Paris terror suspect Mohamed Abrini ‘arrested’ in Belgium

The key remaining suspect in November’s Paris terror attacks, Mohamed Abrini, has been arrested in Belgium. Amateur footage said to be of Abrini’s arrest shows a man being bundled into a car in Place Albert in the Anderlecht district of Brussels. Abrini was also captured on CCTV at a service station at Ressons in northern France while driving a car with Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam. The gun and bomb attacks in Paris on 13 November killed 130 people.

Belgian media say Abrini is also likely to be the “man in the hat” seen on CCTV before bomb blasts in the Brussels airport departure hall on 22 March. Five arrests were made yesterday. The two attacks left 32 people dead.
Abrini had not been directly linked to the Brussels attacks until yesterday. Belgian investigators confirmed at a press conference that Abrini was among those detained. Two more suspects were arrested with him. They said the fourth arrested man, named as Osama K, is being investigated for helping suicide bomber Khalid el-Bakraoui at the Maelbeek metro station.

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