‘The Dead End’ wins Best International Film award at RIFF 2017!

Saidah Jules debut production ‘The Dead End’ wins Best International Film award at RIFF 2017!

Saidah Jules who rose to fame as an actor with Girish Malik’s Jal formed her own production company Lucid Films in Dubai and produced her debut movie ‘The Dead End’ which has won Best International Film Special Jury award at the on-going Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF) 2017.

The dead End featuring an ensemble of talented actors including Saidah, Aditya Om, Zachary Coffin and Tv actress Shielly Shukla as a drama-adventure feature film, which was also officially selected at The World Film Festival in San Francisco last year.

Saidah, who is also the lead actress of The Dead End, is glad that her debut production won an award in the category of Best International Film Special Jury Award at RIFF.

The movie director Aditya Om, who is also the lead actor of The Dead End, received the award at the coveted film festival which also showcased other popular feature films including Ajay Devgn’s Parched, Nana Patekar’s Natsamrat, Bahubali, Naseeruddin Shah’s Waiting which also won awards in different categories.

Actor-writer-director Aditya and renowned star of Telugu movies also did theatre and serials and has done more than 25 films as a leading actor in Telugu films.

Saidah says, “The Dead End is a very beautiful creative art film. It’s about spiritual journey and psychological issues of its main characters. Everyone can relate to this film because all of us go through such experiences. As an actress it was an easy role because Maya is part of me and represents a lot of things I believe in and share. I was involved in script writing process and it’s natural that everything what came out came out from heart and Maya was something very deep and personal to me.”

“As a producer, it has been a great and fruitful experience and I am glad that this film was my first. I am very happy to share this movie with the audience. It’s not a movie to be judged or watch with cola and popcorn, it’s a movie to watch and be touched by it. It makes you think,” she adds.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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