China, U.S. agree to boost nuclear security cooperation

China and the United States on Thursday reaffirmed their joint commitment to global nuclear security and pledged to continue cooperation in this area beyond the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) process. In a joint statement released as Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama met here on the sidelines of the fourth NSS, theContinue reading “China, U.S. agree to boost nuclear security cooperation”

Kolkata flyover tragedy

  IVRCL Ltd., the Hyderabad based construction company office has been sealed as flyover built at Ganesh Talkies in Burrabazar KolKata  area has collapsed Kolkata, the relief and rescue operation continues at the accident site where an at Ganesh Talkies in Burrabazar area where tragedy struck on Thursday after the collapse of an under construction bridgeContinue reading “Kolkata flyover tragedy”

Bangladeshi trio of Dulal, Siddikur, Sajib dominate round one of BTI Open   Udayan Mane & Pratap Atwal are best-placed Indians in tied fourth   Dhaka, March 30, 2016: The Bangladeshi trio of Md Dulal Hossain, Md Siddikur Rahman and Md Sajib Ali dominated round one of the inaugural BTI Open as they occupied theContinue reading

Pakistan’s Jamaat-ul-Ahrar militant group threatens fresh wave of violence MARCH 30, 2016 | EDIT Pakistan’s Jamaat-ul-Ahrar militant group threatens fresh wave of violence On Tuesday, the Pakistani militant group behind the park massacre in Lahore that killed 72 people threatened to unleash new attacks, the Wall Street Journal said. Ehsanullah Ehsan, the militant group’s spokesman, warnedContinue reading

The Roundtable Japan – an initiative of Forma Corporation

Dear Naresh Sagar, We would like to following up on our previous mailer for Roundtable Japan. Over the last 11 years, The Roundtable Japan  – an initiative of Forma Corporation and Smadja & Smadja, has established itself as a major event in terms of prestige, relevance of the agenda and impact. Every year 4 orContinue reading “The Roundtable Japan – an initiative of Forma Corporation”

The Naresh Kumar Sagar Daily Published by Naresh Kumar Sagar 30 March 2016 Read paper → World Sports Business Leisure Politics Art & Entertainment #abusivejournalists #pakistan Adarsh Liberal Gets a Tight Slap, when he asked “Do people of Varanasi regret voting Modi as their MP?” – Satyameva Jayate Shared by JAY satyavijayi­.com – Adarsh LiberalContinue reading

The Asian news Daily Published by Naresh Kumar Sagar 30 March 2016 Read paper → Art & Entertainment Leisure World Politics Technology Education #journalism #aapis 福島に来ないでください、福島のものを食べないでください、の人逮捕される。 Shared by Megatherium togetter­.com – ログ・日記 ログ(+116) 日記(+14) 思い出(+23) 雑談(+13) メモ(+13) 飲み会 議事録(+1) イベント(+12) セミナー 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ ログ 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ 福島に来ないでください、福島のものを食べないでください、の人逮捕される。 「福島を忘れない… TheContinue reading

Naresh –Hillary wants to see you in Harlem(2)

Today at 3:26 AM People like you are powering this campaign Naresh — If you think Bernie Sanders isn’t gunning for a comeback, take a harder look at his campaign. They outspent us on the air 27-to-1 in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska, and after they won those three contests, they turned around and raised ANOTHERContinue reading “Naresh –Hillary wants to see you in Harlem(2)”

Putin won’t take part in nuclear summit Standard March 30, 2016 Leave a comment Edit Putin won’t take part in nuclear summit ‘due to lack of mutual action during preparation’ President Vladimir Putin’s non-participation in the nuclear summit in Washington is due to the lack of mutual action during preliminary preparation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saidContinue reading

Aircraft crashes in Two days MARCH 30, 2016 | EDIT PUBLISHED ON MARCH 30, 2016LEAVE A COMMENT RT SHARED A LINK. 2 hrs · Sukhoi Su-25 ground-support fighter jet crashing in a residential area during a training flight in Russia’s Far East some 70 kilometers from the Chinese border. The jet is seen suddenly going downContinue reading