12th ICA-AP Regional Assembly 9th Cooperative Forum and Related events


Around 250 foreign delegates from China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, etc, have come in Delhi to attend 12th ICA-AP Regional Assembly and 9th Cooperative Forum and Related events.

Cooperative employ 250 million people and generate 2.2 trillion USD while providing the services and infrastructure the society needs to thrive. International Cooperative Alliance (www.ica.coop) is non-profit international association established in 1895 to advance the cooperative model. It is the apex organization across 95 countries. The members of the Alliance are national level cooperative federation, individual cooperative organization and government offices concerned with cooperatives.

The Alliance works with global and regional government to create the legislative environment that allow cooperatives to become faster of growing enterprise by 2020 in the Blue-print for a cooperative decade.

International Cooperative Alliance-Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) is the regional office of ICA located in Delhi with 32 members from around 28 countries representing more than 500 million individual members and their communities.

The biennial Regional Assembly, representing by all member directly, is the highest authority of the ICA Asia and Pacific. The Regional Assembly is a central policy making and representative body that brings together all members and provides them a platform to discuss multiple issues concerning development and growth of co-operatives as well as the opportunity to network and form bilateral and multilateral alliances for mutual benefit. The regional Assembly Plays vital role in strengthening the democratic governance process of co-operatives by building consensus on issues and passes the agenda after discussion and to the satisfaction of all members.

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