May: Brexit White Paper to be published

British government is to publish a “White Paper” on Thursday detailing its strategy for leaving the European Union (EU), Prime Minister Theresa May told parliament on Wednesday.

The document is a summary of the Government’s plans, usually published for information and for a prompt discussion before a formal parliamentary bill is introduced.

Last week, May promised a Brexit white paper in response to growing pressure from Members of Parliament (MPs) of all parties, for the government to update Parliament on its Brexit strategy before MPs are asked to vote on triggering Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty — the official trigger for Brexit.

Meanwhile, Britain’s former EU ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers on Wednesday said Brexit talks would take place on a “humongous scale” involving “difficult trade-offs,” BBC reported.

Rogers predicted that much of the talks would be “conducted very publicly” with “name-calling” and an “extremely feisty atmosphere.”

He added that EU Commission chiefs were saying Britain should pay 40 to 60 billion euros (43 to 64 billion U.S. dollars) to leave and thought a trade deal could take until the mid-2020s to agree.

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