Mumbai, July 02, 2016: Maharashtra won the Overall Championship on the concluding day of the 33rd Glenmark Sub Junior National Aquatic Championships 2016 in Bengaluru. The Girls emerged Champions in both Group 3 and Group 4 winning the ream championships with 121 and 80 points respectively thus securing the overall title. The boys championships went to Assam and Karnataka for Boys Group 3 and Group 4.

A new National record was created in the final event of the day in the 4*50 IM Medley by Champions Palak Dhami,Vedika Amin, Aeka Chatra and Kareena Shankta in the last event of the day setting a new record of 2:14.86 sec obliterating the record set by Karnataka in 2014.

Maharashtra beat Karnataka and Assam for the title. Maharashtra garnered 258 points as they won a total of 33 medals with 12 golds, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals. Karnataka finished second with a total of 238 points winning a total of 30 medals with 10 golds 10 silvers  and 9 bronze. Assam finished third with a total of 195 points with a total of 21 medals including 7 Golds, 8 Silvers and 6 Bronzes.

Palak Dhami of Mumbai who trains at the Glenmark Aquatic Foundation won gold in the 50m backstroke Girls Group III to earn Maharashtra the first gold on the concluding day of the 33rd Glenmark Sub Junior National Aquatic Championships in Bengaluru. Palak clocked a time of 34.66 sec to win Gold. Aeka Chatra of Maharashtra won bronze with a time of 35.02 sec while Nina Venkatesh of Karnataka won silver with a time of 34.82 sec.

In the final individual event of the meet, Anaya Punamiya and Nitya Khinvasara won gold and silver for Maharashtra in 100m freestyle Girls Group IV with a time of 1:11.88 sec and 1:12.72 sec. Janabi Kashyap of Assam won bronze with a time of 1:12.83 sec.

Akansha Shah got the second gold for Maharashtra in the day winning gold in 100m freestyle in the Girls Group 3 category with a time of 1:05.25 sec. Maharashtra also secured the silver through Seeya Bijlani who clocked a time of 1:05.75 sec. The Bronze went to D.S. Sreenithi of Tamil Nadu with a time of 1:06.19 sec.

Samriddha Datta won silver in the 50m Breaststroke Group IV Girls with a timing of 43.10 sec. Shriya Ishwar Prasad of Tamil Nadu won the gold with a time of 42.45 sec while Lavleen Das of Assam won bronze with a time of 43.54 sec.

Rounak Sawant of Maharashtra had a terrific swim to win the gold with a time of 1:11.36 sec in the 100m freestyle Boys Group 3. The higher seeded Karnataka swimmers Amey Patil and Vidith Shankar who won silver and bronze with a timing of 1:08.38 sec and 1:11.44 sec.

Vedika Amin of Maharashtra won the best Swimmer in The Girls Group 3 with a haul of 2 Golds and 2 Silvers while Nitya Khinvasara won the same for Girls Group 4 with 1 Gold and 2 Silvers.

Swadesh Mondal from Glenmark SAI National Swimming Academy in Delhi emerged as the best swimmer in boys group 3 with 3 new records and 3 gold medals while Vidith S Shankar won the best swimmer in Boys Group 4.

In Diving Girls from Maharashtra swept the diving championships winning all the 3 groups while the boys won group 3. SSCB won Group 1 and Group 2.


One last time Naresh —


One last time

Naresh —

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Dhaka terrorists did not belong to ISIS

Bangladeshi Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan maintains that the Islamists killed during a hostage crisis at a Dhaka restaurant were not members of the Islamic State terror group (ISIS/ISIL).

“They are members of the Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh,” the minister told AFP, stressing that the terrorists that slaughtered 20 hostages, all of whom were foreigners,“have no connections with the Islamic State.” The Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Islamist group has been banned in Bangladesh for over a decade now.

Since the very beginning of the 11-hour siege that ended in the deaths of 26 people, six of whom were terrorists, the government has consistently denied that any internationally-linked terrorists were operating in Bangladesh. A seventh terrorist was arrested and is currently being interrogated.

Minister Khan specifically noted that most of the gunmen that were killed came from wealthy families and had been well educated.

“They are all highly educated young men and went to university. No one is from a madrassa,”the minister said, explaining that the young men had become Islamic extremists because “it has become a fashion.”




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AAM Admi the Arvind Kejriwal’s family is chilling out in Swiss Alps.

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National Policy on Employment ;

National Policy on Employment ; PM Modi : On Q of employment the subject needs national policy but the youths are still not satisfied with employment opportunities. Talking to youths find that government is still not been able to provide jobs to youths and government of further taking stance on startup in form of employment is not direct employment provided. Where is the government is giving employment , is directly proportion to number of people unemployment in the nation.PM Modi on black money abroad is not terror money but ill gotten money which are heavens of tax offenders continue to work for offenders, PM Modi on harping on Social & Economic slogans but in ground realities lay static and unmoved.What ILO said about labour  NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT POLICIES – A guide for workers’ organisations v Quick overview A national employment policy is a vision and a practical, comprehensive plan for achieving a country’s employment goals. Countries need them because employment challenges are getting more and more complex: • Demographic trends are putting enormous pressure on labour markets. • Structural change in many countries represents a formidable opportunity as well as a huge challenge, as people move out of the agricultural sector and into the manufacturing or service sectors in the cities. • Economic growth does not automatically translate into more decent jobs and more benefits for the poor. • Informal employment—work that lacks social and legal protections and employment benefits—is still prevalent in the developing world. • Wage inequality is rising across the world, with workers benefitting less from economic growth. • An increasing number of those who work are counted among the working poor. • Secure, full-time employment with benefits is no longer the norm in the developed world. • There are more women in the labour force, but their quality of employment, including wages, working conditions and prestige, still lags behind men. • High youth unemployment is causing increasing numbers of young people to get discouraged and leave the labour market. The need for comprehensive national employment policies has been rising to the top of the agenda globally, especially in the wake of the 2008 world financial crisis. In this part of the guide, we tell you what has been happening, especially in developing countries. Trade unions need to be involved in setting policy directions for employment in their countries. No one speaks better for workers than their unions. But this new role goes well beyond trade unions’ traditional areas of concern and means of action. They will have to widen their agenda to deal with employment issues in a larger economic context. Unions will need stronger capacities to take part meaningfully in complex national policy debates, with well-researched arguments and credible representation from all parts of the labour force. They may need to build coalitions within organized labour in their countries to achieve a national labour voice, and they may need to build coalitions with like-minded organizations outside the labour movement

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