NEWS DIGESTS: PoK News Digest, Vol.9, No.6, June 2016

NEWS DIGESTS: PoK News Digest, Vol.9, No.6, June 2016
POK NEWS DIGEST is IDSA’s monthly newsletter comprising news summaries, press releases and important state

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POK NEWS DIGEST is IDSA’s monthly newsletter comprising news summaries, press releases and important statements related to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), referred to as ‘Azad’ Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan by the Government of Pakistan. The POK NEWS DIGEST captures contemporary issues related to PO…


Steps For A Winning Online Media Plan

The sagar online media Daily

The Role of Bitcoin Paywall in Improving Online Media – NEWSBTC

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En Efectivo – Online advertisements have become a nuisance that internet users are fed up with. As the users try to make peace with online advertisements, the ads continue to become more obtrusive, forcing peopl…

How Traditional Marketing Powers Social Media

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re:DESIGN – We all know that social media is not a strategy. You do know that, right? Good. In any case, it should certainly not replace other marketing tactics but work in conjunction with them. It is not an …

How Businesses Should Deal with Online Reputation Risks – Of course, the significance of online media cannot be just explained. It has broken down cultural and geographic borders. The web is now empowering people to connect in a meaningful manner. In fact…

Who is really speaking for the ANC?

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Virginia Lin – You’ve all seen the polls and their – widely varying – predictions for Wednesday’s cliffhanger municipal elections. But what are the people really thinking? What are they saying? How much of this p…

Turning Yourself into an Online Media Company, with Jay Baer! – Click here to Subscribe to the ‘New Business Podcast’ via iTunes! If you’ve started a blog, a podcast or a video channel for your business – or you’ve been thinking about it – you’ll want to hear w…

Me, Myself and Media Space

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Kassi Klower – I don’t have any delusions – like most 20-somethings these days, I am constantly connected to the internet. I wake up with my phone and go to bed with my phone. My day between these two points is f…

Are You Making The Most Out of Influencer Marketing? – GetResponse Blog

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Anna Poyner:] – One of your primary goals as a social media marketer is to expand your brand’s reach as far as possible. The others are to increase your credibility amongst your peers and followers in your industr…

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7 Steps For A Winning Online Media Plan

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Savannah Brush – Today, it seems as though studies are constantly proving just how important it is for companies to establish a successful social media plan, if they want to get the most out of their online marketi…

The 50 Fastest Growing Digital Ad Agencies in London

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Caliber – How did you communicate your new offering to the market? To be honest, at first, we didn’t. “We ‘bootstrapped’ the agency into existence with credit card debt, basing ourselves initially in my pare…

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Science-Effects: Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Clear Detail

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Science Effects – It’s a Top news, shocking, yet amazing, and amusing to the world. But unfortunately, it has nothing to do with aliens stoners melding with Earth’s plants. But, since you’re currently reading, you’l…

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BIAFRA!!! PLOT TO FRAME IPOB UNCOVERED, MEDIA AND LIES EVEN AS INNOCENT BLOOD FLOWS – AfricanNews247|Breaking News|Latest|Photos|Audios|Video|World News|Features|Reports

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John Nwachukwu – It is very clear that the Nigerian media channels are flooded with journalist who are biased, sectional, tribalistic and fraudulent. they see the truth and report the contrary not minding the conse…

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Online Media Mata Taiwan Bridges the Gap Between Aborigines and ‘Han Chinese’ – The News Lens International Edition – With President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) making a formal apology to Taiwan’s Aborigines on Monday for 400 years of unfair treatment, it is clear that the people’s voices are gradually being heard and resp…

The Revenge of Monoculture: The Internet gave us more choices, but the mainstream won anyway

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How to successfully manage resort reputation online – The growing importance of the digital world for the travel and vacation industry has presented increasing opportunities for timeshare resorts to improve the connection they have with their guests. …

Book review: Online marketing for your craft business – Hilary Pullen – The Design Trust

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Chris Houghton

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Pathways to news

The Asian news Daily

ROOKIE A GO-GO経験バンドに訊く「フジロックってなんだ?」Vol.5: 後藤正文(ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION/Gotch & The Good New Times)

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N2 – 20回目の開催を機に、ROOKIE A GO-GO出演経験バンドに「自分にとってのフジロック」「フジロックが果たした役割」「これからのフジロック」etc…について訊くシリーズ企画。ゲートをくぐりグリーンステージ制覇に到ったバンドもいれば、去年のROOKIEに出たばかりのニューカマー、そして今は音楽活動とは別の道に進んだバンドも存在する。彼らの言葉を通して見えてくるフジロックの20年、そしてこ…

Russian News Group Walks Tightrope in Covering U.S. Election

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Morgan – PHILADELPHIA — The American news media is wildly overplaying Russia’s role in a major email leak. The Democratic National Convention was troubled by chaos and dissent. Donald J. Trump’s request for…

CNN and Fox News Are Finally Covering the TPP After Ignoring It for Two Years

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Haseeb Rizvi – Up until recently, cable news outlets almost completely ignored the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — the 12-nation government agreement that would dramatically expand corporate and investor rights…

Fox News omitted this moving speech by the father of a slain Muslim soldier from its DNC coverage

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. – Like all the other US news networks, Fox News covered the Democratic National Convention last night (July 28). Some of it, anyway. On the right-leaning news channel, certain parts of the event were…

Hillary Clinton’s campaign: ‘We’ll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference’

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☆Gay Dick – Clinton campaign pollster Benenson to @ABC: “We’ll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference”— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) July 28, 2016 When is …

How journalists can do their crucial job in the next 100 days

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John Muriango – As the newly nominated presidential candidates plunge into the last 99 days of the campaign, news organizations might pause before they do the same. We should think of what the disembodied voice on…

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How male K-Pop idols are redefining masculinity

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MARC – Before the sixth sold out concert on the American leg of a world tour, V of K-pop boy band BTS is being prepped for his appearance onstage. His makeup artist applies BB cream to his skin with a sti…

Watch ‘Clinton Cash’ This Weekend on One America News Network – Breitbart

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EagleStar.NET – “Whether your political views lean to the right or left, there’s nothing worse than politicians that abuse their power for personal gain,” One America News Network President Charles Herring told Br…

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What did NBC News’s Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary?

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bastiatetlaloi – Brian Williams interviews Chelsea Clinton. (Peter Kramer/NBC News via Associated Press) What’s the pay scale for a rookie network news correspondent with no news experience whatsoever? Six-hundred …

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What’s Next at Fox News, With Ailes Out and Murdoch In? – – One important thing has been lost in all of the obituaries of Roger Ailes’s career at Fox News. The Roger Ailes we know, the one who built a conservative-leaning network from scratch and enforced i…

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Amy Webb: News orgs must develop compelling distribution systems – If you think about the devices that we have, the algorithms that exist, and what we know about artificial intelligence, we know that there will soon be a greater emphasis on customization and perso…

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Changes: What You Need To Know

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1. Pathways to news – In 2016, Americans express a clear preference for getting their news on a screen – though which screen that is varies. TV remains the dominant screen, followed by digital. Still, TV news use is dra…

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The trial run by Indian Railways for the high-speed Spanish-built Talgo train between Delhi-Mumbai route began on Monday. At the speed of 130 kmph, the high-speed Talgo is expected to reach New Delhi in four hours less than the time taken by Rajdhani Express—covering the route in 12 hours 36 minutes.

In today’s trial, due to track wash out between Delhi to Mumbai route, Talgo train trial was affected. However, upto Ratlam, the Talgo high-speed train was running before time.

Also, prima-facie comparison of running time of Talgo train and Rajdhani Express showed that Talgo took 118 minutes less than Rajdhani Express from New Delhi- Surat.

The average running speed of Rajdhani from New Delhi- Surat was 89.76 kmph whereas the average speed of Talgo train for the same route was 106.52 kmph.
Further three more trials of Talgo train will be carried out between Delhi to Mumbai in coming days.

Report for the first leg of time validation trials of Spanish Talgo Train from New Delhi to Mumbai Central

• Talgo special Train departed from New Delhi at 19:55 hrs.
• It travelled through the same route which is followed by the New Delhi – Mumbai Rajdhani Express train No. 12952. It also observed the same permanent and temporary speed restrictions as well as the sectional speeds of Rajdhani Express Train No. 12952.
• The existing Rajdhani Express takes 15:50 hrs from New Delhi – Mumbai Central.
• Talgo train because of heavy rains enroute and due to point failure at Mathura Junction, reached at 11:36 AM at Mumbai Central. (15:41 hrs)
• There was water logging beyond Surat between Udvada – Vapi – Bhilad section, which considerably delayed the movement of trains as speed restrictions had to be imposed for safety reasons.
• Accordingly beyond Surat the Talgo train could not implement its trial schedule because of the reason beyond their control.
• In anyway from Delhi – Surat Talgo train took around 2 hours less in comparison to Rajdhani Express.
• The Talgo train fully succeeded in its maiden trial between New Delhi & Mumbai.
• But for the reasons mentioned above it would have taken approximately 3hours less than the Rajdhani train in reaching Mumbai Central. It means that it would have reached in 12 hours 47 minutes as claimed and planned.
• Average Running Speed of Rajdhani Express (New Delhi-Surat) – 89.76 kmph
• Average Running Speed of Talgo Train (New Delhi-Surat) – 106.52 kmph

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