AAP demands from BMC

Aam Aadmi Party demands answers from BMC


Along with the residents of Shivaji Nagar, the Aam Aadmi Party did a rally on 27th March 2015, at Deonar Dumping Ground in order to rekindle the issue of Deonar Dumping Ground. There has been a raging fire since 22nd March and the media as well as the authorities have forgotten about it. How can a raging volcano spread over 326 acres not be an issue for this city? Mumbai citizens are being misled by senseless demand for shutting down the Deonar Dumping Ground. And then, what next? Mumbai generates about 6,000 tonnes of garbage a day, what should we do with it? It is critical to sort this calamitous issue on war-footing.


The BMC needs to answer many questions:

Ø  Why have they not acted on these fires which started over 10 years ago?

Ø  Why did BMC not act when the contractors Tatva & UPL did not do an iota of work towards recycling, disposing and clearing the dump yard, did not set up the promised technology and charged over 4000 crores for doing nothing?

Ø  Why are they not reaching out to international caliber firms to quell the fires? These fires burning deep underground and not the task of mere fire brigades?

Ø  Why does BMC not enforce garbage segregation by citizens?

Ø  Why can’t they take action against the garbage pick-up vehicles’ lobby that refuses to pick up segregated garbage and blackmails citizens?

Ø  Why have they not created waste disposal mechanisms and dumping grounds in each ward?

Ø  Why have they not clearly fenced off the Deonar Dumping Ground?


We demand the state government take the following steps

·         Punish each and every BMC official, politician and contractor who has had a hand in letting this problem assume gargantuan proportions.

·         Give immediate orders to citizens to segregate garbage, such that non-compliance results in heavy fines & punishments. Provide encouragement to those citizens who voluntarily set up their own recycling mechanisms.

·         Strict orders to garbage collection staff and contractors to ensure that they collect segregated garbage and drop it at separate recycling/disposal centers. They should be made accountable for failures.

·         Setting up ward-wise recycling plants on a war footing.

·         Invite proposals from world-class firms for stopping the fire and making Deonar Dumping Ground usable again.

·         Create dumping grounds across the city to manage non-recyclable waste and ensure that no dumping ground is shut down and handed over to the land mafia.

Published by Naresh Sagar

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