Tommy Mair,shouted “Britain first”

British MP who was shot and stabbed repeatedly by a man who allegedly shouted “Britain first” had received a stream of threats over three months but had not been given extra security.Joe Cox, 41, was left bleeding on the pavement outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire, where the attack took place on Thursday. The alleged attacker, Tommy Mair, 52, who has been described as a loner who suffered from mental health issues, lived on a nearby council estate and was arrested soon afterwards.

The Times reports police were poised to put extra security in place for Cox at her surgery, as well as her houseboat in London, after she had received a string of threats.There is no known link between the messages and yesterday’s attack.Cox, who is the first British MP to be murdered in more than 25 years, was shot twice before falling to the ground where she was kicked and stabbed repeatedly.

Witnesses say she was shot a third time in the face and the suspect was trying to reload his antique-style weapon when another man, 77, tackled him.The older man suffered minor injuries and the suspect, who is said to have lunged at others who attempted to intervene, walked away from the scene. He is now in police custody.

Witnesses say the suspect yelled “Britain first,” raising the prospect that the attack was linked to the European Union referendum. Cox was a prominent local campaigner for ‘Remain.’Detectives are investigating whether the alleged shout was a reference to the far-right group of the same name. That group has denied any involvement and that Mair was a member.The Remain and Leave sides have suspended their campaigns for next week’s EU referendum following the attack.

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