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Death and The Social WebOn Monday, September 21st, the Tow Center and the Dart Center will host a panel discussion examining the issues raised by death on the social web.

Should audiences be protected from these images? Does responsibility differ for news organizations versus the social platforms? What can we learn from history about similar ‘moment of death’ images, and how does culture play into what is acceptable or not?

RSVP here

Image Truth/Story TruthOn Friday, October 16th, the Tow Center, the Brown Institute and photographers Nina Berman and Gary Knight will host a one day conference bringing together industry professionals, academics, cultural theorists and historians to discuss the changing nature of photojournalism and documentary photography in the digital age.

Read more here

On Beginning a Huge, Complicated Data Journalism Research Project
Meredith BroussardAs a Tow Fellow this year, I will be creating a software system to help journalists detect campaign finance fraud. The software, which I call a Story Discovery Engine, will look at campaign finance filings and will alert journalists when irregularities exist. Each irregularity is potentially the basis for a story.

Read the blog post here

Interview: Sarah van Mosel, New York Public Radio
Vanessa QuirkWhen we blog online, we have our fingers on a plethora of data points: number of visitors, returning visitors, unique visitors, click-through rate, and geographical location. Podcasts, good old-fashioned mp3s, hardly provide any information at all. However, podcasting is a digital medium and, according to Sarah van Mosel, it’s only a matter of time until podcasting embraces its full digital potential.

Read the blog post here

Announcing our New Tow Fellows
Claire WardleToday is a very exciting day for us, as we’re announcing a new group of 31 Research Fellows.  The fellows are based around the world and will be researching a wide-range of projects at the cutting-edge of digital journalism.

The projects will be in four main research areas: Computation, Algorithms and Automated Journalism; Data, Impact and Metrics; Audiences and Engagement; and Experimental Journalism, Models and Practice.

Read the blog post here

Digital News Report, 2015
Reuters Institute for the Study of JournalismNewsLynx: A Tool for Newsroom Impact Measurement
Michael Keller and Brian Abelson

The Traffic Factories: Metrics at Chartbeat, Gawker Media, and The New York Times
Caitlin Petre

Claire Wardle on Social Media and the Shooting in Virginia
Sky News TonightWhy the Media Can’t Tell You Everything About the Ashley Madison Hack

Here’s what the New York Times’ 1 million subscriber number means

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7th September 2015


Dear Colleague & Friend of Power, Energy & Infrastructure Sectors,


Sub: Volume 8 – Issue – 17th – 31st August 2015 -ENERTIA Business Wire (EBW) –INDIA’s NewsWire on Power, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure & Core Sector Economy– brought to you by

 ENERTIA- Asia’;s Premier Journal on Sustainable Energy and Power.

Greetings from Team ENERTIA – Asia’s premier Journal on Sustainable Energy and Power on this Occasion of “69 Years of FREE INDIA”!!!!


It is our pleasure to attach herewith “ENERGY BUSINESS WIRE”, our popular NewsWire covering Power, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, T&D, Smart Grid, Infrastructure & Core Economy Sectors which is branded as “EBW” – “ENERGY BUSINESS WIREINDIA’s NewsWire on Power, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure & Core Sector EconomyVolume 8 – 17th – 31st August 2015.(


Subscription to ENERGY BUSINESS WIRE” – EBW INDIA’s NewsWire on Power, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, T&D, Smart Grid & Infrastructure Economy is on a 40 Issues/ Weeks basis @ Rs. 25,000/- (US$ 500.00 0r Euro 350.00) per annum packaged with annual subscription ENERTIA –Asia’s Premier Journal on Sustainable Energy& Power & MARKENOMY – Journal for Sustainable Infrastructure Economy.


Special Benefits on “EBW + ENERTIA + MARKENOMY Offer” are as follows:-


  1. 40-Issues / Weeks of Digital Receipt of EBW to 5 Designated Email Accounts of Your Enterprise/ Corporation.
  2. A Classified Column Advertisement in ENERTIA 13.4cm (H) X 6cm (W) worth Rs. 25,000/- (US$ 500.00 0r Euro 350.00) absolutely FREE.
  3. 2-Years FREE Subscription to ENERTIA – Asia’s premier Journal on Sustainable Energy and Power (Worth Rs. 3600/-) (US$ 60.00 0r Euro 40.00) .
  4. 2-Years FREE Subscription to MARKENOMY – Journal for Sustainable Infrastructure Economy (Worth Rs. 3600/-) (US$ 60.00 0r Euro 40.00).


**** NB: Total Benefits of above package / combo Rs. 57,200/- (US$ 1120.00 Or Euro 430.00 @ only Rs. 25,000/- (US$ 500.00 0r Euro 350.00)

For any clarifications & queries on EBW you may direct your communications to the undersigned or You may contact Ms. Poonam Mate, Sr. Executive – Circulation & Markets or Ms. Amruta Argade on Tel: 91-251-6500533.


10th Global Advanced Management Programme 2015, USA
Disruptive Innovation & Open Business Models in
The Changing Global Landscape
Silicon Valley, California, USA : October 25 – 31, 2015

Greetings from All India Management Association!

AIMA’s Global Advanced Management Programme (GAMP) is one of the most sought after top management programme in India.

I am pleased to inform you that, after conducting successful programmes in China & USA, AIMA is organizing its 10th Edition of GAMP and 5th in the USA  under the theme “Disruptive Innovation & Open Business Models in The Changing Global Landscape” from 25 – 31 October, 2015 at the Silicon Valley, California, USA.The programme will be led by Prof Solomon Darwin, Executive Director, Center for Corporate Innovation, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

Senior executives today are facing increasing pressure to achieve profitable growth in a volatile economic and market scenario resulting from rapid changes in economic landscape, geopolitical shifts, new technologies, shortened product life cycles, cross-cultural communications, global competition and changing consumer behaviour. It is imperative that they stay current with the latest thought leadership, management insights and business expertise and also build new capabilities.

AIMA’s GAMP will address some of these emerging issues; provide insights into innovative approaches & economic / business trends in high-growth economies.

The participants would benefit from

  • Insights into the latest models and frameworks for understanding business problems
  • Strategies for identifying new opportunities and capitalizing on them
  • Rethinking business models and management approaches as a global leader
  • Deeper understanding of organizational dynamics to improve implementation of new initiatives/ideas
During one intense, transformative week, you will expand your business acumen in key areas as you benefit from the expertise of world renowned faculty. The programme covers Case Discussions, Presentations, Executive Panels and Site Visits to and interaction with the top management teams of proposed leading companies in US like Google; Tesla Motors; Intel; Standard Chartered Bank; Cisco Systems Inc; IBM Research; Johnson & Johnson; Pay Pal; Wells Fargo Bank; Stanford Medical Centre; UC Berkeley Campus amongst others.The learning experience will be very intensive and interactive and one that will have an immediate relevance and impact. Each participant will be asked to prepare a new and innovative Business Model for their company, under the guidance of Prof Darwin, during the one week course, which will be a key takeaway of the programme.

Upon the successful completion of the programme, participants will be conferred a “Global Advanced Management Programme” Certificate awarded by the All India Management Association. An additional certificate from Prof Solomon Darwin in his letter head as Executive Director, Center for Corporate Innovation, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley would be awarded to the participant with an additional fee of US$ 500.

Please find enclosed more information on the programme and registration details for your perusal. Also, Please click the link to get a detailed coverage of the last edition of the programme.

I am writing to strongly recommend this programme to you and invite you to take advantage of this unique learning opportunity by participating and also nominating senior officials from your organisation to the Programme. As the seats are limited to 20, registrations would be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis.

The delegate fee per participant is US $ 8500, which will include the course fee, study material, cost of accommodation for six nights, company visits, lunches, dinners as per itinerary.  Please do confirm your participation at the earliest, so as to avail the Inaugural discount of US$ 750 per participant available on registrations, along with the delegate fee received latest by 15th September, 2015.

I do believe that senior officials from your organization would immensely benefit from the learning at the programme and look forward to receiving registrations from you at the earliest possible.

With warm regards,

Surajit Bit
Deputy Director
All India Management Association (AIMA)


I wanted you to hear this directly from me:

Yes, I should have used two email addresses, one for personal matters and one for my work at the State Department. Not doing so was a mistake. I’m sorry about it, and I take full responsibility.

It’s important for you to know a few key facts. My use of a personal email account was aboveboard and allowed under the State Department’s rules. Everyone I communicated with in government was aware of it. And nothing I ever sent or received was marked classified at the time.

As this process proceeds, I want to be as transparent as possible. That’s why I’ve provided all of my work emails to the government to be released to the public, and why I’ll be testifying in public in front of the Benghazi Committee later next month.

I know this is a complex story. I could have—and should have—done a better job answering questions earlier. I’m grateful for your support, and I’m not taking anything for granted.

I understand that you may have more questions, and I am going to work to keep answering them. If you want to read more, including my emails themselves, please go here:

Thank you,



MSG2 – The Messenger Music Release

Aims for 3000 plus screen release worldwide, says Saint Gurmeeet Ram Rahim Insan


The music album of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s forthcoming film, “MSG 2– The Messenger” was released on Tuesday in a glittering ceremony. The film features the MSG as a director, actor, writer, music composer, lyricist and singer. The music rights of the film have been taken by T series, which was represented by Ajay Kapoor and other senior level executives. The co-actors including Arpit Ranka and several well known Bollywood personalities were among the attendees for the event. MSG’s daughters Honeypreet Insan and Charanpreet Insan are debuting in the film, while they have also worked as creative directors. His youngest daughter has performed a duet along with MSG. Arpit Ranka, one of the villains, gained prominence playing Duryodhana in the recent version of the epic Mahabharat. The album, which consists of songs “Party Dhoom Dham Se”, “MSG – The Messenger”, “Haseen Vadiyon mein”, “Sapnon Mein aana tera”, “Aaaja donon pyaar karen” and “Hula Hula”

The album is expected to break records on online portals like Flipkart and Amazon on its pre-booking as was the case of the previous film album that had broken records upon its launch. MSG2 – The Messenger is already creating a lot of buzz for its songs.  There are six songs in the film and all the songs have been sung by the Saint himself in different voices. The first two songs Party Dhoom Dham Se and MSG-The Messenger are trending popularity charts and fuelling twitter mania and getting lots of response online.   In the every album, MSG has shown a remarkable talent to sing in different voices and genres with mind blowing ease. As for Party Dhoom Dham Se, it is possibly the grandest canvas for any song shot anywhere in the world with a crowd of 1 Lakh 71 thousand plus   for over a period of three days.

The event was grand as MSG made his entry in an awe inspiring custom designed vehicle flanked by motorcycle escorts. Saint Ram Rahim said at a press conference. “I would like to congratulate the entire team who have done the hard work for the album and the film. And the biggest salute to the almighty who made this possible,” he added. On a pointed query MSG said that a large release nationally and worldwide on over 3000 plus screens was being planned by the producer Hakikat Entertainment.

The film, which features Guruji along with a sea of talented debutants, will release on September 18th.

About the Music album

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim innovates by singing in different voices in MSG2-The Messenger

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan’s upcoming sequel, MSG2 – The Messenger is already creating a lot of buzz for its songs.  There are six songs in the film and all the songs have been sung by the Saint himself in different voices. The first two songs Party Dhoom Dham Se and MSG-The Messenger are trending popularity charts, fuelling twitter mania and getting lots of response online.

MSG has shown a remarkable talent to sing in different voices and genres with mind blowing ease. The song Rooh Nashiyayi, has a rich sensuous variant that can be termed as extremely romantic. Hule Maale Gili Chila, is a tribal song based on folksy tribal beats. Then there are melodies like Sapnon mein aana tera and Haseen vadiyon mein that are soothing, soul stirring melodies.

Says Saint Insan who is the not only the director and music director, “I have never received any kind of training in music. But what I want to draw everyone’s attention to, is that with the power of meditation, it is possible to receive amazing grace from God that makes me do everything with ease. If I can do it, so can anyone else.”

The shooting of the song Party Dhoom Dham Se was done over three nights and MSG would perform his popular numbers to regale the audience as the shooting would come to a close at around 6 am every morning. The film crew would have from Bombay would always ask him one question, after such a back breaking schedule, where do you get the energy from? “God”, is always his favourite one word answer.

It certainly seems a miracle that the Saint actually goes from the lowest octave to the highest octave nonstop when he sings on stage.

Synopsis of film

The tribal and aboriginal inhabitants have lived a primitive life for centuries. MSG2-The Messenger, the upcoming film will be based on a train of true events that were set in motion when MSG took it upon himself to reform them. But will they? Set in an original backdrop, the movie captures the brutality of their life – from ruthless murders of the innocents, to feeding themselves on raw flesh! There is no limit to their callous behavior and coldblooded activities!

As the story unfolds, a devastating drought in the area leaves these pitiless souls to deal with the grave situation on their own. MSG ie Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, who plays himself, enters as the real life, selfless social reformer. In his pursuit to change the law of the jungle that prevails, he soon realizes the task isn’t a cakewalk. And that triggers a conflict of epic proportions. Also, these folks’ grudge against the civilized lot only strengthens by the day, owing to an age-old secret, which is shrouded in mystery.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan being the determined reformer that he is, shoulders the responsibility to bring life to this lifeless and heartless place. In this mission, his devoted, trained disciples help him achieve the goals. After a roller-coaster battle, things settle and the uncivilized tribals undergo major soul and behavior makeovers, thus turning into the civilized lot.

But that’s not all. The real villains, who were invisible earlier jump into the fray. Those who were the direct beneficiaries of the lack of progress of the tribals had conspired to keep them in a backward state. Those enemies are much bigger and far more powerful. Action, high drama and suspense keep people on the edge of their seats in this racy, musical flick.


Anirban Lahiri becomes first Indian to make International Team for Presidents Cup

Anirban Lahiri has accomplished yet another glorious feat for Indian golf as he becomes the first Indian to secure a place in the International Team for the Presidents Cup scheduled to be played in Incheon City, South Korea, from October 8 – 11, 2015.

The Presidents Cup, a biennial event, played between the United States of America and the International Team (Rest of the World minus Europe) is one of the two biggest men’s team competitions in international golf besides the Ryder Cup which is played between USA and Europe.

Lahiri, currently ranked 40th in the world, made the grade on merit as an automatic qualifier thanks to his seventh position in the International Team standings. The top-10 players earned automatic spots in the team.

Anirban, the current Asian Tour Order of Merit leader and a two-time winner on the European Tour this season, had last month etched his name in golden letters in the annals of Indian golf with a top-5 at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. It was the best-ever result for an Indian at a Major.

“I can’t describe the feeling because growing up you look up to events like the Ryder Cup and feel terrible about it as you can’t be a part of something like that. But thankfully, we have the Presidents Cup for us to aim for and it is an achievement to make the team,” said Lahiri.

“I know Jeev (Milkha Singh) was really close to getting in one year when he was in the world’s top-50 and unfortunately, he couldn’t due to injury. It would have done a lot of good for golf, not just in India but in Asia.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the International Team. It’ll be a massive boost for golf in the region. You get so many eyeballs and everybody in America will be watching. To be a part of something historic like that is extremely special. All I want to do is make sure that I get a point for the International Team,” added the 28-year-old Indian, who has seven international titles to his credit.

As Anirban heads to Korea for his Presidents Cup debut, he will be encouraged by the fact that he had a successful outing at his first international team event, the inaugural EurAsia Cup in 2014. Lahiri made a huge contribution to Team Asia’s tantalizing come-from-behind 10-10 draw with Team Europe at the EurAsia Cup.

Lahiri’s teammates in the International Team will include the likes of Major champions Jason Day (Australia), Louis Oosthuizen (South Africa), Adam Scott (Australia), Charl Schwartzel (South Africa) and other leading international stars such as Branden Grace (South Africa), Marc Leishman (Australia) and Danny Lee (New Zealand) as well as fellow Asian superstars Hideki Matsuyama (Japan) and Thongchai Jaidee (Thailand). Captain Nick Price (Zimbabwe) will name two Captain’s picks later on Tuesday.

The U.S. team will consist of Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Jimmy Walker, Zach Johnson, Jim Furyk, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, Matt Kuchar and Chris Kirk, with two more Captain’s (Jay Haas) picks to be included.

The Presidents Cup, being played in Asia for the first time, will be held at the esteemed Jack Nicklaus Golf Club in Songdo IBD, Incheon City. The USA has dominated the event since its inception in 1994, having won on eight out of 10 editions. The International Team’s only victory came in 1998 while there was a tie between the two teams in 2003.

Uttam Singh Mundy, Director, PGTI, said, “We at the PGTI congratulate Anirban for becoming the first Indian to earn a place in the International Team for the Presidents Cup. Anirban’s latest achievement is a result of his exceptional performances around the world in recent years. This landmark moment for Indian golf would contribute in further popularizing the sport in the country. The PGTI’s sustained efforts in providing a robust domestic structure at home, aim at producing more such champions who follow in Anirban’s footsteps in the coming years.”

Published by Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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