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By Design – A collection of best-selling greeting cards, and more by Yves Creations Designer Lines. More greeting cards by Yves Creations Zazzle. Yves Creations Zazzle Greetings Cards Shop for more Yves Creati…

Get Gawjus!: Fashion files: Spring/Summer 2016 trends

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Shifa – *Sponsored post  Whether you are all about simplicity, stripes or the spotlight, fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2016 is all about celebrating your individuality. Invest in stand-out pieces, cobbl…

Beauty, Home and Fashion Trends to Invest In 2016

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BeautyFashion – We all know that trends change rapidly by the hour because such small upgrades and even revolutions are a product of imagination combined with the wonders of ever-progressing technology. Everything…

Top 5 Budget Fall Fashion Trends For 2015 | Project Eve Money

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Balance – Think you have to break the bank to stay on top of the changing trends and fashion seasons?  Wrong.  Sure, haute couture items from the runway will cost you an arm and a leg, but there’s a way to s…

15 Best Indian Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow Now! – Whizsky

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Alex Hall – If you are a fashion lover, then you must know some of the Indian fashion bloggers who provides the best fashion guidance. Head2heels: This is one of the topmost fashion blogs in India. This blog e…

6 Hottest Fashion Trends That’ll Be The Ultimate Rage In 2016

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FarnazFever – The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and constantly evolving spaces in today’s world and there are new trends, techniques and styles being introduced in the sartorial domain almost every…

#Latest Trends in Fashion That is Sweeping The World Away

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Denise Roberts – Licking her finger Image by jonas_foyn Got her picture when she looked up,, which explains the very open eyes. She wasn’t aware of me at all:) Used in:…

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Fashion Trends to wear in 2016 – DesignerzCentral

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ELI – Since 2016 is practically here, every website are pumping out ‘the year in review’-type articles on the daily, some of which are insightful and entertaining, and some of which are woefully misguide…

Prom Dresses 2016: One Shoulder Dresses 2016

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Nada Alayam – 2016 Fashion Trends Top Fashion Styles Trend Micro Titanium Plus Size Fashion Fashion Week 2016 Fashion Jewelry Sets Cheap Online Shopping Latest Street Fashion PC-cillin 2016 Best Fashion Trend To…

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Beyond Gangnam Style: 3 cool Korean startups you should know

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Geektime – Startups are not only innovating in traditionally strong Korean industries such as electronics, but also in Korea’s newly promising sectors such as cosmetics Korea has become cool. Psy’s latest sin…

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5 Ways to Succeed With Pinterest Promoted Pins : Social Media Examiner – Pinterest promoted pins (beta version recently opened to everyone) can help you reach more people and drive results. In this article I’ll share five ways businesses can get the most out of Pinteres…

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The Next Phase of Wearable Tech: Interactive Clothing

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Fashion Digital – Our trends report looks at interactive clothing and its push for better design and dynamics Wearable technology has been contested by fashion editors from its inception, with too gimmicky high-tech…

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Fashion Tips: Skimpy is not sexy . . . – WHOEVER told women wearing skimpy clothes is sexy needs to do us all a favour and tell them it’s not! Nothing spells “cheap” like a woman dressed in tight little clothes that expose her flesh in al…

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