BRPL 3 Hr Power Cut At 800 MW, Connected Load 10,000 MW


February02, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Jaitley presented scandalous budget yesterday not disclosing any Credible Data in Economic Survey also.

India made huge investment in Power Sector in last 3-5 years next only to China but Power Supply continues to be pathetic, Daily Cuts ranging from 10 seconds to 3-10 hours in Most Capital Intensive BRPL. Can Well Imagine situation in most cities, towns and villages.


Government claims to have ELECTRICIFIED Partly Funded by States just 2% or 11,000 smallest and poorest Villages in 1000 days. Which is nothing compared to Investments in power sector.

At around 3AM power went off when demand was around 800 MW for connected load of 10,000 MW Plus which I noticed it at 3:30AM and made the complaint at 4AM and supply was restored at 6:30AM.

This Executive Summary would give an idea that Peak demand in December2016 was 151,000 MW against installed capacity of 310,000 MW round figures, average of only 122,000 MW [91BU/31/24] and minimum load of less than 100,000 MW.

While there is just 5% growth in Conventional Energy is barely 5% and Renewable by 28% which is most expensive – overall growth in demand was 6.38% or 10,000 MW. India invested in 47,535 MW of High Voltage Transformers in just April-December2016 period which could exceed 65,000 MW for FY17. So when Annual Demand Increases by 5.15% or 10,000 MW India will be adding 65,000 MW of High Voltage Transformers, 28,000 of High Voltage Transmission lines. Many-many times MV & LT Transformers & Transmission Lines.

BRPL is special – BRPL connected load is over 10,000 MW, Peak Load of about 2800 MW, average of 1600 MW and minimum of 600 MW. Almost no Contribution of Costly & Unreliable Renewable, still FREQUENT Power cuts.

Even 10 Second Cut Disrupts Power Supply to Computers, iPADs and all gadgets and consumers had to invest on UPS, Invertors or Generators, Power Conditioners, Emergency Lights etc, Even Power Distribution Switchgear is IMPACTED and 2-3 hour cut means Generators Polluting Air and Spoilage of Perishable Foods in Refrigerators. BRPL not investing in Maintenance Programs and Equipments, Engage Unqualified Staff.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

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