Coast Guard continues shoreline oil cleaning


CHENNAI :03 FEB 2017:      Coast Guard continues its coordinated and sustained shoreline cleanup operation along with support from various government and non-government organizations continued on the fourth consecutive day on a war footing to restore normalcy along affected beach areas.

Amid ongoing massive shoreline oil cleaning up operations, the Commander, Coast Guard Region (East) Inspector General Rajan Bargotra, TM sailed onboard ICGS Varad along with 70 media personnel for real time assessment of seaward and close coast areas by print and electronic media. The aim of this exposure was to provide ringside view to the media, the actual situation prevailing at sea and nullifying speculations of harm to marine life.  During interaction onboard, the Commander clarified that the sea is free and safe from oil spill and fisherman can venture for fishing without any fear except for one localized area onshore near Ram Krishna nagar Kuppam which is affected most due to drifting of oil spill. The same was witnessed by all the media personnel available during this sea sortie. Coast Guard helicopter Chetak also demonstrated TC-III bucket operation to meet oil spill eventualities at sea.

A total of 24 tonnes of oil sludge and 09 tonnes of water sludge was collected on 03 Feb 17.

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