Is NDTV using fake “bot” accounts on social media?

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BJP fails to gather 40,000 Dalits, Amit Shah’s Agra rally cancelled – Times of India

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Dilip K. Pandey – NEW DELHI: What has made increas ingly common in India? Have atrocities, like the one in Gujarat’s Una, increased? Or are dalits no longer willing to meekly tolerate such atrocities as in the past?…

Larry loses collar in ‘most brutal fight yet’ with Palmerston

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The Telegraph – Larry and Palmerston have had their “most brutal fight yet” according to an eyewitness, who has begged Downing Street to “take responsibility” for the cat fights. Fur flew as the two viciously foug…

Is NDTV using fake “bot” accounts on social media to push up their stories?

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radha raju – It is now a well known fact that as far as viewership and TRP is concerned, NDTV’s television channel is in doldrums. Once known as the prime channel for erudite viewers, NDTV has slipped far below…

Grève à Air France : 900 vols déjà annulés

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Dominique LUNEL – Près de 150.000 passagers ont déjà été affectés, en cinq jours, par la grève des hôtesses de l’air et des stewards, a indiqué Air France dimanche soir. Le mouvement social a entraîné l’annulation d…

Susana Guasch jugará ‘El Partidazo de COPE’ con Juanma Castaño – Susana Guasch, una de las periodistas deportivas más reconocidas de nuestro país, también jugará ‘El Partidazo de COPE’ junto a Juanma Castaño a partir del 21 de agosto. Directa, atrevida y en cont…

Why we hope that Hillary will win – The last though by no means of the least of the five reasons which ConservativeHome gave for backing Brexit was global engagement.  The case for it was put eloquently on this site by Daniel Hannan….

Why China Is Handing Soldiers Big Payouts to Retire Quietly

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Anup Kaphle – Chinese President Xi Jinping is paying soldiers to leave the world’s largest army, and to do so quietly. Military personnel have been getting generous buyouts to retire early, according to people w…

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These 10 refugees will compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

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UNESCO – Since the modern Olympics began in 1896, over 200 national teams have vied for glory at the Summer and Winter Games. Now, for the first time, a team of refugees will compete as well. The Internatio…

Death in the line of duty

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ABC News – William Verity: It’s Minyon Falls in northern New South Wales on the evening of Monday December 16th, 2013. It’s a picturesque spot, popular with tourists and families for bush picnics, where the w…

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Countries and regions – Trade – European Commission

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EU TTIP Team – Website content The EU is firmly committed to the promotion of open and fair trade with all its trading partners. The EU has specific trade policies in place for all its partners and abides by the …

Morocco: New Law Advances Domestic Workers’ Rights – (Tunis) – Morocco’s new law regulating work for domestic workers could help protect thousands of women and girls from exploitation and abuse, Human Rights Watch said today. The new law was adopted …

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Anti-smoking message only at start of film? – Times of India

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Rajesh Kalra – NEW DELHI: The ubiquitous anti-tobacco warning running on the screen along with your film could soon be a thing of the past. The Shyam Benegal committee has recommended scrapping the existing advis…


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BookZin – Olivia Strange is an adult romance and erotica writer from Stratford-upon-Avon. She has had several jobs over the years, including bartending, nursing, some time as a laboratory technician and latt…

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M6.1 – South Indian Ocean

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Inquirerdotnet – 2016-08-01 07:42:50 UTC 23.962°S   82.479°E 10.0 km depth Downloads cap (US) us1000694i capalert.xml (4KB) dyfi (US) us1000694i cdi_geo_1km.txt (105B) dyfi_geo_10km.geojson (42B) dyfi_geo_1km.geojs…

Dawn of the Human Data Source

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Philips Health Watch launched at $249 with Heart Rate Monitoring & Always ON Display » Phone Radar

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Phone Radar

Skin ‘Graft’: the politics of beauty

To Offer FREE Consulting by Specialist Doctors to the Poor & Needy, INDIA HEALTH LINE Launched in KERALA

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Is your gut making you sick?

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Guardian news

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