Farmers Suicide PIL, Badly-Incompetently Drafted Now in SC

January29, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh


There were Two Critical issues in PIL dismissed by GHC on July10, 2013.

First that it is Entirely Up To VOTERS to ‘Exercise Their Voting Right Properly and Elect Party Which is Making Honest Promises’.

1.    Petitioners Didn’t FILE PIL As Soon As Possible to Make ‘REGISTRATION

OF Election Manifestoes With Election Commission Well In Advance [6 Months] Compulsory for Recognized Political Parties’ to enable Voters to Evaluate Promises Made By Parties & Compare it with other manifestoes.

2.    Make Available All Past Manifesto ‘Public on EC Websites’.

3.    CAG to be Directed to ‘Evaluate Promises Made in Manifestoes & Actual

Delivery 4 Months Ahead of Scheduled Elections.’ [I Can Do It in 24 Hours – RBI Data of Say 20 Parameters of States]

4.    All Ministers, Secretaries and Cabinet Rank Positions Should Pass

Through ‘CONFIRMATION PROCESS’ to keep out Corrupt, Unqualified & Incompetent Candidates like Senate Confirmation in USA.

GHC order on PIL – 10/07/2013

12. We may only say that if any citizen of this State feels that a particular Government has not been able to fulfill its promises as made at the time of election through its political manifesto or has not been able to meet with the expectations of the people, then in that case, it is for the people to correct the defects by exercising their franchise properly in the next elections and voting for candidates who will fulfill their expectations or by other lawful means in a peaceful manner to arouse the conscience of the Government, but the remedy is surely not by approaching the judiciary and asking it to scrutinize the functions of the other organs.

Second related to Poorly & Incompetently Drafted of PIL on Farmers Suicide, Point Wise Comments By This Inventor are.

A. Direct that financial compensation of Rs.5 lac be paid by Government to the family of the deceased farmers who have committed suicide due to crop failure in the State;


PIL limited itself to ‘FARMER SUICIDE CASES DUE TO CROP FAILURE’ when State Contest CAUSE OF DEATH. FARMER SUICIDE COULD HAVE BEEN TERMED AS UN-NATURAL DEATHS. 500m Farmers With No Irrigation Can’t Sow Rabi Crop Due GoI or State failure and PIL Doesn’t Cover Farm Suicide or NATURAL DEATH From CRASH in MARKET PRICE THAT FARMERS DON’T EVEN RECOVER COST OF INPUTS, Money-Lender Extortion, Not Allowed to STORE & ADD VALUE.


B. Direct that financial aid to farmers at the rate of Rs.30,000 per hectare be paid to the farmers who have suffered crop failure;


500m Indian Farmers Can’t Raise RABI Crop, in addition to Khariff Drought due to Inadequate or Erratic Rainfall. Rs.30,000 Per Hectare Barely Covers INPUTS & Repay LOANS, Nothing For Survival Till Next Harvest.


C. Direct that the loans obtained by the farmers from the banks and financial institutions for agricultural purposes be waived and further loans be given;


Convert Short Term CROP LOANS to Farmers to LONG TERN LOANS to Insulate Farmers from Seasonal Ups & Downs – Store Foods When Prices are Low, Add Value.


D. Direct that prompt payment of crop failure insurance be ensured by the Government;


Very Few Farmers Take CROP INSURANCE for Insurance doesn’t Cover 500m Farmers Who Couldn’t Raise Rabi Crop in absence of irrigation. Insured Must Be Compensated Automatically based on Weather Reports.


E. Direct that interest on loans obtained by the farmers from Co-operative Societies be waived;

F. Direct that the principal amount of loan obtained by the farmers from the Co-operative Societies be waived;




G. Direct that water conservation and management policy be laid and implemented by the Government;


THIS IS MOST WEIRD – (i) 80 BCM of Surface Water in Gujarat is Lost to Sea Every Year against 15 BCM Utilized. 35 BCM to 50 BCM Narmada Water Overflows SSP in to Sea. (ii) Minimum 90% to 80% Water Supply & Conveyance EFFICIENCY Norms Be Prescribed. (iii) Surface Water linked to Crop Needs.


H. Direct that the Government to offer and implement some financial package/policy for the farmers who are facing crop failure;


Promote Storage of Foods, Micro-Small Scale Food Processing & Preservation, Small Scale Cold Storages, 300 Liter Deep Freezer to Keep Fruits, Vegetables, Meats & Milk Fresh.


I. Direct the Government to follow the guidelines of National Disaster Management;


NDMA to Prevent Disasters By Advance WARNING, Rapid Deployment of Aid.


J. Direct the Government to provide employment to the families of drought affected farmers who have committed suicide.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

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