Invitation to NGOs for participating in INDIA Redefined’s “Amritdhara” Program

Invitation to NGOs for participating in INDIA Redefined’s “Amritdhara” Program – INDIA Redefined की अमृतधारा परियोजना  मे भाग लेने का आमन्त्रन –

INDIA Redefined has launched a Safe drinking water program under a program – “Amritdhara”, where our partner NGOs (which qualify in our due diligence) run water stations and sell pure drinking water at very cheap rate using a new technology (non-RO). This will help the NGO to earn revenues which take care of the operation and extra earning can be u
sed for other works of the NGO. There is no Capex, only a refundable deposit If you have NGOs in your network who could be interested, get them connected to us for details. Pls send email on t o know the further details of Amritdhara Project.


Also share this YouTube Link with Corporate you know for their CSR – INDIA Redefined Projects presentation m/jj76ja5

INDIA Redefined की स्वछ पेयजल  के लिये अमृतधारा परियोजना आरम् भ हैI इसमे भाग लेने वाले हमारे  साथी NGO (उचित मूल्यांकन के बाद) नयी तक्नीक (non-RO) की पेयजल मशीन का  स्टेशन चलायेगे और पेयजल बहुत स स्ते दर पर समाज के सभी वर्गो के लोगो को बेच पायेन्गेI इससे न  केवल NGO की आमदनी होगी जिससे ख र्च निकलेगा बल्कि अतिरिक्त आमद नी NGO के दूसरे सामाजिक कार्यो  के लिये भी उपयोग मे लायी जा स कती हैI खास बात ये है कि इस परियोजना को आरम्भ करने के लिये आर म्भिक पूंजीगत खर्च, जो पेयजल म शीन लगाने मे होता है, इसमे नही  लगेगा – सिर्फ रिफंडेबल डिपौजि टI अगर आप या आपकी जान पेह्चान  के NGO को इस परियोजना मे भाग लेने मे रुचि हो तो इस ई-मेल पर अ धिक जानकारी के लिये लिखे – anu


Please give email if interested in Amritdhara-will send you details of Amritdhara. Pls note these details sent by a re for NGO and social entreprenuers scheme. For CSR, Govt. Programs and Grant making bodies business model will be a little diiferent (a combination of CAPEX & OPEX). For high salinity water (in the range of 3500~5000) can be treated with the Hybrid model but not with the standard model. However, seawater treatment will not be viable due to extremely high opex & maintenance. The Hybrid model with customized membrane type, we will be able to treat the water as per BIS 14543 standards with change in taste. The customized design will be tailored to the specific water chemistry.  9 stage purification in a standard unit and for higher TDS levels, any one or 2 stages can be modified by us to achieve the desired results
Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner  Common United Platform (CRedefined (IR) is a voluntary movement started five years back, aiming to make more “Doers” than beneficiaries. It has now emerged as a of Collective Responsibility of the four pillars of a nation – Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Government to create a HAPPY INDIA.

INDIA Redefined (IR) has an inclusive vision of  , which is an amalgamation multiple visions. We firmly believe that to make India a Happy Country, a singular approach is not enough. But that does not mean that people, groups and NGOs working single-mindedly with a focused approach should not do so. Country needs groups with expertise and specialization in specific field, be it education, environment, poverty, rural development, health or any other.HAPPY INDIA 

IR aims to create a broad based platform where Citizens, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Corporate Bodies, Experts and Govt. Agencies can come together.  Partnering and bringing NGOs on this platform is an important aspect to create depth in each of the specific areas. INDIA Redefined platform can become an enabler for collaborations and synergy between various NGOs, organizations and agencies doing brilliant work to create a multi-pronged approach for improving our country. The impact and effect of such a unified platform, where various NGOs work in tandem, can magnify the results manifolds which may not be possible to achieve for a lone organization. 
 INDIA Redefined Experts panel can be Knowledge Partner too for CSR Activities.These empaneled people & organizations have done various social activities on INDIA Redefined banner by involving local community and they only will be our implementation partners If possible help in associating Corporate for their CSR & also in generating funds (Corpus) for INDIA Redefined.

NGOs even send us their own Projects with costing and we pitch those projects to Corporate and if Corporate like those projects for their CSR then same NGO implements those projects and we give them funding for that.We will share with you details of these projects based on your area of interest/ geography as and when we have a relevant project for further discussion at the right time. Currently, we are seeking interested implementation partners for a program (PAN India) for Community run Water Stations in the areas where safe drinking water is not available. These could be rural areas or even urban slum areas without the facility of safe drinking water being available to the inhabitants. If some of you are interested in this program then please write back showing your interest, so that we can share more details with you. 

We can send you our banner. If you want to put name of your organization with logo, please send us a clear logo and name of organization.When you do some activity, send us pics of those activity. INDIA Redefined has not taken any donation till now. 


Why collaborate? 

For example, if two NGOs think there are different ways to address poverty, why not pursue those in different ways at different levels? Collaboration tries to overcome obstacles of working in a solitary manner – NGOs may disagree on both where they are actually going and how to get there. Specialization capitalizes on these differences among NGOs and on the comparative advantage that NGOs have vis-à-vis govt. departments or its agencies: their small size. Small, differentiated agencies may be able to experiment, to innovate, and to work at many different levels of the “change process.”

Of course, for either collaboration or specialization to work, there has to be a mechanism for exchanging information and learning from mistakes. Collaboration is only valuable when the costs are less than the added benefit that collaboration will bring to fulfilling the organization’s mission. In other words – first you define your identity so you can specialize (i.e., in your mission), then you collaborate if it makes you more effective. This means that like-minded organizations will collaborate around specific issues of individual benefit; ideally each will contribute according to its specialty.Various NGOs, Rotary Clubs, Lions-Lioness Clubs etc. are associated with our  Third Sector Partnership Program(TSPP) on INDIA Redefined collaborative platform.See activities pics on ndiaRedefined?fref=ts

 NGOs interested in joining the Third Sector Partnership Program should send details with their logo on ngo.partner@indiaredefined. org We make a banner of INDIA Redefined with their logo on that & NGOs have to do some activity with this banner at the back & send pics on  ngo.partner@indiaredefined.or g   Then we sign one MOU between INDIA Redefined & that particular NGO, who will be our execution partner for CSR when we get some CSR activity in that particular area.

INDIA Redefined Projects presentation m/jj76ja5   INDIA Redefined-CSR Hub-

See Journey of INDIA Redefined with Zero Donation till now in 24 States – A Collaborative Approach. Global Indians can too Participate-INDIA Redefined Activities Pics 

To know more please read this interview of Visionary & Co-Founder of INDIA Redefined published in SME World Magazine May 2015 issue. Read the full the Interview –

We will like to give you a brief introduction of INDIA Redefined, which was started in 2009 with a desire to attempt something on an audacious scale by individuals like us without any funding and to date we have not taken any donations to achieve some important milestones.
However, to further scale up the good work which is getting done, we do need resources and support, which I am sure can come with your blessings, advice and guidance –
INDIA Redefined (IR) started as a movement which began in 2009 and has emerged as a Common United Platform (CUP) of Collective Responsibility which endeavors to create a HAPPY INDIA by creating a collaborative model for Citizens, Corporates, NGO’s and Government which are the four pillars of a nation. Please see the Presentation in Slide Share too.
Taking this philosophy forward, in the last 6 years, INDIA Redefined has evolved into a PLATFORM, functioning like a ‘System Integrator’ and is not just an NGO. In our next level of engagement, we now offer to be “ONE STOP SOLUTION” (from CSR Chartering to Project Design & Implementation to M&E and Reporting), with “on the ground” Doers spread across the country, 150+ NGOs, Experts (1700+ man-years experience) covering all social verticals, Project Professionals, Implementation Partners, Innovative Technology Providers and Social Enterprises that are empanelled with INDIA Redefined.
This structure extends INDIA Redefined’s capability to provide wide range of consultancy and the ability to implement projects pan India in any of the following broad vertical (indicative) –
Awaken India – Awareness, Advocacy, Empowerment, Skill Development & Livelihood, Education (Primary, Secondary, Adult) etc.
Healthy India – Awareness Programs, Rural Health Care, Pre-Natal care, Post Natal care, Adolescent girl child health, CHW training, Emergency Response Training & Support, Food Security and other health related areas etc.
Clean India – Air, Soil, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
Green India – Environment, Agriculture, Agro Forestry, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Bio Diversity, Eco-farming, Forestation etc
We are looking forward to for opportunities to work as Knowledge and Implementation Partners for their Projects. Any grants and HNI donations will also be very helpful for the organization’s sustainability and scalability.
INDIA Redefined Upcoming Programs

a) “My School, My Choice” – a school choice program for studentsü & parents from Economically Weaker Section (EWS). This program is backed by digitally secure vouchers keeping full track of funds utilization


b) “Amritdhara” – A Community Safe Drinking Water Stations working on social entrepreneurship model combined with social franchising ü
c) INDIA Redefined Fellowship Program – College Students taking part in educating underprivileged children
d) INDIA Redefined Skill Training Center for empowering women from EWS
A host of other programs related to Tree Plantation, Ultra-fast Forestation using a Japanese methodology, Battery-less Farm level Solar Micro Cold Storage, Crop Bio-fencing and many more. To scale up we are focusing, besides CSR Projects, certain key programs which require to be funded

Here are a few indicative programs (but not limited to) we can undertake, beside creating customized programs to suit your requirements:

1. Program for Disadvantaged Children in the age group 6-18 – Innovative and student friendly solutions are needed to enable scientific learning in the youth, especially those in rural and remote regions of the nation. IGNITED MINDS
2. workshops Spark Young Mind


3. Seeking Corporate & Institutional Support for INDIA Redefined “My School, My Choice” Program

“My School, My Choice” is about Right to “Quality” Education by empowering the parents and children (Std. 1~7) from EWS to choose a school where they think a better quality of education is available without the financial constraints. Unlike conventional cash based scholarship schemes, where misutilization of funds has been often observed, in this program a targeted and fully tracked assistance is provided through digitally secured “Smart Coupons” plugging any potential leaks.The program also ensures in enhancing and encouraging the participating Affordable Private School (APS) to provide a better quality of education through training, competition and creating Digital Online and Offline Education (with our partner, BSNL ECLASS) options.More than 70,000 students and 1500+ APS have been identified by INDIA Redefined and its partner NGOs across various states awaiting sponsoring Corporate’s commitment. For more information, please contact on csr.engagement@indiaredefin

Livelihood & Employability

1. Skill Training for EWS youths in different relevant skills-

2. Livelihood training for women in particular in Apiculture (Honey Cultivation), Carpet Weaving and other areas
3. Healthcare Training for Elderly Care (for women) with assured jobs
1. Urban Forest (equally applicable to Rural Areas)
2. Agro-forestry
3. Farm-level Solar Cold Storages (Micro Cold Storage) with no running cost
4. Bio Fence for agriculture
5.INDIA Redefined Tamil Nadu supporters and associated NGO are starting a huge Plantation Campaign of Planting 1 Lakh trees in Jan. INDIA Redefined Team did 6500 trees plantation in Ramanathapuram ( Dist ),Tamilnadu in association with SHRI WHITE HORSE KARUPPASAMY TRUST near paramakudi service road on 29th Nov 2015
WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene)

1. INDIA Redefined will be starting a Safe drinking water program under a program ” Amritdhara ” where our partner NGOs (which qualify in our due diligence) to run water stations and sell pure drinking water at very cheap rate using a new technology (non-RO). This will help the NGO to earn revenues which take care of the operation and extra earning can be used for other works of the NGO. There is no Capex, only a refundable deposit If you have NGOs in your network who could be interested, get them connected to us for details. Pls send your Expression of Interest on


2. Personal Hygiene Kit for adolescent girls

3. Sanitation Awareness and behavioral change program for proper use sanitation facility to bring about true ODF communities….and many more

Best regards Third Sector Partner Committee
INDIA Redefined

“Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries “ Disclaimer: INDIA Redefined is a people’s movement to create “Doers”. You have received this message because you or someone known to you have shown an interest in INDIA Redefined. If you are not interested in the objectives of IR you are requested to delete this message,  block the sender’s email id, and disconnect from INDIA Redefined groups or forums on the web. Thank you.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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