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Asean newsline


UP polls is clearly top priority for Modi and Amit Shah

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India Today – When Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take centre stage to address a rally in Saharanpur, in western Uttar Pradesh, on May 26, he will apparently be talking about the achievements of his governmen…

Rodrigo Duterte’s Talk of Killing Criminals Raises Fears in Philippines – Mr. Duterte promised if elected to deploy the police and the military in an all-out assault on criminal gangs. “It is going to be bloody,” he told a business group in April. “I will use the militar…

Snippets from a small town digital trail – Times of India

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Puneet Khunger – NEW DELHI: A listing on an online review website by a kind tourist can boost business like no other. 3G data connection can be too expensive, and errant e-commerce websites can upset not just one c…


Was Hemant Karkare part of Congress’ larger design to defame Hinduism?

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V K SHARMA – What Congress has got in the last seven decades is a non-democratic organisation with a foreign-born person wielding immense power. What has Congress done in the last few decades? It has institutio…

TAT Granada 2016 el mayor evento Twitter 6/7 Junio – El pájaro Larry vuelve a su nido… Granada albergará la Cuarta Edición del Talking About Twitter, el mayor evento del mundo sobre Twitter, donde congrega a ponentes de todo el globo y que este año e…

Why robots and smart technology aren’t revolutionizing your house

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TechSharer – Software is eating the world, wrote venture capitalist Marc Andreessen in a widely read 2011 article for the Wall Street Journal. And in many industries he’s right. Software has had a huge impact i…

Power Tariff Scam Gets Bigger at Rs 50,000 crore – The scale and scope of the scandal relating to the fraudulent inflation of power tariffs by over-invoicing coal imported from Indonesia, and passing on the costs to the consumer has acquired new di…

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Robert Vadra kin steal show, Congressmen revolt – Times of India

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Times of India – PUNE: Congress workers on Tuesday created a ruckus at a seminar organised here by Maharashtra Congress secretary Shehzad Poonawalla at Congress Bhavan where party MP Shashi Tharoor and Shehzad’s yo…

MediaCrooks: Goodwill Terror

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V K SHARMA – It was in December 1999 that the Kandahar episode unfolded. Terrorists hijacked an Indian Airlines plan and parked it in a terror-friendly country. This was an Emergency for the then Vajpayee-govt….

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10 Mind-Blowing Travel Destinations for Adventure Junkies and Thrill Seekers – You have already been to Italy, maybe even twice. You’ve gone to Florida more times than you can count. You live big, you work crazy hard and you take risks. You are ready for a vacation that match…

Leader Interview, sponsored by Sibanye Gold – CliffCentral

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Rich Simmonds – Home Listen Shows/Podcasts Monday 6am: The Gareth Cliff Show 9am: TG Squared 10am: TheBounce Show 11am: Young, Wild & Free 12pm: Leadership Platform 1pm: Leadership Platform 2pm: Leadership Platfor…

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Simeone prueba once para Milán con Savic y Augusto

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Mundo Deportivo – Todavía faltan diez días para la final de Milán entre el Atlético de Madrid y el Real Madrid, con lo que todavía hay tiempo para cambiar algunas cosas de cara a la finalísima de la Liga de Campeone…

Suárez: “Neymar es totalmente diferente a cuando llegó” – SPORTYOU – Luis Suárez concedió una entrevista en la web de Neymar en la que nombra al brasileño como el sucesor de Leo Messi: “Tenemos asumido que Messi es el mejor del mundo, pero Neymar está aprendiendo pa…

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