An exhibition on Life of Shastri at NMML

Naresh Kumar Sagar 

An exhibition on Life of Shastri at NMML is inaugurated today. Present on the occasion were academia,students, heads of organisation, media to offer tributes to the Leader.

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Anil Shastri : Chair LBShastri Memorial address : Shastri Era of nineteen months of the   second Prime Minister since after fifty years of his death an inspiration for youths and the inquisitiveness of young generation to know more about the the Grand Man of India still exists.He Narrated few examples how youths were eager to know about the Life of PM LB Shastri.

Anil  Shastri the son of Lal Bahadur Shastri said, his relevance is still an important subject for researchers to study. Why is he so relevant and popular among youth ?

Even when, there are other PM who have been in power for many years  yet Shastri  era carve out an important place in the annals of Indian history.

Further he added that his power for prompt decision, ethical standards,integrity in public life has been his forte. He must have done something extraordinary in nineteen months which still attracts youth of our nation.

Anil addressing gathering of hundreds of person at NMML said, The Life of Lal Bahadur Shastri has been an inspiring one who walked the talk and set an example in his works.His way of experimenting with his family before declaring  a fast for a day for the nation sets an example for the  all of us..

The Grand old man also inspired V Kurien, to spread the white revolution across India, Kurien  asked for an institution like National Diary Development board to spring-up and Shatri readily agreed thus the National Diary development board initiated its activity and from Anand as its headquarter.

Anil Shastri, an eloquent speaker kept the audience to his marvel attention.


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