New Year brings new possibilities

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03 January 2017    |   Edition:246






Dear Readers

New Year brings new possibilities and we wish that each possibility brings you success. We are looking forward to meet you soon at the book gala of the year starting this week. GBO is at the New Delhi World Book Fair and there are lots of opportunities to meet and interact with us at events and at our stand. Below is all the information on where to find us!


Best wishes

Team GBO New Delhi


Visit us at the New Delhi World Book Fair.




Books have a magical ability to transport mortals instantly to a new world!. GERMAN BOOK OFFICE NEW DELHI invites you to open the magical portal to the world of Germany at the NEW DELHI WORLD BOOK FAIR, PRAGATI MAIDAN ( HALL NO-7 C, STALL NO-7-8) from 7th-15th January,2017.

A different country means a different world. A different world means a different thought process, way of life, culture, stories etc. What better way to enjoy winters than sitting in a warm quilt, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and exploring a different world ?

Visit us at the NDWBF,2017 and buy yourself a uniquely portable magic (in the words of the great STEPHEN KING) and discover books about GERMANY (in German) in the following genres:

  • Culture
  • World literature
  • Children’s books
  • Migrant literature
  • Beer culture in Germany

We look forward to seeing at the NDWBF,2017!




Saturday, 7th January 2017
Oxford Bookstore New Delhi

Walk into the world of ARTS+ and Visual culture at an evening jointly organised by GBO and IFD to bring together publishers and innovators to talk about Illustrated books. In the back drop of the new initiative of the Frankfurt Book Fair THE ARTS+, a new hub for business in the cultural und creative industries, this meet is for professionals looking forward to engage and understand the business of visual books.


Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 2 to 4 pm
GlobaLocal : France at the Frankfurt Book fair 2017

International Events Corner of the NDWBF, Hall 7A 

Come and network with publishers from India, Germany and France to talk about markets, trends, collaborations in a session jointly organised by IFD and GBO at the NDWBF. Presentations from Indian language publishing, trends in French Book market and German book market will inform you about the highlights and happenings in the book world. This will be followed by a networking session.


News from the German Book Market.


Highlights of 2016 : Give way to digitalization!

Germany is well-known for it’s pioneering role in the field of technology. What’s new is that it’s looking to use it’s technological resources and ability to revolutionize the field of education. The education minister of Germany Johanna Wanka wants to strengthen the role of technology in education and invest 5 billion euro in this particular field. Furthermore publishing biggies like Cornelesen and Brockhaus have also acknowledged the change in trends and are directing their resources towards creating digital content to make children learn better.

The German Law on fixed book which came to power on 11.September,2016, will also regulate the prices of E-books ( excluding the self-publishing titles).E-books from major publishing houses are available on Skoobe (E-books spelled backwards!) on a flat rate (Pay a flat rate and enjoy limitless access to E-books for the entire month. How cool is that!) . To add to the excitement, epub extension developers IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) and the World Wide Web Consortium are coming together to merge the web technology and the E-book technology.

Although some remain sceptic towards the digitalization of education, claiming that nothing can replace the traditional methods of learning like the classic teacher-student dynamic and learning through paperback books (after all the computer has no IQ) but the publishing houses are busy adapting the new methods and techniques in writing. With Amazon and Tolino-Allianz leading the way, Aldi recently included an E-book catalogue in its online services.

All said and done one cannot completely do away with printed books. Even with introduction of virtual reality, e-books, smartboards etc. , the sale of printed books is holding its court. Well, the present seems sorted….let’s see what the future brings!



German Book Office New Delhi
A-259 Defence Colony | 2nd Floor | New Delhi 110024 | India
t +91 11 40201100

German Book Office New Delhi is a joint venture between 
the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin.

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