BJP has turned the MCDs into a national shame

BJP has turned the MCDs into a national shame with its criminal negligence


BJP has turned the MCDs into a national shame due to the criminal negligence and monumental inefficiency of the political leadership of BJP controlling the MCDs. Not only is this party exploiting the vulnerable employees and contractual workers of these MCDs, it has also caused the residents of Delhi unnecessary hardships.

BJP leadership repeatedly lies about MCD funds, if there was even an iota of truth in their claims then how is it that no merit was found in their arguments by any of the Courts, where the BJP rushed with its fake arguments in its unsuccessful desperate attempts to corner the Delhi government. Infact, the  courts are regularly pulling up the MCDs for lack of cleanliness in the national capital.

BJP’s MCD leadership should have some shame and look at what the courts have said about them – lastst on Wednesday, the Honourable Delhi High Court remarked that civic agencies need to be whipped in their backs to make them work!

AAP Delhi Convenor Dilip Pandey said :“The Delhi Government had tabled the 4th Finance Commission recommendations in the Delhi Assembly, we have even said we are in favour of completely implementing them, but the Central government showed no interest in implementing its part.”

Dilip Pandey further said : “BJP should stop making misleading political statements, instead they should respect the constitutional process – the Central Government should commit to fulfilling its responsibilities and the AAP Government would be happy to fulfill theirs.”

AAP Delhi Covenor Dilip Pandey has challenged the BJP-led MCDs to answer the following questions:

  1. Is it not a fact that since last two years the AAP government of Delhi has not deducted a single penny of outstanding loan of Rs 6,000 crore that MCDs owe to Delhi Government?
  2. Is it not a fact that MCDs have failed to recover around Rs 1200 outstanding property tax from DDA since last many years?
  3. Is it not a fact that MCDs have got even the Municipal Reform Fund from the Delhi Government despite not having qualified for it? Parking Collections, Property Tax, Bill Boards – all revenues have been under collected and they don’t deserve this MRF fund which is performance related ?
  4. Is it not a fact that for payment of salaries of its employees East MCD got almost double the funds of Rs 702 crore in 2015-16 than the amount of Rs 395 crore it had got in the previous year (2014-15) when BJP was ruling Delhi through backdoor during President’s rule?
  5. Is it not a fact that all the MCDs for the current financial year have been released what was due to them ahead of the schedule in every quarter?


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