Donald Trump invites PM Narendra Modi to visit US

US President Donald Trump has described India as a true friend of the United States and invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the country later this year. The two leaders spoke over phone last night and discussed various issues such as terrorism, defence and trade.

In a readout of the call, the White House said, President Trump and Prime Minister Modi resolved that US and India stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the global fight against terrorism.

The US President emphasised that Washington considers New Delhi a true friend and partner in addressing challenges around the world. The two leaders discussed opportunities to strengthen partnership between the two countries in broad areas such as the economy and defence.

They also discussed security in the region of South and Central Asia. After Mr Trump surprised the world with his historic victory in the Presidential election, Mr Modi was among the first five world leaders to congratulate him. During his election campaign, India was among the few countries, in addition to Israel, with whom Mr Trump spoke of strengthening ties if elected to power.

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