The Big Loot in Group Health Coverage by State Insurers!

Weekly Newsletter

29 OCTOBER 2016

Note: Moneylife offices will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday for Diwali. While important news may be uploaded, there will be no e-magazine during this period. Next newsletter would be on Wednesday.

The Big Loot in Group Health Coverage by State Insurers!

In September 2014, Jain International Organisation (JIO) got a group policy underwritten by National Insurance.


Picking Stocks: Marrying Momentum with Fundamentals

“Momentum is the center stage anomaly of recent years… an anomaly that is above suspicion……


Public Sector Banks: No Sign of a Turnaround Yet

Bank nationalisation was celebrated as one of the biggest achievements of Indira Gandhi, in…


Subramanian Anand resigned from NSE

In another exit, well not as big news as Tata Sons, Subramanian Anand, who was re-designated…


The Rational Approach to Make Sense of Our Irrationality

Richard Thaler is the world’s foremost theorist on behavioural finance, a field that was…


Pennar Industries: Sluggish Sales, Growing Profit

Small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks have had a fantastic run over the past two years as the…

Weekly closing report :Nifty, Sensex continue to lose momentum

We had mentioned in last week’s closing report that Nifty, Sensex were directionless.


Chief Minister agrees to fill up vacancies and make Maharashtra information commission functional

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis responds to former Central Information…

An opportunity to research Right to Information (RTI) implementation

While many activists have been lamenting the lack of seriousness about making Right to..


Tata group needs to be more forthcoming about the recent developments, says proxy advisor IiAS

Although Tata Sons Limited (Tata Sons) is an unlisted company and therefore accountable to a…

With 18% stake in Tata Sons, Mistry can play a waiting game against Ratan Tata

With all the controversies engulfing the Tata group these days, we took a look at the…


Mutual Funds: Gimmick of the Pharma Mimic

Ever since they were introduced, mutual fund sector schemes have been a priority for those…


SEBI’s Investor Advisor Regulations: Right Step but Not Enough

Over the past few weeks, there has been a raging debate among distributors of financial…


ATM, Debit, Credit card frauds: What you need to know and how to protect your money

“While incidents of plastic card related fraud will come down over the years, criminals will…


Stock manipulation: Kushal Tradelink

Ahmedabad-based paper trading company, Kushal Tradelink, claims to be a leading player in…

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