US-India R&D [Innovation] Forum – A Global Partnership

US-India R&D [Innovation] Forum – A Global Partnership

August31, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh


US-India dialogues in the past always had Innovation Partnership in them but US-India partnership has not gone beyond THIRD GRADE kind of ENTREPRENUERSHIP likeCoffee or Pizza Shops or such ventures.

R&D and Joint Manufacturing are ‘Out Of Focus’ Though Critical for US-India. 

In 1975 I was responsible for Procurement for then largest Thermal Power Project – there was US Domination in power plant and related equipment. Perhaps over 60% factories had American Plant and Machinery.

I worked in Bharat Steel Tube in 1974 that had American Plant – at BTPS Water Treatment, Coal Handling plants were American Technology [I Invented Technologies for Them], Diesel Locomotives, Nuclear Plants, Bhakra Dam, Dabhol Power Station, GE, GM, Exide Batteries, Universal Electric, Pioneer Seeds, Ford Trucks, IBM, Metal Box, Coca Cola, Construction, Machine Tools, Textiles, Chemicals, Controls, Carrier, Oil & Gas etc.

US Companies were Unwelcome For Some Time [1970-90] Due to Political Reasons – India Need Them All Back: –

Ø    Oil & Gas, Defense, Nuclear Power, Banking, Hydro Power, Construction &

Housing, Expressways, Electronics & Communication, All Transportation, Water, Solar, Agriculture, Food Processing, Electricity Distribution, Clean Energy, Retail, – R&D IN ALL THESE, Tourism, Information Technology, Security, IPR, Financial Services. Most of our Foreign Transactions are in Dollars.

PATENT TREATY: – US-India Patent Treaty to File One Application to Get IPR in US & India – IPR Granted in One Country Automatically Grants in other. This shall overcome deficiency in Indian PATENT Office. More countries may be added in due course.


US-INDIA WEALTH EXCHANGE: – Indian R&D Experts may takeover SMEs in USA to take advantage of BETTER R&D SITUATION or US R&D Experts May takeover Indian SMEs – take advantage of Inexpensive ENGINEERING Skills 1.3b Market.



US-India needs ‘A’ Grade Technology Developers – not ‘C’ Grade Entrepreneurs, who Could ADDRESS US-India and Global New Products & Technology Market.


Sanjay Bhatnagar’s WorldHealth Inc is ‘D’ Grade Venture Least Desired



Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

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Nauru bans unsympathetic Danish MPs from detention centre visit

The Naresh Kumar Sagar Daily

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The U.S. Is Now Eating and Wasting Twice as Much Food as It Did in 1975

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Indie Game Jam Event Round Up

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Oups ! Audrey Azoulay s’est trompée en déclarant son patrimoine

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This bandit-turned-cow vigilante feels gau rakshaks are worse than the thugs of Chambal

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New Australian $5 note will feature braille to help the visually impaired

Helping the homeless one tiny house at a time

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Community health hub confirmed!

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My 1-Month Peru Travel Itinerary

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BW Businessworld Young Entrepreneur Awards 2016. Submit your entry Now

Today at 15:41


25 tips for becoming an online influencer

The sagar online media Daily

How Traditional Marketing Powers Social Media

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Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms | World Truth.TV

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Here’s the tech NBC built to stream the Olympics — now can it replace TV?

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PRSA Charlotte – In short, a big shift is happening, one that NBC is acutely aware of now that the Olympics have passed. “We’re still learning and experimenting,” Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Sports Group, said in…

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25 tips for becoming an online influencer

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6 Must-Know Online Marketing Trends Of 2016

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We Need More Politics on Social Media, Not Less

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Jim Peterson – I hesitated to sign up for a Twitter account years ago, knowing I didn’t need anything else to distract or disconnect me from my real-life relationships. These common stigmas of social media began …

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