The Movement of India: Different Shades of Resistance

The Movement of India: Different Shades of Resistance


Dear Readers,


National Alliance of People’s Movements is pleased to bring to you, our recent edition of “The Movement of India” – the news magazine of NAPM. The year 2015 was marked with the growing clout of Hinduvta elements, intense debate over the key fundamentals of the Indian Constitution, “Socialism” and “Secularism” and a challenge to the people’s movements at various fronts. However, the year also witnessed the vigor and vitality of people’s struggles, and an assertion to the values of social justice, peace and democracy. The year saw the coming together of various shades of resistance and forcing the NDA government to withdraw land ordinance on May 30th and ultimately the defeat of the NDA in the Bihar elections of November 2015.


This edition reflects the different shades of resistance from across the country and brings to you contributions from our senior activists which summarize our actions, analyses and challenges that we as a nation are up against.


The issue examines and provides critiques on various “policies and practices” such as the issue of communalism and the debate around the cow by Vimal Bhai; the environmental threat, dearth of industrial corridor development and faulty government policies by Rishit Neogi and Amit Kumar. A Special Feature covering the different shades of dissent that highlight people’s struggles and national movements that have taken place across the country such as nuclear activism, land ordinance protests and ongoing struggle for justice in Bhopal owing to the gas tragedy among others is also highlighted.


In addition to this, the issue provides updated information on key movements associated with the Alliance such as Narmada Bachao Andolan, Ghar Bachao, Ghar Banao Andolan along with other disastrous development projects, thermal power plants construction in Karchana, Pench and mining in Niyamgiri.


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