Gujarat Toilet Scam, IMFL, ATC, Textile 40% Down, Test Paper

March12, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh


Every day there are scores of NEGATIVE stories in Gujarat but none reported – on the other hand SPUN NEWS are planted in Gujarat and rest of India carried by Business Papers in particular – Bullet Train, Dholera SIR, DMIC, GIFT, MoUs, Expressway, River Linking, and Food Production etc largely fake stories.


Rs.33 Lakh TOILET Scam in a Gujarat Village

The accused used to show existing toilets as newly built toilets, show construction of two toilets instead of oneand incomplete toilets as completed one, the police said. This story didn’t talk of Less Quantity and Inferior Material use.


Worker exodus to hit textile biz 40% to 60%

Patel added, “Over 3 lakh workers have moved out of the city in the last fortnight. They are expected to return only in April.” Mahendra Ramoliya, president of Sachin GIDC Weavers Association, said, “The industry is continuously facing trouble since November-2016. First, demonitisation led to exodus of workers. Then cameheavy increase in yarn prices. Now, once again the workers are leaving the city.”


This didn’t tell 30%-40% Gujarat workers go home twice every year for Festivals & Harvesting of Crops, Wages of Workers are too low, and Labor Intensive Industries are DOWN in Gujarat, Polluting Units too are shut.


Truck driver held with IMFL worth Rs.53 lakh – Three Stories

“On Friday, we raided Dholani’s residence. We found that Dholani was making ‘premium brand’ liquor by mixing cheap IMFL with apple juice and water.


GSHSEB pays examiners 76% less than CBSE

CBSE data indicates that teachers who assess papers for class 10 get Rs.25 worth of remuneration per paper and for class 12, they get Rs.30 as payment per paper. Against this, teachers who examine papers for GSHSEB class 10 and 12 science stream exams get Rs.6 per paper while those examining papers of class 12 general stream get Rs.6.50 per paper.


ATS van carrying ISIS suspects breaks down

“In terms of sanctioned strength, Gujarat ATS has the lowest number of police officials and personnel ­just 62. Andhra Pradesh has 817, Maharashtra 740, Madhya Pradesh 188 and Rajasthan 152,” said a police official.


There are enough stories to keep GOG engaged.

Hundreds of stories of Crimes, Swine Flu, Cheating, Scams, Drought, Hate Crimes, Corruption but not properly taken up. Instead of Water Saurashtra & Kutchh get Most Polluting Refineries, Coal Fired Power Projects. Bujjiawalas, Traders Exploit Farmers like in other states.


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Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

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