Can India Have DAVOS SWITZERLAND Like Air & Water Quality

March21, 2014 (C)

The idea Can India have DAVOS like air and water quality cropped up in my mind at a Green Building event and my instant answer was yes because in India Gods have blessed us with 20 times more Hydro Power and 20+ times more water potential in Himalayas, all India need is adopt Switzerland like power generation based on Hydro & Nuclear Power, Industry, transport, water storages, and waste water treatment etc.

In newspapers we read Delhi air quality is worst in the world because Delhi has not learnt anything from SWISS way of Industrialization & Development adopted most polluting Energy Generation and Transport entirely based on fossil fuels, water quality in Delhi is very bad because we didn’t treat Sewage and Drainage before its release in our rivers, and didn’t use clean & pure water in our existing canals – many more are yet to be built.

As can be seen here in annexure Bhakra, Pong and Thein Multi Purpose Dams in Indus Basin purify FREE OF COST around 30 MAF or more water than flowing in all SWISS Rivers and this is just 4% of water in Indian Rivers.

Experts were explaining their experiences of how to reduce Energy & Water Consumption and Improve Air & Water Quality. There is no Storage Dam in Upper Yamuna River Basin serving Delhi and states divert all the water in the Yamuna River before it enters plains and release most of the Sewage and Industrial waste directly in to Yamuna River, Water Treatment Plants get polluted water for serving Delhi through leaky pipelines and most homes have their own Water Storages and Treatment plants.

India didn’t develop 200,00,000 MW of Hydro Power potential in Himalaya Rivers from J&K to Arunachal Pradesh. Northern Region Power Grid comprising J&K, Punjab, HP, Uttarahand, Delhi, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan states average peak load is just 25,000 MW or 200 BU approx. J&K, HP, Uttarakhand can produce 60,000 MW to 80,000 MW of Hydro Power and over 250 BU of electricity. Nepal has over 80,000 MW Hydro Power potential and NE well over 50,000 MW and in addition 2,00,000 MW potential is in Brahmputra River around the U bend where it descends 3000 Meters from Tibet to Arunachal Pradesh.

We already knew water of Bhakra Main Line canal was blue and clean for over 50 years but it was the Pollution Control Board of Punjab seal that certified it as fit for drinking. Unfortunately Punjab doesn’t use Indus Water in Canals for potable water supply – every village has its own ground water based water supply and Reverse Osmosis based water treatment plants for drinking water supply.

In cities like Delhi people are asked to Harvest Rain water even as real estate in city is more expensive than even Switzerland – RWH potential could be say 20 MCM but over 7000 MCM of water flow through Delhi every monsoon in the any Storage Dam on Yamuna though planned for over 50 years. As per PM Reference not a brick has been laid for Renuka, Lakhwar, and Vyasi Dams to cost just $1.5b only for 100m riparian population and 90% of it was to be funded by Central Government. 99% of RWH structures are dead from poor design and service produce mosquitoes instead.

Switzerland provides Electric Trans, Trams & Buses for public transport, has over 5500 kilometer railway lines. India needs 100,000 MW of Nuclear Power, and even more Solar Power for Clean Energy. 


Ravinder Singh

Inventor & Consultant


Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India.

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