Criminologist demands a separate Government Portfolio for Organized Crime Cases: PIL (SC)


Criminologist Snehil Dhall files all his research reports due to increasing number of Organized Crime and distorted government structure.

Mumbai: A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed by Criminologist Snehil Dhall (27) against the Union of India and other 46 parties (i.e. Chief Secretary of every State, UT and specific central ministries) for not implementing United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Recommendation (UNTOC) and Financial Action Task Force (FATF). As per his findings only 12 States (Goa, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura and West Bengal) and seven Union Territories have acknowledged of receiving the ratification of UNTOC, whereas, other states haven’t even bothered to acknowledge the same since past 5 years. He has also demanded separate legal structure for handing Organized Crime by providing few case studies of his research at various levels.


These case studies have concerns of Transnational, National, State and Local security due to which the issue of grassroot intelligence and security is to extreme condition. His various researches were reported to concern officials but they were ignored due to lack of subject knowledge. Subsequently, he decided to appeal with Honorable Supreme Court by compiling all kinds of Organized Crime laws and their limitations which are created for various purposes at different jurisdictions. He has demanded the Court to Issue a Writ in the nature of mandamus directing the Respondents to make an effective, proper, advanced, unified and coordinated mechanism / structure; special laws, rules,  courts, police and law enforcement agencies, intelligence and such other(s) including Government (Centre and / or State) departments, ministries etc. without any territorial, federal, jurisdictional technicalities to tackle TransNational Organized Crimes and such other crimes effectively which may further include setup of Victim Support Centre to deal with Crime Education for every citizen regardless of their sex, gender, religion, age, nationality and also handle the consultancy support to manage Organized Crime case, help in registering of the offenses; and personnel with Subject Expertise should be considered for technical jobs. The same has been admitted in the Honorable Supreme Court under the Dairy No. 32267/2016.



The reference of the research case studies are as follows:

  1. Criminal knowledge of underage kids from every financial background.
  2. Fake Interpol and National Security threats from retire government officials.
  3. Money Laundering by Lions Club International & Rotary Club International through unaccounted format.
  4. ‘Nation without States’ concept of handing separatist ideas in a foreign land and defining the difference between Terrorist & Freedom Fights through legitimate Political Parties in Western Countries.
  5. Focuses on regulating Virtual Government, Virtual Terrorist Groups and Virtual Platforms in operation.
  6. Regulation on Media for not reporting news of any unregistered organization which supports an indirect legitimacy.
  7. Outrage committed by Religious Gurus i.e. Men & Women Modesty; Commercialization of sentiments.
  8. Reduction of Age limited. The age of Criminal Responsibility should be Age 8 years old and Criminal Prosecution should be Age 12 or 16 years.
  9. Implementation of same laws of Physical and Virtual kind. Case Reference of illegal activities committed by virtual property owners like Just Dial.
  10. Financial Blacklisting of Banks and Financial Institutes for Frauds and mistakes committed by them similar to what SEBI does to Individuals.
  11. Identity theft to be taken under serious offense.
  12. Expertise based work to be allotted only to the specific Subject Expert


For Supreme Court Details: Adv Mareesh Sahay +91-98990-00923 

Thank You


Criminologist Snehil Dhall

+91-98217-29876 (India); +91-22-6610-0399;

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