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Life Balance as an Online Digital Media Buyer

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Sarah Butera – The 2012 political season is finally over. Amen. Now everyone in the online advertising industry can take a well-deserved break. Actually, let’s just turn off our phones, unplug our laptops, and go…

Writing and Marketing: Book Publicity — How to Create an Online Media Kit

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Karen Cioffi – Book Publicity — How to Create an Online Media Kit Guest Post By Dana Lynn Smith In your author and book publicity efforts, it’s critical to make it easy for journalists, talk show producers and ot…

Online media and undemocratic regimes – New Mandala

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JohnAMacDougall – Patrick Jory reflects on New Mandala, Thailand’s political crisis and whether the Internet can disrupt repressive regimes.  Around the time when New Mandala started up I was working at the Regional…

7 Steps For A Winning Online Media Plan

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Elise K. – Today, it seems as though studies are constantly proving just how important it is for companies to establish a successful social media plan, if they want to get the most out of their online marketi…

Publicity Story: “Annie Is A Powerhouse Of Honor & Integrity. I Have Always Wanted To Work With Her!” –

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AnnieJenningsPR – If you were to ask Annie Jennings of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR, what are the top 5 questions she is asked about publicity, high up on the list would be “how can I turn my publicity an…

Turning Yourself into an Online Media Company, with Jay Baer! – Click here to Subscribe to the ‘New Business Podcast’ via iTunes! If you’ve started a blog, a podcast or a video channel for your business – or you’ve been thinking about it – you’ll want to hear w…

The Web Commander: How to Command Your Social Media

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Mehdi Gn – How to Command Your Social Media How to Command Your Social Media and Generate More Activity I’m going to avoid a lot of fluff and just get down to brass tax! 1. Clarify the purpose of your social …

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5 Tips For Social Media Self-Care! – Thursday, June 30th is Social Media Day, a celebration launched by Mashable as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. We really do have so much to be thankf…

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The Silent Crime — Internews: Information Changes Lives

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Rebecca Lim – 2012 was still a dangerous time to be a journalist in Sri Lanka. The 27-year civil war ended in May 2009, but the president who oversaw the final stages of the war, Mahinda Rajapaksa, continued to …

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9 digital marketing rules we need to establish

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Patrick Osinski – One truism I’ve learned in assessing and developing people in the workplace is that people’s greatest strengths are almost always their greatest weaknesses. Perfectionists, debaters, influencers, a…

The Ingredients of a Press Kit

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PR In Your Pajamas :: 109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media

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michael – This post was first published in My friend Patrick Garmoe, a former reporter, wrote this piece and received permission for us to reprint it here. Enjoy! Ever wonder why some busine…

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BIAFRA!!! PLOT TO FRAME IPOB UNCOVERED, MEDIA AND LIES EVEN AS INNOCENT BLOOD FLOWS – AfricanNews247|Breaking News|Latest|Photos|Audios|Video|World News|Features|Reports

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EMMANUEL – It is very clear that the Nigerian media channels are flooded with journalist who are biased, sectional, tribalistic and fraudulent. they see the truth and report the contrary not minding the conse…

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8 Steps to Your Pre-Interview Social Media Clean Up

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Davron Staffing – It’s the moment you’ve spent the past two months waiting for! Finally, following day after day of scouring job boards, sending out resumes and cover letters, and hearing nothing but radio silence i…

Elements of an Effective Social Media Business Plan

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Wordspire Media

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