1. At about 2355 hrs on 11 Feb 17, Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre Chennai received information from CSG Chennai regarding fishing boat V Matha-2 alongwith 12 crew adrift in approx position 146 n miles Southwest of Porbandar Light view engine failure. The details of the Indian fishing boat are as follows:-


(a)     Name                              :        V Matha-2

(b)     Regd No.                         :        IND-TN-15-MM-4900

(c)     Colour                             :        Green and Black

(d)     No. of Crew                     :        10 (Tamilnadu-04, UP-02, Assam-03,


(e)     Expected date of return   :        1900 hrs on 15 Feb 17

(f)      Owner                            :        Mr Joshen S/o Lazor


  1. On receipt of information, following actions were initiated:-


(a)     MRCC Mumbai issued International Safety Net (ISN) for alerting mariners transiting through the area.


(b)     ICGS Arush was diverted at 0920 hrs on 12 Feb 17 for rendering assistance.


(c)     Coast Guard Dornier aircraft, ex-CGAE Porbandar was launched at 1000 hrs for sea-air coordinated search.


(d)     Further, MRCC Mumbai diverted MT Standorf at 1030 hrs on 12 Feb 17 for rendering assistance.


  1. Coast Guard Dornier established communication with IFB V Matha-2 and arrived datum at 1105 hrs. Mr Joshen, boat master informed that there were ten(10) crew onboard of which one (01) crew was suffering from fever/cold and required medical assistance. The details were relayed to Coast Guard ship Arush and the ship arrived datum at 1530 hrs on 12 Feb 17. Coast Guard Boarding Team was deployed and preliminary investigations revealed following:-


  • The boat departed from Kochi on 02 Jan 17 with eleven(11) crew and entered Veraval port on 04 Feb 17 for replenishment of provisions and fuel.


  • One (01) crew (Mr Martin, Age 39 yrs) was disembarked at Veraval on 04 Feb 17. Subsequently, fishing boat resumed fishing activity.


  • Boat/crew in possession of invalid documents.


  1. ICG ship provided following assistance:-


(a)     Coast Guard Medical Team provided Medical Aid to one (01) crew suffering from severe stomach ache.


  • ICG ship provided provisions and water to the boat.


  • Defect investigation was carried out by ship’s technical staff and observed that boat’s engine had seized view low lub oil.


  1. Since defect rectification was not feasible at sea, ICGS Arush took the boat under tow at 1715 hrs on 12 Feb 17 and commenced towing towards Porbandar. Coast Guard ship alongwith fishing boat ‘V Matha-2’ is entered Porbandar at 1730 hrs on 13 Feb 17. Joint interrogation is planned AM 14 Feb 17.

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