“Abhigyana Shakuntalam

Invitation for preview – 2nd year students production “Abhigyana Shakuntalam

From: Anoop Barua <> Tue, 1 Sep ’15 4:24p

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Dear friend,

It gives me an immense pleasure in informing you that NSD is organizing an effort to recreate the classical theatre. Sanskrit Classical Theatre is a highly developed theatre technique and its training is an integral part of NSD curriculum giving an opportunity to the students to interpret contemporary theatre practice inspired by classical theatre. NSD has invited one of the senior most theatre teachers Prof. Rita Ganguly who has been responsible for introducing a syllabus called Movement & Mime at NSD and taught in the School for 35 years. Abhigyana Shakuntalm is presented with incorporating great contemporary poets along with Kalidasa’s immortal verses. The play is being presented by second year students of NSD under the direction of Prof. Rita Ganguly, hence, all the media people are welcome to interview, see rehearsals and discuss the project with Prof. Ganguly. She will be happy to share her expertise in this subject.

Synopsis of the play

“Kalidasa’s immortal work Abhigyana Shakuntalam has been a seminal text through centuries. NSD presents the play as a contemporary subject of women’s emancipation against today’s atrocities and trauma that a young girl faces every day in our country. Shakuntala a young woman, been brought up at the hermitage of Kanvarishi was seduced by the king of the land Dushyant. He refuses to recognize the girl or even the possibility of the girl being impregnated by him on a later occasion. She was rejected and insulted in the court of the king. Years after he comes to Shakuntala to get back both the abundant wife and his son Bharata. In the presentation, Shakuntala refuses to go back, but like Ramayana as Sita sends forth Luv & Kush to Ram but refuses to go back with her husband, Shakuntala decides upon the same.

There is a growing awareness, the world over, to preserve ancient traditions. Thus Globe Theatre is being revived in London, Noh and Kabuki Theatre is zealously preserved in Japan and Classical Greek Theatre in Greece. In this backdrop it becomes imperative for us to look at our own heritage and attempt to revive our classical theatre which goes back at least 5000 years”.

Director, NSD invites you to see the whole process of the rehearsal and an interaction with Prof. Rita Ganguly as well.

Meeting with Prof. Rita Ganguly and view of ongoing rehearsal, you may contact the undersigned so that meeting session and rehearsal schedule can be updated accordingly.

Looking forward for a very favourable gesture at your end.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

A.K. Barua

Public Relations Officer

National School of Drama


By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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