Russia picks Duma

Election for premier of Russia is underway, Putin party to get to majority and other parties are making unique effort to garner votes .
The general election is underway in Russia with 450 seats in the lower chamber of the parliament up for grabs. Russians are also casting ballots in dozens of regional and municipal elections in what is called Single Election Day on Sunday.


Polling stations are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm local time in each region. Nationwide voting takes about 22 hours, as there is a 10-hour lag time between the Far East regions and the westernmost territory of Kaliningrad Region. Over 370 stations in Russian embassies and consulates provide the opportunity to vote for Russian citizens in 145 other nations.

Early results are expected after the polling stations close in Kaliningrad Region at 5:00pm GMT. By Monday morning, 99 percent of the ballots are expected to be counted, providing an accurate picture of how Russia’s next parliament will be composed.Some irregularities were reported in several regions. In Moscow, several dozen people were detained for campaigning on the eve of Election Day, which is forbidden in Russia. In Altay Region, the police are investigating reported fraud involving people trying to cast multiple ballots at several polling stations.RT News

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