SVEEP initiatives for greater electoral participation

SVEEP initiatives for greater electoral participation during ongoing State Assembly elections, 2016.

In view of the ongoing elections, the Election Commission of India has systematically undertaken various SVEEP initiatives to ensure inclusive and ethical participation in all the five election going states. SVEEP initiatives in West Bengal and Assam has led to huge voters’ turnout during 1st Phase of poll in both the States.

State wise steps being undertaken under SVEEP  by the Commission are as follows:

West Bengal & Assam


  • Target specific initiatives being taken to make elections accessible to all especially Persons with Disability, marginalized segments, identified vulnerable groups and senior citizens.
  • West Bengal has the unique distinction of identifying electors with disability PS wise. Special facilitations are being extended to this category of voters.
  • BMF, Basic Minimum Facilities were ensured at all Polling Stations – i.e. drinking water, adequate lighting, ramps, help desks etc
  • All Women polling Stations were set up in identified locations to spread the message of participation especially among women. 1532 Women polling stations and 3452 Model Polling stations are set up across West Bengal.
  • Voter slips being distributed to each and every elector on the voter list. Reminder messages being sent by the lection machinery on the poll day through sms, as tickers on television and cable TV and through FM radio.
  • Booth Awareness groups are activated at every booth level to disseminate information about the time and day of poll and other related information.
  • Awareness Observers were deployed in the two states to ensure implementation of various SVEEP instruction of the Commission.
  • West Bengal have been using district specific Mascots to spread the message of electoral participation e.g. Red Panda in Darjeeling, Votu Da in many districts, Fazli mango in Malda, EPIC man in N Parganas, Baghu the tiger in S Parganas, Gangetic Dolphin in Hoogly, Moteshwar in Purulia, Anando in Birbhum etc.
  • Election on wheel or mobile Tableaus with a mobile mock polling station doing the rounds of all blocks carrying information and EVM to familiarise people on the voting process.


Tamil Nadu


  • The slogan for Tamil Nadu is 100 % enrolment and 100% voting and depicted as #TN100percent on social media.
  • “Low cost, high visibility” initiatives of the State include SVEEP messages on shopping bags of all the supermarkets in the state and milk packets (with the cost being incurred by the Supermarkets under partnership.
  • All Bank’s ATM screen savers to change to the message for vote a day before the poll.
  • Special measures to enroll newly married girls by using the data available with the village health nurses of pregnant mothers, and providing them with facilitation.
  • Cinema Slides in 670 theatres, radio spots on FM and Community radio, TV spots, posters, hoardings and pamphlets besides music videos with popular celebrities
  • 32 mobile video vans with 14’X7’ rotating screen with exhibition to cover all ACs and disseminate information
  • 1400 colleges covered under enrolment with DEOs confirming electoral registration of all students in these colleges
  • Old Age Homes in the state covered under SVEEP
  • BSNL to play SVEEP jingle on 15th-16th May day as caller tune
  • Partnership with Twitter and Facebook; 1.1 crore TN FB user to get reminders on poll day. Twitter to also send alerts on poll day.
  • Ethical Voting campaign to roll out from 15th April.




  • Signature Campaign in the State, with special emphasis on ethical informed voting also.
  • Mobile polling both have also been made for creation of awareness, which shall be inaugurated on Commission’s visit
  • 2 short films by NFDC, which shall be screened in the cinemas as well as distributed in colleges, Radio jingles been used.
  • Nehru Yuva Kendra is being utilized for creating awareness
  • Election messages stamped on milk sachets, an initiative which received good coverage in Media
  • Special camps for workers (blue collared as well as white collared)
  • Special initiatives for PwDs including identification of PwD in every AC upto PS level, volunteers have been employed to facilitate PwDs.
  • Other outreach initiatives included inserts in print & Electronic Media, Post Cards/ postcards and dedicated mobile vans for VVPAT awareness


  • Student Ambassadors have been appointed in all the educational institutions of and above + Two levels to ensure all eligible in the age group of 18 -19 are enrolled.
  • Special targeted campaigns were organised in all Tribal settlements in the State to ensure that the Tribal population are not left out.
  • The areas have been identified where polling percentage was below the state average of 74.02% in last Lok Sabha elections to cover them by SVEEP activities in the coming months.


Through these SVEEP initiatives, the Election Commission of India endeavours that all eligible electors are well informed and educated to ensure inclusive and ethical participation

Election Commission of India


New Delhi : 9th April,2016

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