How journalists can start creating a personal brand online

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Online Threats against Journalists Mark Duterte’s 100 Days

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CMFR – IT STARTED even during the campaign. Journalists critical of anything about then candidate Rodrigo Duterte were savaged on social media and it has not stopped.  Duterte’s defenders rain specific th…

Growing a Social Following from Scratch | imFORZA Blog

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Bizitweet – Have you become skeptical on social media being a viable online marketing option? Have your current social media efforts fallen short of delivering any tangible results? If you’re starting from scr…

How journalists can start creating a personal brand online

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Protecmedia DEU – The evolution of social media and its dominant role in connecting publishers with audiences has meant that newsrooms expect journalists to use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Snapchat …

Living In Live Time: Young Stars Speak Out About Cyberbullying – She was 13 years old when she tried out for the second season of “The X Factor” and went on to become a top-10 finalist. Four years later, 17-year-old Bea Miller has millions of fans and her songs …

How Bots Can Influence the 2016 Presidential Election – Voting for elections happen around the world, and people choose their favorite candidate based on a lot of factors, that stem from research. The most anticipated election this year is for voting th…

5 Online Marketing Trends Authors Should Consider – Expert publishing blog opinions are solely those of the blogger and not necessarily endorsed by DBW. Recently I had two different companies come to the house for some home interior improvements. Bo…

Why Do You Need an Online Newsroom?

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Prowly – In today’s digital era, where news breaks around the clock as millions of people share news stories on social media, and the best brands use the power of journalism to create their own content – yo…

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Confessions of a troll – William (not his real name) belongs to a relatively new species of media practitioner—the professional troll. That is to say, he is a salaried employee of a legitimate public relations outfit whose…

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7 Useful Tools to Help Promote Your Instagram Account

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TaniaWilder – Today, people turn to social media to express their feelings, get updated with the news, and of course to reconnect and share with old friends. For businesses, this makes social media the perfect a…

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5 Myths About Starting an Online Business – More and more people are starting online businesses and leaving their day jobs. After all, who wouldn’t want to be their own boss, work in their pajamas, and keep their own schedule? Before you giv…

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Think before you post online – For many of us, we see social media as a way to stay connected with others. There are other ways people and organizations use social media that we may not think about when we post – they use it to …

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