Talk on Quality of Healthcare in Rural and Urban India

Jishnu Das, visiting senior fellow a CPR, is a lead economist in the Development Research Group (Human Development and Public Services Team) at The World Bank. Jishnu’s work focuses on the delivery of basic services, particularly health and education.His attempt o draw  snap on the health care was an to bring the shortcoming in the prevailing system which is same across the world.
His slogan of Good Doctors and Naive patience, secondly  Ayush an integrated system is in informal category and experienced assistant to  doctors  with classification of RMP in  rural India draw huge popularity were salients features.
His contention that infants mortality rates  are the same and nursing homes feeble in villages but on highways the nature of health care improves.
Lifestyle of poverty stricken country with people with high rates of illiteracy may be cause  of people unable to explain their health miseries.
Das made a valiant effort in identifying the problems but the solution lies in creating a model.
Based on extensive field work in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh (rural), West Bengal (rural), Mumbai and Patna, this talk discusses the results from research on the availability and quality of healthcare in the rural and urban India. The focus is on applying empirical tools, common to the study of markets, to healthcare in India, and open up a broader policy discussion of federal and state responsibilities towards health in India. The presentation is based on (but not restricted to) the following publications:
  1. Quality and Accountability in Healthcare Delivery: Audit-Study Evidence from Primary Care in India (2016) – Jushnu Das, Alaka Holla, Aakash Mohpal and Karthik Muralidharan
  2. The Impact of Training Information Healthcare Providers in India: A Randomized Controlled Trial (2016) – Jishnu Das, Abhijit Chowdhury, Reshmaan Hussam and Abhijit V. Banerjee
  3. Socioeconomic Status and Quality of Health Care: New Evidence from Linked Surveys of Providers and Households in Rural India (2016) – Jishnu Das, Aakash Mohpal
  4. Over-the-counter antibiotic use by pharmacists in urban India: A cross-sectional study with implications for tuberculosis control and antimicrobial stewardship (2016) – Jishnu Das, Ada Kwan, Ben Daniels, Srinath Satyanarayana, Ramnath Subbaraman, Sofi Bergkvist, Ranendra K. Das, Veena Das and Madukar Pai

About the Speaker: He has worked on the quality of health care, mental health, information in health and education markets, child learning and test-scores and the determinants of trust. His work has been published in leading economics, health, and education journals and widely covered in the media and policy forums. He is currently working on long-term projects on health and education markets in Kenya, India, and Pakistan. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard.

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