AAP : National Council Meet

Please find attached copies of political resolutions passed at the National Council meet today.

Political Resolutions

On a proposal moved by Sarita Singh Duly seconded by Dilip Pandey, The National Council adopted the following resolutions :

1. The First Three Years

Three years ago, India’s greatest anti-corruption movement evolved into the Aam Aadmi Party and these past years have been a great learning experience for all of us.

We have learnt that the people of India believe that Aam Aadmi Party is the only party that can provide Corruption-free governance and also adhere to its basic tenets of Swaraj, Secularism and Social Harmony. We are thankful for the trust reposed in us by the people of Delhi and it reinforces our resolve to stay true to these ideals. It also teaches us that organization is the key that can translate the people’s trust into political success.

We resolve to not only spread but deepen our party organisation.

2. State of the Nation

During the general elections of 2014, the people of India replaced the most corrupt government in Indian history with an alternative that promised development and good governance.

In the past 18 months, that alternative, the BJP led NDA has proved just as terrible.

Corruption pervades all levels of the Central government, economic growth is lackluster, employment generation is negligible, social-sector spending has been brought down and the agrarian economy has been left to fend for itself.

Politically, the BJP has stayed true to its past and gone on to try and tear the social fabric that delicately binds Indian society. The real agenda of the BJP is INTOLERANCE and the purpose is dividing society for political gains. This manufactured INTOLERANCE has been rejected by the people of India, first in Delhi and then in Bihar. But BJP’s continued attempts to make it the centre-piece of its political strategy is a grave threat to the Idea of India.

We resolve to politically oppose all corrupt and communal forces which in our view are the primary danger to Indian society.

3. India’s Federal Structure

We firmly believe that any dilution of our Federal structure undermines the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution. India can only prosper as a collective if democratically-elected individual State governments are allowed to function. Since the advent of the present NDA government, state governments are being undermined at the behest of the central government. Instead of Cooperative Federalism the country is witnessing selective targeting of non-NDA state governments through the offices of Governors and Lt. Governors.

We resolve to build public opinion and politically oppose the NDA government’s totalitarian attitude towards non-NDA state governments.


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