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The Indian Coast Guard Ship Varad undertook Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) of a patient from Research Vessel Sindu Sadhana belonging to  National Institute of Oceanography, Goa  at about 290 NM from Chennai coast and transfer to local hospital at 0900 hrs on 19 Jul 16.

The Coast Guard MRCC(Chennai) received a medical distress from National Institute of Oceanographic research vessel RV Sindu Sadhana having a patient named Mr Rajeev Kumar, Age 31 reported to be suffering from severe low abdomen pain. The Indian research vessel has been undertaking oceanographic studies at about 550 NM from Chennai. Based on the information received from the vessel, the Coast Guard Regional Headquarters launched the MEDEVAC operation by deploying Indian Coast Guard Ship Varad from Chennai with medical team embarked.

The Indian Coast Guard Ship Varad, an Offshore Patrol Vessel, undertook the medical evacuation in the mid sea from the NIO vessel at about 1000 hrs on 18 Jul 16 and brought the patient safely to Chennai today at 0900 Hrs. The patient was managed by Coast Guard medical team during the passage. The patient on examination was diagnosed to be suffering from acute Tenthritis (Hernia) and Intestinal Infection. The patient on arrival at Chennai  was safely transferred to local hospital for further medical management by National Institute of Oceanography. The Indian Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Vessel Varad commanded by Commandant Anwar Khan, executed the MEDEVAC operation in the extreme rough weather conditions in keeping with the chartered responsibilities of Coast Guard.



BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook

Dear Friend,

I hope my mail finds you well.

BW Businessworld is all set to launch the essential handbook for marketers – BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook – which is now in its 12th year, in association with Nielsen India.

With perspectives from top industry leaders and data and information across industry sectors, BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook helps marketers in their everyday decision making. The theme of the book this year is ‘Game Changers of Marketing’.

We are very keen to see you at our initiative.

I am hoping you will be able to block your date to be part of the book launch, which is preceded by a half-day conference on the theme bringing together leading marketing chiefs of the country.

Our Keynote Speaker in Delhi is Mr Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestlé India.And we have a host of very interesting speakers and discussion points that will be of interest to your team and you.

Launch date: July 21, 2016

Venue: Radisson Blu Plaza Mahipalpur

Event Registration: 2.00 PM

To ensure your place, please just reply back to me, or you can also RSVP to Jeet Sharma

We look forward to welcoming you to the event as our guest.

Warm Regards,

Anurag Batra

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief

BW Businessworld Media Pvt Ltd


How to Know if Social Media Will Work for Your Business

The Sagar media brief Daily

Explore the Modern Data Center

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Ramon Alvarez – Today, businesses are challenged to develop new and innovative offerings at ever-increasing speed. Consumers no longer tolerate waiting for businesses to introduce new products or services every 2+…


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26 Ways to Use Video for Your Social Media Marketing : Social Media Examiner

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Ethiopia blocks Facebook and other social media for exams – BBC News

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t/selot – Ethiopia has blocked social media sites across the country after university entrance exams were posted online. The government said the ban was to prevent students being distracted from studying dur…

Media Blackout: Self-Defense Stories Not Covered in Mainstream Media

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Empura Media – For several weeks, the tragic Orlando and Dallas shootings dominated headlines. News networks covered the killers, their “evil” weapons and possible motives.  But while media outlets celebrate a di…

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How Social Media Can Be Magic For Your Blog

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Media’s gift to Trump: Low expectations and, therefore, the ease with which to surpass them

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Gop2012news – I was struck over the past 10 days or so by the way the media covered two episodes. The first was Donald Trump’s retweeting of that now-infamous white supremacist meme showing Hillary Clinton again…

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How to Know if Social Media Will Work for Your Business – More often than not, business owners could use social media for marketing, yet they don’t have what they need to support this type of marketing platform. In this article, I’m going to discuss the s…

Luxury brands embrace digital, but still wary of programmatic | Digital Advertising | The Drum

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6 Common Myths (Busted) About Social Media Marketing for Startups

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Meet the Cape Bretoner Who Paints His Own Lines #RodPoli – In getting to know Rod Gale, you might think he is misunderstood. But that would be precisely the opposite of what he is. Although there are folks that might not like what he has to say, or how he …

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Lead Generation: Email vs Social Media – Social-Hire

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What are 4 Key Goals in Content Marketing?

The Hierarchy of Needs for an Engaged Social Media Audience

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Barack Obama:Here’s what I need from you, Naresh:

Republicans will attack everything we stand for

Naresh —

At the Republican convention four years ago, folks thought it was pretty out there when my opponent decided to have an actor lecture an empty chair on stage.

But given who the Republicans are about to nominate for president, a stunt like that could rank pretty low on the list of strange and outrageous incidents we see this week in Cleveland.

Because this time, the Republicans are talking about building a wall on the Mexican border and banning people based on their religion. They’re talking about policies that stack the deck even further in favor of millionaires and billionaires, while they claim to be in it for the little guy.

An actor talking to an empty chair might have been laughable, but these ideas are dead serious. And if we let them get enacted, we’ll see real harm for the American people.

So here’s what I need from you, Naresh: I need you to chip in to Hillary’s campaign right now to show the world that those values are not American values.

The Republicans will attack everything we stand for at their convention — they’ll also attack Hillary. They’ll question her integrity and her character. They’ll hurl insults at her and tell lies about her record. They’ll drag her name through the mud, because that’s the only way they’ll convince anyone to vote for their nominee.

I know Hillary can take it. She won’t back down from this fight. But I also know that in this moment, she needs her team. She needs you.

The Republican convention will show voters how wrong the GOP’s ideas are for Americans — and that Hillary is the president we need. My faith in Hillary has always been rewarded. Today, I’m asking you to show that you have faith in her, too.

If you’re with her, chip in now — and when you do, you’ll get a free sticker as a thank you for your support. Let’s show the world what we stand for — and who we stand with: Hillary, each other, and every American who still believes that in this country, all people are created equal:



Hillary needs you now more than ever — chip in $1 and be one of the more than 1.5 million people standing with her:

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