AAP demands to know under what rule did BJP Govt give Adani a 200 crore relief

AAP demands to know under what rule did BJP Govt give Adani a 200 crore relief

Modi Sarkar has exempted the Adani Group from paying a fine of Rs.200 crores. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no money to give relief to the starving millions in India but is happy to let his cronies loot our national treasury. The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the Modi Government should explain to the citizens under what rules has this 200 crore exemption been granted to Gautam Adani.

The AAP held a press conference and senior AAP leader Ashish Khetan said that “The farmers of India are facing such desperate times that they have no recourse but suicide, but Modi has no money to grant them relief from the their measly debts. Dal is at Rs.200 a kilo and all prices have hit the roof, but Modi has no money to intervene and rationalize prices. Modi has no money to provide subsidies for Gas usage by common people. However, Narendra Modi has been quick to convince the national treasury to give his friend Gautam Adani a 200 crore relief. A high level committee appointed by the Supreme Court had found an Adani group company guilty of breaking the law. The SC appointed committee recommended that the defaulting company – Adani Ports & SEZ should pay a fine of 200 crore for causing large scale devastation along the Gujarat coast line. It is unfortunate that Modi, in a highly secretive manner, and without any such provision in the law or precedence, has exempted Adani Ports & SEZ from paying this fine. Not only has the fine been exempted but all the orders given by the Honourable Supreme Court regarding compliance to environmental rules have been retracted by the Modi Sarkar.”

Ashish Khetan added that Narendra Modi’s close friendship with Gautam Adani is known across the world. When Modi was the Chief Minister he had given public lands to Gautam Adani at ridiculous rates ranging from a shocking Re.1 to Rs.32 per square metre.

The citizens of the country demand to know why Narendra Modi’s generosity is only showered on Gautam Adani. Why is it that Gautam Adani travels with Narendra Modi on every foreign trip and wins projects across the world? A report states that the wealth of the Adani Group has increased 26 folds in the past two years! Is it true that the alleged 2000 crore that was spent on Narendra Modi’s 2014 elections was paid by Adani and he is getting back that amount, with interest, from our National Treasury?

We demand to know what rule was applied to provide this 200 crore exemption to Gautam Adani and we demand to know why is the national wealth being spent on Gautam Adani by Shri Narendra Modi.

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