Mitochondrial Bioenergetics/Replication

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Community Stories | White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders – California: Hye Rein Mok | Ji In (Kit) Lee | Marcela Zhou | Yu Jin (Eunice) Kim Illinois: Vishal Disawar | Syeda Raza New York: Agnes Soelaiman | Ivy Lei | Madiah Ahmed Northern Mariana Islands: Ri…

Airpower at 18,000’: The Indian Air Force in the Kargil War

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संजीव – In the spring of 1999, the world slowly became aware of Pakistan’s foray into the Kargil-Dras sector of the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir, a provocation that would incite the limited war now …

From accountancy to heavy metal: Being a strong female leader in engineering – Julie Bickerdyke, Managing Director of Austin Hayes – Womanthology – Julie Bickerdyke is managing director of engineering firm, Austin Hayes, having joined as company accountant, becoming finance director in 2008 and managing director in March 2015. The company has …

Just 15% water left in 91 major reservoirs – Times of India

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TOI Top Stories – NEW DELHI: The slow progress of the monsoon has meant water storage in 91 major reservoirs has dipped further and overall availability stands at just 15% of capacity. This has not only hit initial …

What if Rangeela ended differently?

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LUCKY BRO – What happens if a movie ends differently? Reality checks in, of course. Remember the time Aruna Irani breastfed a snake in Doodh Ka Karz? Or when Mithun Chakraborty’s brain transplant led to Madhoo…

Six Must Visit Monsoon destinations in India – Blog – Are you in love with the rains? Visiting Monsoon destinations in India is an experience of a lifetime. Monsoon in India typically starts from July till September when forests and mountains get gree…

Birla Mandir, Hyderabad,India – An enchanting temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, the Birla Mandir of Hyderabad, India stands in its entire splendor on the hilltop of Kala Pahad. Made of over 2,000-tons of pure white marble fr…

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A Decision Made 10 Years Ago by Farmers in a Small MP Village Is Helping Them Tackle Drought Today

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Satyanarayana – 5,000 and more farm ponds have been built, to catch rain where it falls has stood in good stead when half of India is reeling under drought. Nipania is a small village, 30 kms northeast of Dewas to…

5 Brilliant Ways in Which NRIs Are Helping People in Rural India with Just a Few Phone Calls! – Who says you cannot serve your country from far away? A group of NRIs is using technology to help people in rural India very effectively. From water scarcity to lack of electricity – they are busy …

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British vet denied Camp Hill spot because he wasn’t Canadian soon enough

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Dave Wilson – The wife of a Second World War veteran living in Halifax says bureaucratic barriers are preventing her husband from accessing the care he wants. Margaret Sagar’s husband, Alan Sagar, served in the …

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Mitochondrial Bioenergetics/Replication – NAME OF THE POST : Senior Research Fellow (Project) (One Position only) DURATION : 3 Months (Three months) NAME OF THE PROJECT : “Determining the roles mitochondrial bioenergetics and replication i…

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