Nidhi Dubey battled to become an Army officer herself

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Photo story: Living on the edge of a rising sea – For people living on the islands in the Ganga estuary, climate change is a demon they battle every day. It has already transformed their lives and livelihood. Nowhere is this clearer than in Sagar …

True grit: Pregnant widow of jawan, turned out of home – Nidhi Dubey battled to become an Army officer herself

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@PTS@ – When Swati Mahadik, wife of martyred officer Santosh Mahadik, starts her Army training next month,  she will have the illustrious company of an equally battle-hardened woman Nidhi Dubey.  While San…

Clinical depression signs and facts: Why like Karan Johar, we’re all at risk

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Anshuman Ray – “There was a phase in my life when I was really depressed…. I felt directionless, aimless, always on edge, lost… I don’t want to sound like a poor little rich boy but it can happen to anyone,” said…

Government claims Rogo’s widow has links with Isis – The government has claimed that the widow of the slain Muslim cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo has links with Isis, which it says claimed responsibility for the botched terrorist attack at Mombasa’s Centra…

Villagers in Telangana battle reservoir that will submerge their homes – VEMULAGHAT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The peacefulness of the lush green fields of paddy and maize lining the road to Vemulaghat village in Telangana, India belies the anger of villagers protes…

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Conducts Aerial Survey Of Flood-Hit Guntur District

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Madhu – Vijayawada:  Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu conducted an aerial survey of flood-hit parts of Guntur district this evening even as he directed officials concerned to restore road …

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This IIT professor once taught Raghuram Rajan, now works with tribals of Madhya Pradesh – We have read stories on how graduates from top universities have taken initiatives to support poor but not many go and live with them. Alok Sagar, an ex-IIT Delhi professor, left his lucrative job …

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Pelli Choopulu Movie Review

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Deepu Jasti – Pellichoopulu Movie Review : It’s July 26, 2016 and I’m fully aware that 99% of you will watch this film, directed by Tarun Bhascker, three days later. As I gather my thoughts on the film, my mind …

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