​Women’s Call for Action against Manuvad and Hindutva



Women’s Call for Action against Manuvad and Hindutva


On 10th March 2017, the remembrance day of Savitri Bai Phule, thousands of women will gather in Nagpur, in a powerful show of strength against forces of Manuvad and Hindutva.


The context for this event is one in which the walls of inequality and hate are growing high and stifling the expression of humanity. Voices raised against communalism, feudalism, casteism and patriarchy are being stamped out. It is critical to assert today that whether our identity is linked to caste, religion, community, sexuality, gender, disability, occupation or age, every citizen of this country should have access to their constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Chalo Nagpur is conceived, organized and funded by hundreds of individual women.


We are holding a press conference to brief the media about the program. Vani Subramanian, Anita Ghai, Pushpa Vivek, Shabnam Hashmi and Mariya Salim will address the press conference.


Date: 7 March, 2017

Place: IWPC, Windsor Place, New Delhi

Time: 3pm

We request you to depute a reporter/ camera person/ crew to cover the press conference.


Yours sincerely


Shabnam Hashmi


On behalf of:  

Abhinya Kamble, Ajita Rao, Anita Ghai, Bittu Karthik Kondaiah, Chaya Khobragade, Durga  Jha, Elina Horo, Hasina Khan, Jaya Sharma, Kiran Deshmukh, LataPratibhaMadhukar, Madhavi Kuckreja, Manisha Bangar, Manjula Pradeep, Mariya Salim, Meena Seshu, Monisha Behal, Nisha Shinde, Nivedita Menon, Pradnya Bagade, Rajni Tilak, Rituparna Borah,Sangeeta Manoji, Sanghapali Aruna, Saroj Sagale, Shabnam Hashmi, Shabina Mumtaz, Shambhawi Vikram, Shymal Garud, Sheba George, Sujata Surepally, Syeda Hameed, Vasvi Kiro, Vimal Thorat

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