Dear Nksagar, Food Tank respects farmers.

Dear Nksagar,

Food Tank respects farmers. That’s why we work hard to regularly share quality, original content about farmers, the challenges they face, and the on-the-ground solutions and innovations they are using to help build a more fair, more sustainable, and more just food system.

You can support our efforts to highlight farmers by becoming a Food Tank member. Join, upgrade, or renew your membership TODAY and get this free t-shirt (promo code: FoodHero) so that you can share your love of farmers with the world.

Do you want to learn more about some of our farmer heroes?  Check out these Ten Farmers You Need to Know. You can browse articles by category on our new website, so it’s now easier than ever to find our recent coverage of farmers.

We also believe in bringing the voices of farmers into the broader conversation about food system change, which is why we’ve featured farmers at every one of our Food Tank Summits.

In Washington, D.C. in 2015, we hosted a panel on Family Farmers Creating Resilience in the Food System; in 2016, the second annual Washington D.C. Summit featured a panel on Farmers Leading the Food Movement; our 2016 Summit in Sacramento, CA, Farm Tank, was centered around farmers, farming, and agriculture; and the final 2016 Food Tank Summit in Chicago included a panel on Farming the Future. We’re planning our 2017 Summits now and farmers will once again be joining us on stage.

If you want to read more about farmers and farm workers on or want to help us bring the voices of more and more diverse farmers to a global audience at our Food Tank Summits, you can help! Join, upgrade, or renew TODAY to support Food Tank’s efforts to put farmers at the center of the conversation about our global food system.

Use promo code FoodHero when you join to get a free t-shirt (available in multiple cuts and sizes) so that everyone can see that Farmers Are Your Heroes.

All the best,
Danielle Nierenberg
President, Food Tank (

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