PM Modi urges citizens to conserve every single drop of water

Water is an essential part of our life and to procure water from natural resources are the area of experts who deal with water management.There are government agencies and there are corroborates dealing with the science of extracting ,conserving and supply of water supply in all circumstances.There are water dams, water reservoir,water drilling,water grids,water supply for smaller helmets , these are run by various department from last one decade we find these departments are neither on heels and has forgotten to work on war footing to give immediate relief to the sufferers.However the advertisement for conservation of water is not only solutions but the means are important.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged citizens to conserve water to tackle water scarcity and drought situation prevailing in the country. In his 19h edition of monthly Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio, he said though government is doing its best to save water, people have a greater role to play. He said all efforts should be made to save a drop of water.
Citing exemplary work done by Hiware Bazar villagers in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Mr Modi said, they changed the cropping pattern for optimal use of water. He said the villagers are using drip irrigation, water harvesting, water recharging to tackle the water crisis.

Calling for making rain water harvesting a movement in villages, the Prime minister said it will be possible only with coordinated efforts. He said when the water table rises, the quality of water also improves.
He complimented railways for prompt action for sending water to Latur. Mr Modi said the prospect of good monsoon has rekindled hope for a good harvest.

Appealing everyone to be a change agent in cleaning Ganga, Mr Modi mentioned about various steps including surface cleaning being taken by the government to make Ganga clean. He said Ganga gives us bread. He said people are donating generously for cleaning of Ganga

As the nation is celebrating Panchayatiraj divas today, the Prime minister said from 14th April to 24th April, the government successfully ran the campaign of Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday.

Responding to a question on education sector, the prime minister urged all parents to spend time with their wards on the activities happen in the school. He also said focus should be given on learning of children than schooling. He said skill and technology are important and play a major role in education.

Prime minister complimented the one crore LPG consumers who gave voluntarily given up subsidy in gas cylinders.

The Prime Minister said print and television media should carry positive stories to spread an atmosphere of positivity and inspire the nation to do good. He appreciated the fact that some newspapers and channels have started carrying positive stories in certain time slots. Mr Modi, cited the example of former President A P J Abdul Kalam who used to say that newspapers should carry only positive stories in their front pages. He said, focusing on the good will help erase the bad.

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