Reuters News :Newsgathering 3.0:


Newsgathering 3.0: Developing stories in a polarized world to build trust, engagement and audience

Discover some approaches to comprehensive newsgathering that news businesses can adopt to survive in our digital, social and mobile world.

An App for Citizen Journalism

Look App, the unassuming tool that lets you ask others to be your webcam. Is this the future of workable citizen journalism?

“The Way I See It”

Digital media expert Will Perrin shares his perspectives on the role of local news in comprehensive newsgathering.

9 Guiding Principles

In a message to staff, Reuters Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler wrote about covering President Trump the Reuters way.

Digital News Services

Bring your stories to life with coverage and tools that help you deliver breaking news, customized for your audience.

Industry News from Around the Web

Learn how Reuters products and services can help you deliver real-time breaking news and award-winning multimedia content to your audience.

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