Turkey : EU wrong to stand by Netherlands

Netherlands on Monday issued a new travel warning to Dutch citizens in Turkey urging them to take care amid a bitter row between the two countries. “Since March 11, 2017 there have been diplomatic tensions between Turkey and The Netherlands. Stay alert across the whole of Turkey and avoid gatherings and crowded places,”the Foreign Ministry said. It said there was a safety risk in traveling to Turkey, and said citizens could register with the ministry ahead of travel. “Across the whole country there is a high risk of terrorist attacks,”it added, particularly warning against travel to the borders with Syria and Iraq. The row has erupted just days before Dutch general elections, already marked by a polarizing debate over immigration and integration

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed the EU for telling Ankara to refrain from excessive statements, saying it was very grave for the bloc to stand by the Netherlands which it said has violated human rights and European values. Turkish Foreign Ministry said the EU was exercising democratic values and basic rights and freedoms selectively and that its comments calling for calm had no value for Ankara. A colossal row over Turkish campaigning in the Netherlands has escalated into a full-blown crisis between the two NATO allies.

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