• Renowned author KIran Doshi gave tips to young aspirants as part of Master Class series

New Delhi, 11th February, 2017: Today during the Master Class of 19th edition of Bharat Rang Mahotsav, he gave five very important tips to aspirants who want to polish their writing skills, “Firstly, Love the language in which you are writing; Secondly, Write something that you know about; Thirdly, Characterize your characters based on the real people; Fourthly, All forms of creativity come as a born gift and one must work hard to discover it; and lastly, Find a good editor as it is true bliss.”

Kiran Doshi who was invited to National School of Drama today has won The Hindu Prize 2016 for his third work of fiction, Jinnah Often Came to our House. It is a brilliant saga of love and betrayal, pain and redemption, set amidst the long struggle for freedom and its terrible twin, the call for Pakistan. In it, we confront questions that are as relevant today as they were a hundred years ago. Kiran Doshi studied history, politics and law in Bombay before joining the Indian Foreign Service in 1962. It was a career which, not infrequently, saw him tackling relations with Pakistan, always an important, exciting but ultimately frustrating task. He is also the author of Birds of Passage, a “greatly engrossing and hilarious novel set in the world of India-Pakistan-USA diplomacy, and Diplomatic Tales, short stories written in comic verse.

Today during the 19th edition of Bharat Rang Mahotsav, 5 plays were performed including Prokash Bhattacharya’s play in Bengali Manasa Mangal, Tapan Bhaatt’s Hindi play Rajputana, N Amusana Devi’s play in Manipuri Holi, Rangakalpa Group of Hyderabad’s Hindi play Tumhara Vincent directed by Satyabrata Rout and NSD Repertory’s Ghasiram Kotwal directed by Rajinder Nath. Apart from this today in Ambience Performance, Dandiya, Haryanvi Phag and Lavani was performed in the NSD campus today.

Today, during the Meet the Director – face to face at National School of Drama, renowned theatre personality, Guru Gourang Barik, Director of Moghul Tamasha explained about the motive behind the play “Moghul Tamasha is a dying art form, almost extinct. We are trying to save with whatever resources we have at our disposal and we want to spread a message of communal harmony in the country through the theme of this play and at the same time keeping it entertaining by giving it a modern touch of music.” Sanjay Upadhyay, Director of Anand Raghunandan commented on the decision to present the play in Bagheli “this play was first written in Hindi in around 18th century but we decided to enact it in Bagheli because at the time when our friend introduced me to the play me and my team were in Baghelkhand for a study tour. It was quite a difficult task for the actors to get used to the language but we all worked hard on our lingual skills and it finally paid off.” Bijyendra Kumar Tank, Director of Gunda on how did he came up with the name of the play said “I was discussing the names for the play with my seniors and the name Gunda came up and it appealed to me instantly because in our society the people who oppose the establishment are labeled as Gundas, which perfectly fits the story.”



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