Those standing by traitors are no less traitors

– Dr. Surendra Jain, VHP


          New Delhi Feb 17, 2016. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) congratulates the current Government for taking strong action for the first time against those involved in seditious activities and is confident that it would ensure that the constitution of the country prevails and the traitors are severely punished regardless of pressures from those political parties that have emerged as buddies of traitor and double agents. VHP appeals to all political parties not to convert the politics of opposition to politics of national destruction. They themselves cannot survive by ruining the country. Traitors are relatives and family to none. This lesson should be learnt from the history of the Congress Party.

          The incident of anti-national slogans, demonstrations and marches inside the Jawahar Lal Nehru University campus, have unmasked and exposed many a character. Now it has become clear to the entire populace as to who is a traitor, who are the supporters of traitors and who are the opponents. It has become clear from the developments after the unfortunate incident that it is the result of the unholy nexus between the Jihadists and the Leftists. By going to JNU to extend live support the traitors arrested on charges of treason, while not opposing anti-national slogans, Rahul Gandhi has also made it obvious that the Sonia-Rahul Congress is going on the reverse direction of that of Mahatma Gandhi. The Congress of Mahatma Gandhi fought for the independence of the country, but the today’s Congress is fighting for seditious characters.

          It is well known that the history of the Indian communists has been a history of treason, duplicity and subversion. They had not only opposed the Non-Cooperation Movement and the Quit India Movement, but many of their workers also acted as informers against the freedom fighters of the country. When the whole country was opposed to the partition of India, they loved to advocate the two-nation theory and stand at the side of Pakistan. By standing with China during the Chinese aggression on India in 1962, they had made clear their allegiance. Those making noises now on the unfortunate assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, had degraded him by calling him “Birla’s Broker” and heaping on him other abuses. Those supporting all sorts of ongoing terrorism in India, have also done the same this time round what they have been doing all along. What “tolerance” the killers of scores of political opponents in Kerala and West Bengal speak of?

          It is now clear as to why Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve the Congress which had led the freedom movement! The Congress has either inspired or supported every type of terrorism that took place in India. Who had conceived, raised and instituted Bhindranwale – the father of terrorism in Punjab? When the genie created by the Congress got out of hand, then it had to act against the genie. Who had performed the job of giving weapons training and arming the LTTE? Who were the mute spectators who watched the militants thrive in Kashmir? They not only allowed the Bangladeshi infiltrators into India, but by providing them with ration cards and voter ID cards, they paved the grounds for them to indulge in all sorts of anti-national activities. When the SIMI was banned, it was these leaders who took out mad protests right from within the Parliament to the streets of Lucknow. These leaders stood with SIMI even in the Court of Law. Whether it was the Batla House encounter or the Mumbai attacks, these leaders, by degrading the sacrifices and martyrdom of our brave soldiers, chose to stand with the terrorists. The latest revelations in the Ishrat Jahan case have made it clear that these leaders, in the pursuit of their self-interests, can even play with national security and national interests to any extent. Besides JNU, there are scores of incidents that can be cited to show that Rahul and Sonia appear standing with traitors. VHP warns the Congress Party that it is the last opportunity for them to look inwards and correct their steps. They must well use this opportunity, lest the oldest political party of the country soon disappears into the limbo of history.

Released by

Vinod Bansal

(National Spokesperson)

Vishwa Hindu Parishad


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