seriamente en el proyecto que dio lugar al libro “Macondo. El mundo de Gabriel García Márquez”. Decidí intentar viajar a través de los lugares de sus novelas y su vida, dejando a mis ojos que interpretasen libremente lo que ante mi se aparecía. Renuncié a las herramientas a las que estaba acostumbrado desde hace muchos años como reportero gráfico, el color y 35mm, y volví a una cámara de formato medio con película en blanco y negro. Volví a los 60, para trabajar sin nostalgia del mundo actual.” (Fausto Giaccone)Exposición: “Macondo. The world of Gabriel García Márquez” by Fausto Giaccone
“Twenty-five years ago my job as a photojournalist took me to Colombia for the first time. To find a way for an access route to this country, I returned to Gabriel García Márquez, and I chose “One Hundred Years of Solitude” as a virtual guide. In that book, I found everything. Not only the best contemporary Colombian literature, but also its topography, its history, its traditions and its pain, its light and its shadows. Since then, several photographic assignments for various magazines gave me the opportunity to investigate the close relationship between the Country itself and the literary world of the Colombian Nobel winner. In 2002, after reading “To Live To Tell It”, the volume of the author’s memoirs, that I started to think seriously about the project which led to the book “Macondo, The World of Gabriel García Márquez”. I decided to try to travel through the places of his novels and his life, to let my eyes interpret freely what appeared before me. Giving up the tools I was used to for many years as a photojournalist, the color and 35mm, I went back to a medium format camera with black and white film. I went back to ‘60s gear, but to work without nostalgia in today’s world.” (Fausto Giaccone)
foto agenda Inauguración 09/10/2015
Delhi Photo Festival, Sala de exposiciones, a las 7:00 p.m.Exposición: “India 50/50” por Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo
India 50/50 es un proyecto artístico de viaje compuesto por 50 fotografías tomadas a lo largo de 50 días. “Cada vez que que lo sentía tomaba la fotografía del día, tomaba el primer medio de transporte disponible a cual quiera que fuese el destino que me llevase. Una vez que llegaba, empezaba de nuevo hasta el día siguiente”. Al hacerlo, generó un mapa metafórico de la India contemporánea. Este viaje iconográfico y espacial estaba constantemente en el umbral de la India ancestral que tradicionalmente visualizamos, y del continente de orden mundial recién nacido que sabremos. Estas 50 fotografías tratan de muchos más viajes. En primer lugar, podemos seguir al errante Gómez de Tuddo en el espacio de la India. Luego podemos mirar el viaje artístico producido por cada fotografía que nos acerca a su propia trayectoria técnica. Por último, nos adentramos en el viaje al sentido del lugar. Esto explica por qué estas fotos son acerca de la India y no sobre la India, en la medida en que trascienden los límites normales del día a día, moviendo la actividad de la visualización de una relación transparente del significado y la expresión a un nivel en el que el significado parece estar ahí sin la presencia de la subjetividad. (Jean-Philippe Imert, Dublin City University).Exposición: “India 50/50” by Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo
“India 50/50 is a travel art project comprised of 50 photographs taken over 50 days. “Every time I would feel I had the photograph of the day, I would take the first means of transportation available to whichever destination it would take me. Once arrived, I would start all over again up until the following day.” In so doing, a metaphoric map of contemporary India was generated. This iconographic and spatial journey was constantly at the threshold of the ancestral India we traditionally visualise, and of the newly-born world order continent which we will know. These 50 photographs are about many more journeys. First, we can follow Gomez de Tuddo’s wandering into the space of India. Then we can look at the artistic journey produced by each photograph which brings us into their very own technical trajectory. Finally, we are entering into the journey of the meaning of place. This explains why these photos are about India and not about India, insofar as they transcend the normal boundaries of the everyday by moving the activity of viewing from a transparent relationship of meaning and expression to a level in which meaning seems to be there without the presence of subjectivity.” (Jean-Philippe Imert, Dublin City University).
foto agenda 09 y 10/10/2015
Auditorio, a las 9:45 p.mDanza-Poesía-Teatro: “Bajo los álamos” por Deepa Bajaj y Ashsish Paliwa
Sobre el programa: Bajo los álamos, es una producción de poesía, teatro y danza creada por Ashish Paliwal (teatro) y Deepa Bajaj (coreografa y poeta), basada en la obra de César Vallejo -el poeta prolífico peruano considerado como uno de los mayores innovadores de la poesía del siglo XX y el máximo exponente de las letras en su país-..Poetry-Dance-Theatre: “Under the Poplars” by Deepa Bajaj and Ashish Paliwal
About the program: Under the Poplars, based on the works of Cesar Vallejo – the prolific Peruvian poet, a premiering production of poetry, theatre and dance. An Indo-Spanish collaboration between Instituto Cervantes and Friends of Art, devised by Ashish Paliwal (theatre) and Deepa Bajaj (dance artist/poet & Director, Friends of Art).
Auditorio, a las 4:30 p.m.Cine negro y de supense: “Tesis2 de Alejandro Amenabar
Sinopsis: Ángela, estudiante de Imagen, está preparando una tesis sobre la violencia audiovisual. Como complemento a su trabajo, su director de tesis se compromete a buscar en la videoteca de la facultad material para ella, pero al día siguiente es hallado muerto. Ángela conoce a Chema, un compañero experto en cine gore y pornográfico, y a Bosco, un extraño chico, amigo íntimo de una joven asesinada en una snuff movie.

Thriller & Film Noir Series: “Thesis” by Alejandro Amenabar
Synopsis: Thesis is the story of Angela, a university student who is writing a thesis on violence in the media. During her research she discovers a “snuff movie”, a film in which a murder has actually been commited in reality. She discovers that not only has the film been shot on the university’s campus itself, but she uncovers clues that the university’s administrators may be involved in a series of disappearances of students, leading her to the ultimate find: she might be the next victim. A superbly constructed thriller that generates an edge-of-your-seat suspense through the final scene!

foto agenda 12 y 13/10/2015
The Park’s New Festival, Kamani Auditorium, a las 7:30 p.m.Danza: “Torobaka” por Israel Galván y Akram Khan
Torobaka toma el título de un poema fonético de Tristan Tzara de inspiración maorí. El toro y la vaca son animales sagrados en las tradiciones de ambos bailarines y representan la fusión de los dos estilos de danza. Más que imitarse el uno al otro, la intención de los bailarines es crear un nuevo género que nazca del esfuerzo mutuo para entender mejor la manera de abordar la danza del otro, un verdadero intercambio artístico.Dance: “Torobaka” by Israel Galván & Akram Khan
Akram Khan; Israel Galván; Khan; Galván; the very euphony of their names sets the scene. Dance before it became art. This transition, this intermediary space, this interstice is where they operate. This is not, of course, an ethnic exchange between traditions, an exercise in global dance. It is about creating something from a way of understanding dance – derived, certainly, from dancing kathak and flamenco – that harks back to the origins of voice and of gesture, before they began to produce meaning. Mimesis rather than mimicry. The hunter, lost in the countryside, imitates the gait of the animal he has come to hunt. Words are yet to be defined, guttural sounds which are understood almost as if they were orders, acts of command. Every part of the body is expressive, movements are read, they have a function. Torobaka! Nor is there any need for primitivism. In one of the rehearsals Khan and Galván grappled with Toro-vaca, a Maori-inspired phonetic poem by Tristan Tzara. It was automatic. The bull (toro) and the cow (vaca), sacred animals in the dancers’ two traditions, but united, profaned (in the original sense of the word, to restore things to their common use), in an unconstrained dadaist poem. Israel Galván and Akram Khan. This is what it is about, dancing without compromise and for the audience to go on perceiving it as art. (Pedro G. Romero)
foto agenda 16 al 19/10/2015
Rendezvous Festival (IIT Delhi), Dogra Hall
6th International Dance & Music Festival (IICR), Kamani AuditoriumConcierto: ” De Al Andalus a la Andalucía medieval. Cantigas cristianas y Canciones andalusíes” por Eduardo Paniagua y César Carazo
Música de Al-Andalus. La música hispano musulmana nos proporciona un ejemplo de simbiosis cultural de ricos frutos mezclando los logros musulmanes y cristianos en el crisol andalusí a lo largo de más de siete siglos. La música arábigo-andaluza constata que la civilización medieval es un todo homogéneo. Recordemos la evolución de los instrumentos musicales: ´oud-laúd, qanun-salterio, rabab-rabel, chababa-axabeba, nay-flautas, albuq-alboka, bendhir-pandero, tabl-atabal, etc. Así como las formas poético-musicales del canto: moaxaja, zejel; y los vestidos y movimientos de la danza. Todo su tesoro musical, con el avance de los reinos cristianos del norte, y especialmente al finalizar la permanencia musulmana en la Península Ibérica tras la expulsión de los Moriscos en 1609, pasa y pervive hoy en el Magreb. La conservación de este tesoro musical es casi un milagro y su estudio y recuperación es un regalo para el patrimonio musical de Occidente y de la humanidad.Concert: “Music from Al-Andalus. Muslims, Jews and Christians in Medieval Spain” by Eduardo Paniagua & César Carazo
The Middle Ages played a definitive role in the formation of Spain. During this time the Peninsula was home to people practising the three great monotheistic religions – Jews, Moors and Christians. At times they lived together in peace, at others in conflict. The Christian and Hebrew religions settled simultaneously with the first Christian conversions and the Jewish Diaspora, before the 4th Century. The Islamic religion first appeared in the year 711. It was then that the struggle for political hegemony began. Islam was dominant until the 11th Century, and the small Christian Kingdoms of Castile and Leon, Navarre, Aragon and Portugal, only came to the fore in the second half of the 13th Century following the conquest of Valencia, Murcia and nearly all of Andalusia. The Hebrews’ fortune varied, whether they lived on the Muslim side or the Christian side of the border. Integrated initially in Islamic land, the severity of the Almohades in the 12th Century led the Jews to settle with some trepidation on Christian soil with the protection of the Kings. The city of Toledo became the model of cohabitation of the three religions. . A coherent and comprehensive view of music in Medieval Spain must take into account these different peoples who differed so much in their political, religious and philosophical ideas, yet shared an extraordinary amount culturally, which is all the more surprising in the case of the intangible world of music.
foto agenda 18/10/2015
Auditorio, a las 4:30 p.m.Cine negro y de suspense: “Sicarivs. La noche y el silencio” de Javier Muñoz
Sinopsis: Un sicario recibe el encargo de matar a una mujer. Debería ser un encargo más, sin embargo, cuando está a punto de ejecutarla, no lo hace. A partir de entonces inicia una carrera a contrarreloj para acabar con quienes le han contratado. Sabe que, en su profesión, quien no termina el trabajo, está muerto. Ópera prima del guionista Javier Muñoz.Thriller & Film Noir Series: “Sicarivs. The Night and the Silence” by Javier Muñoz
Synopsis: A hit man is asked to kill a woman. Another job. However, when it is about to run, he does not. Thereafter begins a race against time to stop those who would have been hired because he knows that in his profession, who does the work, is dead. One after another, is killing their victims. Coldly, ruthlessly. Only at the end, in the last moment of the film, we know why he did not kill the woman.
foto agenda 24/10/2015
VII Mussorie Writers Mountain Festival, Hanifl Centre, a las 5:00 p.m.Event’s Name
Sinopsis: “El sonido surge del movimiento. Un auténtico músico debe moverse,debe viajar. Y entonces encontrará nuevos sonidos. Nömadak Tx cuenta la hitoria de dos músicos en movimiento. Oreka Tx ha viajado con su txalaparta, un intstrumento musical único, que ellos entienden como un lugar de encuentro, de diálogo. Se han encontrado con músicos y realidades de pueblos lejanos, desde Mongolia al Sáhara, de Laponia a la India y han fusionado su música con la de pueblos nómadas de aquellas tierras. Han atravesado desiertos de hielo y arena, cabalgado los montes de Mongolia a caballo, recorrido el oeste de la India en tren… Han hecho todo ese viaje para ir en busca del sonido. Al encontrarlo, han descubierto otros pueblos y otras personas, todos con el mismo clamor: Estamos aquí, estamos vivos, nosotros somos.” (oreka tx).Film screening: Nömadak Tx
Synopsis: “Nömadak Tx is a project by Harkaitz Mtnez. de San Vicente and Igor Otxoa, Oreka T. These Basque txalapartaris had a dream: they trhought up a project that was to mark a turning point in the history of this unique musical percussion instrument. A project based on their understanding that the Txalaparta is a point of encounter, a means of communicating with others. They have travelled the world, using the Txalaparta as their vehicle and home, meeting musicians and discovering the reality of far away peoples, from Mongolia to Sahara, from Lapland to India.They have met with musicians and realities of remote countries, from Mongolia to the Sahara, from Lapland to India and have fused their music with the nomadic peoples of those lands. They crossed deserts of ice and sand, rode the mountains of Mongolia on horseback, crossed the west of India by train… They have done whole journey to go in search of sound. When they have discovered it, they have found other countries and other people, all with the same acclaim: We are here, we are alive, we are” (oreka tx).
foto agenda 25/10/2015
Auditorio, a las 4:30 p.m.Festival de cine de animación (Lightcube): “Arrugas” de Ignacio Ferreras
Sinopsis: La historia está ambientada en una casa de retiro y gira en torno a la amistad entre dos hombres de edad avanzada, uno de ellos en las primeras etapas de la enfermedad de Alzheimer.Animation Film Festival (Lightcube): “Wrinkles” by Ignacio Ferreras
Synopsis: An astonishing cocktail of friendship, resistance and life set among the unexpected landscape of an elderly care facility..
foto agenda 26/10/2015
RIFF, Old Zenana Courtyard, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, a las 7:45 p.m.27/10/2015
Lugar del evento, a las 00:00h

Concierto: Antonio Serrano y Josemi Carmona

Tras una larga y prolífica carrera, cada uno de estos dos grandes artistas han abierto nuevos caminos en sus respectivos géneros, convirtiéndose en referencias para las neuvas generaciones de jóvenes músicos. En este proyecto aunan su experienca aportando una nueva mmirada sobre la música española, convirtiendo una armónica y una guitarra flamenca en una orquesta. La música de Ketama, Paco de Lucía, Lorca y otros genios de la música española, resonará a través de los números uno de la armónica y la guitarra flamenca.Concert: “Mediterranean Flamenco Jazz” by Antonio Serano & Josemi Carmona
Long and prolific musical careers. In their own way they have broken new ground, each in their respective genre, becoming living musical references for a new generation of musicians. This project sees them join forces and share their musical experience, offering audiences a look at Spanish music as interpreted by their modern and unique point of view. The authentic fusion of musical styles is produced when two musicians, fluent in diverse styles, come together to make music in the same direction. This is the case with Antonio Serrano and Josemi Carmona. They are two artists with a master’s level of experience behind them, making it possible for a harmonica and a flamenco guitar to blend together to create an orchestra. The music of Ketama, Paco de Lucía, Lorca and other Spanish musical geniuses, will resonate through Spain’s number one harmonica and flamenco guitar, which whilst gripping to the strengths of tradition also seek new forms of musical beauty. This project is a new vision of Spanish music, by the hand of two exceptional and world renowned artists, coming together to share what they love most; music.

© Instituto Cervantes, 2013. Reservados todos los derechos


Focus Neighbourhood -Daily Newsletter
Line 31-03-15 - Gray

Highlights from the local media of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
September 30th, 2015 | Volume: 1 – 21/9


Ensure peace across world: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina
UNB / the independent | 30th September
Asserting that Bangladesh’s commitment to UN peacekeeping is strong and steadfast and it stands ready to go further, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged all members of the peacekeeping community to work together to ensure peace and security around the world, reports UNB from New York. She said Bangladesh is adopting a national peacekeeping strategy to better respond to the evolving needs of the UN peacekeeping missions on the ground and at policy level.

Deeper connectivity key to trade expansion in South Asia: analysts
The Daily Star | 30th September
“We must now revive old linkages in the region to help bring a dramatic change to the entire region,” Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said. “So all non-tariff and para-tariff barriers must be removed”, he added.

Netherlands keen to construct seaports in Chittagong, Paira
bdnews24 | 29th September
The Netherlands has expressed its eagerness to construct seaports in Chittagong and Paira in Patuakhali. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed the interest in a meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday, BSS news agency reported.

Bangladesh-US Navies to strengthen maritime partnerships
The Financial Express | 29th September
The fifth annual Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Bangladesh exercise will begin at Naval Base Issa Khan on Wednesday. The US Navy, the US Marine Corps, and the Bangladesh Navy will jointly conduct the exercise, according to the US Embassy in Dhaka.


PM Tshering Tobgay calls for landlocked to become land-linked countries
KUENSEL | 29th September
Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay and Aum Tashi Doma attended a reception that the President of the United States Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted for Leaders of Delegations to the 70th UN General Assembly on September 28 in New York. Lyonchoen also delivered his statement at the “High Level Forum of Landlocked Developing Countries at the Heads of State & Heads of Government Level.”

Bhutan is a carbon negative country- PM Tshering Tobgay
KUENSEL | 29th September
Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay took part in a series of side events of the UN SDG Summit-2015 on September 27 in New York. At a High Level Interactive Dialogue on “Protecting our planet and combating climate change,” he shared that Bhutan has surpassed its commitment to remain carbon neutral and is in reality, a carbon negative country.


Maldives’ central bank has postponed the release of the new currency notes.
Haveeru Online | 29th September
In a statement Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) said the launch of the new currency series’ notes has been postponed, but did not specify a reason. The official launch of the new currency series was slated for October 5. The series was to be inaugurated by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Saudi Forensic Team: Will work with the investigation team as best as the abilities allow
Sun Online | 29th September
The Saudi Forensic Team assisting the Maldivian authorities’ investigation the explosion on the Presidential launch has said that they would help the investigation team to the best of their abilities.


At UN, Afghan leader calls on Pakistan to crack down on terror outfits
Dawn| 29th September
During his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Afghanistan’s chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has called for Pakistan to keep its promise to crack down on Islamic extremists blamed for carrying out cross-border attacks and destablising the impoverished war-torn country.

Perpetual instability in Afghanistan had telling effects on region: Pakistani Chief of Army Staff
The News International | 29th September
Pakistani Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif has stated that perpetual instability in Afghanistan had telling effects on the region.

CPEC benefits can be shared with Afghanistan: army chief
The Express Tribune | 29th September
Army chief General Raheel Sharif said on Tuesday a peaceful Afghanistan would open regional connectivity and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor benefits could be shared between the two countries.

US advocates dialogue with India
The Nation | 29th September
US Secretary of State John Kerry, who met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the UN on Sunday, advocated dialogue with India to sort out problems, after the Pakistani leader expressed his deep concern over Indian firing along the de-facto border in Kashmir and Sialkot areas.


Urbanization offers Sri Lanka major economic opportunity, World Bank says
Colombo Page | 29th September
According to a World Bank report, South Asian countries, including Sri Lanka, can benefit from urbanization as a major opportunity to transform their economies and join the ranks of richer nations.

Tamil groups in Sri Lanka insist on hybrid court to probe war crime allegations
Colombo Page | 29th September
Sri Lanka’s minor Tamil political parties on Tuesday demanded the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to consider achieving justice and accountability through a credible hybrid mechanism as domestic probe will not address the concerns of the victims.

US to support domestic probe with UN, Int’l support
Daily Mirror | 29th September
Secretary of State John Kerry said during a meeting with visiting President Maithripala Sirisena in New York “The United States’ support for a credible domestic process for justice and reconciliation in Sri Lanka — one that is led and owned by the Sri Lankan people and is conducted in cooperation with the UN and with international support.”



Danish defense minister resigns

Denmark’s defense minister announced his resignation on Tuesday, media reports  said. The move followed media criticism of appointments Carl Holst made in his former role as head of the administrative region of Southern Denmark. Cases from that time“have come to overshadow my ability to make a difference as defense minister and minister for Nordic Cooperation,” Holst said. His exit deals a blow to the country’s recently elected government.Media agencies


Obama, Castro meet for the first time on US soil

President Barack Obama sat down with President Raul Castro on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday. The two leaders have met before, but this meeting marks the first time a US president has met a Cuban president on US soil since the Cuban revolution, ABC News said. The two presidents spoke two weeks ago, in advance of Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba and the US. That conversation also followed the Obama administration’s announcement of new regulatory changes, which facilitated more travel and US business on the island.


Eubiq for your conference table.
Beutify your office with Eubiq Power track system.
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Eubiq Ahmedabad's photo.

Launched “Future Of Power Outlet System”

Eubiq India Private Limited's photo.
Eubiq India Private Limited's photo.
Eubiq India Private Limited's photo.
Eubiq India Private Limited's photo.

Power & Energy Sector,

Sub: Calling You to Join discussions and deliberations as a “SPECIAL INVITEE” at theREPA – NCEE (National Council for Energy Efficiency) – Mahatma Gandhi National Energy Efficiency Conclave (MG-NEEC) to be held on Thursday, 1st October 2015 

The prime Focus/Agenda for REPA – NCEE“Mahatma Gandhi National Energy Efficiency Conclave (MG-NEEC)” are as follows in accordance with the attached Flyer:-

·      Power Generation + T&D (Transmission & Distribution)

·      Virtual Power via Smart Electricity Grids

·      ADAM (Advance Digital Automated Metering) & ISMT (Intelligent Smart Metering Technologies)

·      Power Distribution Efficiency

·      Energy Efficiency (EE) in RET (Renewable Energy Technologies)

·      Energy Efficiency (EE) in Pumped Storage Hydropower

·      Energy Efficiency (EE) Solar Pumping 

·      Energy Efficiency (EE) in Oil & Gas and Petroleum sector

·      Energy Efficiency (EE) in Rotating Equipment – Motors, Generators & Pumpsets

·      Energy Efficiency (EE) in Lighting – Power Plants, Industrial Projects, Process Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Utilities etc.


Highlights from the local media of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka September 29th, 2015 | Volume: 1 – 20/9


US, UK issue travel alert in Bangladesh
Prothom Alo | 29th September
After Australia, the United States and United Kingdom on Monday issued two separate updated travel alerts advising their citizens to be vigilant while travelling in Bangladesh. The updated travel alert issued by US Embassy in Dhaka advised American citizens to limit their attendance at events where foreigners may gather, including events at international hotels. “There is reliable information to suggest that militants may be planning to target Australian interests in Bangladesh. Such attacks could likely affect other foreigners, including US citizens,” the updated alert issued on Monday said.

PM Sheikh Hasina seeks global support for implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
UNB / Prothom Alo | 28th September
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said Bangladesh and other developing countries need global support on finance, technology, capacity building  to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “The international community must deliver on the means of implementation for each goal of the SGDs. We also must ensure that global trading and financial regime and institutions are fair and just, “she said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina receives ‘Champions of the Earth’ award
UNB / The Financial Express | 29th September
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has received the highest environmental accolade of the United Nations Environmental Programme-(UNEP), ‘The Champions of the Earth’, award. It is a recognition of Bangladesh’s far-reaching initiatives in addressing problems induced by climate change.

World Bank sees much geo-economic leverage for Bangladesh
bdnews24 | 29th September
“Bangladesh is located strategically between South and South-East Asia. It can leverage that advantage for developing its trade and commerce, connectivity and infrastructure,” said Annette Dixon, the World Bank Vice-President for South Asia.


Import of essential food items spirals
KUENSEL | 28th September
If the import of essential items is anything to go by, then Bhutan is far from achieving its target of food self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, Bhutan’s trade deficit with India last year stood at Nu 21.3B.

Bhutan calls for reform of UN
KUENSEL | 28th September
Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay called for the UN to be reformed and supported India’s bid for a permanent seat on the organisation’s security council during his address to the UN Sustainable Development Summit on Saturday in New York.


Maldives president unhurt but first lady injured in speedboat ‘explosion’
Haveeru Online | 28th September
An “explosion” occurred aboard a presidential speedboat Monday morning as President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom and First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim were returning to capital Male from the nearby airport island.”The cause of the explosion is yet unknown. MNDF [Maldives National Defence Force] will comment on that after conducting a thorough investigation,” Mohamed Hussein Shareef, a minister at the President’s Office, told the television station.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon: Sustainable development not possible for small states, without progress in fight against climate change
Sun Online | 28th September
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon has said that sustainable development of small island developing states like the Maldives would never be realised unless meaningful progress is made in the fight against climate change. Dunya made this remark in her statement at the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015 in New York, on 27 September 2015.


UN chief urges Pakistan, India to hold talks
Dawn| 28th September
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged India and Pakistan on Sunday to “continue their peaceful dialogue.”

Kerry meets Nawaz, lauds anti-terror efforts
Dawn| 28th September
US Secretary of State John Kerry in his meeting with  Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appreciated Pakistan’s counter terrorism efforts and the success of anti-terror operation.

SCO membership – a potential trump card for Pakistan
The Express Tribune| 28th September
The process of granting Pakistan full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) got under way in Ufa during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit in July this year and the country is expected to win the status in January 2016.

Afghan President Ghani says Pak-Afghan ties not brotherly
The Express Tribune| 29th September
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Monday that relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan were not brotherly but like a relationship between two states.



Sri Lankan Prime Minister to visit Japan next month
Colombo Page | 28th September
Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will visit Japan early next month to hold talks with his Japanese counterpart, Japanese media reported.

Sri Lanka establishes diplomatic ties with Togo
Colombo Page | 28th September
The two nations signed an agreement on Sunday (27th September) under the United Nations charter and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations to establish diplomatic relations.

Sri Lanka welcomes Nepal’s adoption of new constitution
Colombo Page | 28th September
Sri Lanka’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement “The Government and people of Sri Lanka join hands with the International Community to welcome the promulgation of the new Constitution of Nepal which is a key step in its journey towards national reconciliation, political stability and development.”

US Secretary of State calls on Sri Lankan President
Colombo Page | 28th September
The United States Secretary of State John Kerry called on Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena at United Nations Headquarters in New York Sunday (27), President’s Media Division said.

Australian envoy says no change in policy
Colombo Gazette | 28th September
Australian High Commissioner Robyn Mudie says the Australian Government’s policy against maritime people smuggling is clear and unchanged – the way to Australia is closed.

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