Trump willing to work with Russia, China

US President-elect Donald Trump says he is willing to work with Russia and China, providing they cooperate. In an interview to Wall Street Journal, Trump said the One China policy, in which the US no longer acknowledges Taiwan, is up for negotiation.

Trump had questioned the One China policy last month talking to Taiwanese President, which provoked angry responses in Chinese state media. The President-elect further said China had to allow US companies to compete by floating its currency. He however clarified that he will not label China a currency manipulator.

With regards to Russia Trump said the that newly-imposed sanctions on Moscow would remain “at least for a period of time” but could then be lifted. He said sanctions on Russia could be lifted if Moscow helped Washington in the war against Islamic extremism and in other matters. He said he hoped a meeting with President Vladimir Putin would be arranged.

Meanwhile, a US Senate committee will probe claims that Russia attempted to meddle in the recently held presidential election.

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