Naresh -Hit the road for Hillary!

Naresh —

We’re officially heading into the final sprint towards Election Day, so we’re making every investment we can in the key states that will deliver Hillary a historic victory this fall.

At this point, there is nothing more important than building the ground game — organizers, offices, and volunteers — because without those states pulling the lever for Hillary, we don’t have a viable road to the White House. But every door knocked and every voter registered gets us a little bit closer to that goal.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Right now we’re assembling a team of our best supporters who would be willing to get on the road and volunteer for a day or weekend in a pivotal state. Naresh, can we add your name to this list? We’re working on this plan as we speak, and it’s only going to work if we have every pair of hands on deck.

You’ve been with Hillary every step of this campaign, and each time you’ve chipped in, volunteered for a shift, or stood with her at a critical moment, we’ve noticed. Literally nothing up until now would have been possible without you, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

That’s why we know you would be perfect for this next part of the race, when we shift to turning out every possible vote for Hillary. You’ll be a part of the team that is going the extra mile — or maybe a few more than that! — to make sure we take a giant leap forward as a nation when the final votes are cast on November 8th. You can be a more integral part of making that history.

Let us know today, Naresh, if we can count on you to be on this essential crew of supporters. It could mean all the difference as we wage the fight of our lives:

Thanks so much,


Lauren Crawford
Expansion State Director
Hillary for America

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